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Union Update – Happy Holidays 2022

Hey Anno Community,

We’re super close to the holidays and the end of the year, time for one last blog post here on the Anno Union.

This year’s focus was very much on the New World region, with “Seeds of Change”, “Empire of the Skies” and “New World Rising” all adding new options and possibilities for the New World – with DLC 12 even expanding the region further and adding Manola, a large continental-style island.

That said, we have also seen many happy comments (and screenshots!) in regard to the “Old Town” Pack Cosmetic DLC and admired all the little castles you built. We are not only happy that the Cosmetic DLC continue to be so well-received, but are also amazed by seeing what you create with all these options in the game now!

In addition to our livestreams (as usual with a very wholesome chat), 2022 marked the first time since 2019 that we could bring Anno to a large physical event again! Gamescom 2022 was a great experience for us, and we loved meeting some of you there.

And while we love seeing the comments, screenshots and videos you posted about “New World Rising” and the things you discovered in the DLC, we’re aware that some of you are still encountering issues with starting the game, even after the hotfix from Friday last week. For our investigation, it would be great if you could get in touch with Customer Support and provide your DxDiag file as well as your Ubisoft Connect launcher log. 

There are also several other bug reports we’re investigating following the release of DLC 12, like missing translations for certain menus or a problem with item effect duplication. We’ll keep you updated on the most notable problems via our Known Issues Board.

Therefore, looking into 2023, our first focus in January is ironing out those issues with a patch. As we communicated in early December, we’re also working on a larger Game Update for Spring and will have more news on it and its contents early next year.

Additionally, expect news on the Anno 1800 console version next year, too!

As some of you have already asked, we’re as usual sharing this year’s artworks as wallpapers with you. You can download the whole bundle here. Enjoy artworks from “Seeds of Change” over the “Industrial Zone” Pack to “New World Rising”! 

We’re wishing you Happy Holidays and a great start into the New Year.
See you in January!
The Anno Team




  1. A Alister-MIV January 6, 2023

    Die frohen Feiertage sind gelungen! ((( Das Spiel mit den Mods ist so kaputt gegangen, dass es unmöglich ist, wiederbelebt zu werden – ich habe 3 Tage lang nachgefragt, wie ich konnte – es nützt nichts – es stürzt ab. Mehr als 1000 Stunden (2 Jahre Spielzeit) in einer einzigen Sitzung in den Papierkorb!!! New World Racing war nicht nur die letzte große Ergänzung für Anno 1800, sondern auch ein Sarg für diejenigen, die Mods ausgiebig genossen haben. ((( Ich verstehe, es ist nicht deine Schuld, aber für die Zukunft, sei nett – für das nächste Spiel, baue eine Mod-Download-Plattform, die uns hilft, Ungereimtheiten und Konflikte zwischen ihnen zu finden – das ist die HÖLLE! 1000 Stunden Spielzeit in einer Sitzung, nicht nur Spiele, sondern jeder Busch zu Busch wurde ausgewählt und alles ist verschwendet… ((( Sehr beleidigend.

  2. R RobertBorg January 1, 2023

    Mir ist aufgefallen das die Ölrafferin ständig Explodieren. Viele Feuerwehren helfen da auch nicht.
    Ist das ein Back oder so gewollt?

    • D Darkbirt January 3, 2023

      (used a translation engine for the post of RobertBorg)

      I’m really annoyed with the exploding stuff and the worst of all, you can’t do much against it.
      The first issue, every time it happens you can’t fix the building, because of the ongoing fire around it. And if I want to wait for it to fix, then the next thing explodes.
      And fixing it as a ruin isn’t possible either, because the detection for ruins doesn’t work as intended (Half of the times the ruins aren’t registered.)
      The most annoying thing is, that you need to send a ship with new (specific) building supplies every time (the neutral parties don’t provide everything with trade.)
      The weirdest thing of all, why is the building destroyed with an explosion? If a steam engine explodes, it’s not that strong that the roof flies away (gas is a different matter. )
      Also I agree with a fire in a mine, but an explosion is weird. Coal mines don’t explode, they just continue burning ( good example is the Centralia mine in Pennsylvania, it started to burn 60 years ago and still continuing until today and still going for 250 years estimated). And the other mines: watch out for rocks exploded next to the road if you go outside (this explain enough I hope?)
      I hope the exploding stuff can be redone, and if possible that exploding buildings only need wood, stone and steel to be rebuild (what the neutral traders provide.)

      I hope that someone is still reading this, and thank you for reading!

  3. Y Yauheni288 December 29, 2022

    After the last update of Anno 1800 in Embesi, the production of lamps does not require wax candles, but ordinary incandescent bulbs from the old world or trelawny. Tell me how this can be fixed?

    • D Darkbirt January 1, 2023

      Is it under the influence of the trade union? If so, remove the
      Enbesan Bishop from the trade union. That’s the culprit.
      You can replace it with Feras Alsarami, the Persuader (this item is sold at the prison of the old world.), if you aren’t using it.

  4. D Darkbirt December 29, 2022

    Happy Holidays! Thanks for another year of enjoyment with ANNO 1800.

    I’ve got a small request: Is it possible to differentiate unique items with other legendary or epic items?
    For example we can only get one ‘Fernando de Faro, Coffee-Lover and All-Round Cad’, so I hope that this item becomes an unique item with a different background color (for example pink, orange or black?)
    On the moment their are six different types of items: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and quests.
    I hope that we can get the new tier for items to remove the confusion of people searching for a second one.
    I was searching a half year for the item I mentioned earlier when it was released. If someone new is spared from this frustration by knowing that you can only get one, it helps a lot. It will also give a new purpose in the game by collecting unique items.

  5. r rob.anto83 December 26, 2022

    Adoro la serie anno, ma anno 1800 e veramente il top.
    Sarebbe bello poter evolvere i dirigibili in aerei moderni…
    E anche avere il mondo sommerso non sarebbe male.
    Comunque sia questo anno 1800 e molto bello

  6. b biwesty December 26, 2022

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, you deserve it for all you did for Anno 1800!

    One last idea, isn’t it a bit of a missed opportunity to still have “Colony” as the last island “title” in the New World? How about some new name, after X number of artistas? Community or State maybe? Would fit with the theme of independence!

  7. l lord_motku December 24, 2022

    I noticed that the scenario of Pride and Peddlers has the text from Clash of Couriers on the map selection. Didn’t see that in your list of issues (might have over looked). Minor issue over all.

    Happy with all the updates and looking forward to the new year!

  8. A AemaethNorrhart December 21, 2022

    Thank you for artworks and those created specially for this Christmas !
    Have a nice holidays and thank you for the hard work for so many years !
    See you in 2023 !

  9. A AIphion December 21, 2022

    It would be great to have Anno 1800 fully compatible with Steam Deck! Hope to see that console version adapted to pc soon.

  10. P PandoraKurczaky December 21, 2022

    What is the recommended way of reporting bugs found in GU16 that are not on the Trello board yet?

  11. b b0037bi December 20, 2022

    Das Spiel läuft auf meinen Mann. Hast sich beim Kauf ausversehen angemeldet, statt mich. Ist aber nicht schlimm.
    Wir haben alle Anno Spiele seit Anfang. Diese Art zu spielen ist für mich das Grösste. Aber seit Anno 1800, bin ich voll dabei. Ich bin inzwischen auch 73, aber spielen erhält jung und auch den Geist. Es ist einfach nur schön. Ich kann mich dabei wunderbar entspannen, ich bin ein Schönbauer. Die Entwicklung die diese Reihe genommen hat, ist mit nichts zu übertreffen. Sende ganz herzliche Feiertagsgrüsse und weiterhin viel Erfolg für 2023. Ihr treuer Fan Maria


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