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Union Update: gamescom throwback!

With the announcement of Anno 1800 and the start of our Anno Union initiative, gamescom 2017 marked the beginning of a new era for the Anno franchise. With the first full month behind us, we thought it would be a perfect moment to start the week with a gamescom recap video, so lean back and enjoy some impressions from the big reveal and reactions to our Ubilounge presentations. Classic QnA’s and Union Updates, such as news about the next vote, will return next week (we will have of course a new DevBlog with a new member of the team for you all later this week).

It surely has been a ride and we are still at the beginning. When we started, we had a clear vision for the Union and it is great to see that our appreciation for our fans and their experience is well received. We only managed to scratch the surface and there is still a huge list of topics to cover up to release of Anno 1800. As with the game, we will continue to improve the Anno Union initiative based on your feedback and might also try new formats, such as our first live stream which will come this October!

We want to thank everyone of you for joining the Anno Union and accompanying us on our journey.

Your Ubisoft Blue Byte team


  1. CorsairUplay CorsairUplay

    I’m wondering, do our settlements in anno 1800 belong to a particular European empire of the time?

  2. Arkenophas Arkenophas

    Thankyou for having shared this video 🙂 (with, I saw some beautiful images of the game 😀 )

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  3. BlueBreath BlueBreath

    Thanks guys. People seemed to really enjoying themselves in the demo boot.

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