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Union Update – Empire of the Skies feedback & Community Spotlight

Hey Anno Community,

Empire of the Skies released just a little over a week ago and we’ve seen plenty of discussions and feedback as well as great livestreams, videos and many screenshots.

Thank you for your feedback and help with our investigations. We’re currently working on some changes to make the mail system feel smoother, specifically when it comes to the Airship Platform and the loading/unloading.

We’re also working on fixes for the issues with AI expansion, the trade route preview and the missing Season 4 Pass ornaments as well as other bugs you forwarded to us.

Make sure to keep an eye on our Trello board for updates on reported issues as well as cases, where we would need some additional information from you for our investigation.

We’re planning a patch for October and will have an update and more precise date soon.

Community Challenge

It’s time for an update on the current Community Challenge! As mentioned in last week’s Union Update, this time we have two challenges – “The Sky is the Limit” and “Fire on the Water”. For the first one, you have already built over 140.000 airships, wow! For the second, instead, you have already built over 105.000 Flamethrower Towers and over 15.000 Flamethrower Monitors. Remember, you still have one week (until October 6th) to win the Community challenge, so keep on building!

Community Spotlight

Today’s Community Spotlight is dedicated to “Empire of the Skies”, of course. So, let’s start with a couple of guides that will help you kick start your adventure with the new content!

Nivarias created a handy guide and overview of all the content available with “Empire of the Skies”, covering all features and mechanics: from the new production chains to the addition of the lifestyle needs and the various types of airships.



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If you’re struggling with the “Clash of Couriers” Scenario and that gold medal, then StratGamer has the right guide for you – follow each step and become the true champion of the Grand Postal Derby with Paloma Valente!


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We have also seen some beautiful shots of the airports you have built for your Anno cities. Particularly, we think that Aestris did an amazing job in incorporating and placing the airport in this New World island, surrounded by lush green farms and palm trees.

AnnoEffect took this close-up screenshot of an airship landing – it looks majestic! The airport seems quite busy, who knows where all this people are planning to go…

Last but not least, we close this Community Spotlight with one of our favourite artists – Dulcamarra! Her fanart always brings a smile to everyone’s face in the Anno Team. Plus, look how happy Anno residents look with their mail! We cannot say the same about Eli, though…

This is all for today’s Union Update – we hope you enjoyed it! As usual, if you have any questions feel free to comment below or reach out to us on our social channels.

Happy city-building!




1 Comment
  1. S SerikaG October 1, 2022

    Hope the update will come asap. While i do enjoy the empire of skies dlc, the loading & unload makes the transfer system cant work with airships.It just cannot compete with the great eastren and the docklands.
    I do wish they understand how to unload cargo at pier and deliver mail more faster.For now the community challenge seems kind of unfair cauz the airships you build can only be used in transfer goods between two islands with no platforms.Once the platform is built, even carry the mail seems a little too hard for the porters.For now i build platforms on most of my major islands in old&new world and arctic, which means the new airships can only used in arctic plateau or enbesa.And there is no reason to build more airships since they are just useless.


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