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Union Update: Game Update 3.2

The upcoming Game Update 3.2, which will hit Anno 1800 next Monday July 8th, will be the last minor update before we will fully focus on Game Update 4 “Sunken Treasures”. We are currently testing the content with a selected group of players from the Anno Union and will provide the exciting details about the big update and the DLC in an upcoming DevBlog and AnnoCast livestream.

Fixed an issue that prevented the campaign quest “Prosperity for all” from being completed due to a timing issue with the quest. This fix applies retroactively to affected saves.

Fixed a potential issue with hostile ship spawns during the campaign quest “One Hand washes the other”.

Fixed a potential show stopping issue after completion of the campaign quest “Release and ease”.

Fixed a potential stability issue that could appear when finishing a campaign-specific expedition and switching sessions immediately after. This could happen at the end of campaign chapter 2.

Fixed an issue with custom games that could result in pirates and other third-party AI spawning twice within a session.

Fixed an issue with construction AI, where an AI opponent may end up constructing the same building all over his island. This fix will unfortunately not apply to existing save games. Calm down Willie, you don’t need those 20 sawmills.

Fixed a potential stability issue that could occur when trading with AI characters.

Fixed an issue in multiplayer that could lead to players becoming stuck in a desync loop under certain conditions.

Fixed a potential issue with building interfaces that could occur when clicking on an electricity-powered, and then an unpowered building in quick succession.

Fixed a text issue with the quest tracker during the “Eli the incorruptible” quest.

Fixed a stability issue that could occur under specific circumstances when trading. This would occur when adding a fifth item to a ship’s sell window (provided it has one), and subsequently first trying to sell the equipped item, before selling the other wares.

Fixed an issue with character-specific notifications that could occur if a quest notification was triggered while another object menu for the same character was currently open.

Fixed a randomly occurring stability issue.

Added a version number to the main menu for easier verification of the currently installed game version.

Changed the name of the Windows process for the game from „Anno 7“ to „Anno 1800“. That is another 1793 Annos added at no additional cost!

We have started to implement a few changes to the Anno Union page, which should it make easier for you to keep track of all our Anno 1800 updates (and soon upcoming content).

In the top menu, you will now find a new category called “Game Updates”. Hovering over the category will give you a drop-down including pages for all of our Game Update notes.

For our latest round of the Community Corner AMA stream, many of you followed the call once more and the result are two hours full of fun, gamedev insights and answers to your questions.

You can watch the recording of the AMA stream now here:
Community Corner AMA July

But behold: the next streams are on the horizon. This Friday, we bring back our Anno Afternoon stream with Ubi Guddy and Ubi John, this time with 100% more anarchy and backseat gaming.
Beside community streams, we will also return with our AnnoCast development show later in July.

Anno Afternoon – Right into Anarchy!
Friday 5th of July at 4pm CEST

Watch it live on:

We were amazed by the amount of videos, the level of quality and crazy ideas behind some of your City Promotion Contest submissions. Dr. Hugo Mercier would be proud of you, or depending on your message, truly offended. Deciding for our favorite three entries was an incredibly tough choice.
We want to encourage everyone in the Union to check out all the entries of the contest and we will continue to put your contributions into the limelight of our social media channels.

Without further ado, let’s lift the curtain on the winners of our big City Promotion contest.

First Place – Radlerauge – Utopia

Combining a speech inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s best performance with powerful visuals of a sprawling 19th century metropolis and industry was a truly moving experience. Radlerauge created a strong message not only for fans of the Anno series, which relates to the world back then, of today and probably of tomorrow. The video has English subtitles available!

Second Place – Tutadventures – The Anarchist Competition Film

This one took us by surprise: a skillfuly executed blend of real life camera footage, 3D animation and game footage. Short, powerful and impressive, Tutadventures’ movie managed to become one of the team’s favorites.

Third Place – BixelBG – Island Propaganda Weekly News

A fittingly classy one-pager, hot off the press of Bixel Daily News, gave us ideas for future contests or even a whole section of community contributed Anno news articles. The best in the west, surely worth more than 2 cents.

We could only pick three winners but we won’t end the contest without one honorable mention, even though every single entry deserves attention. Our Honorable Mention goes to: Lord_Janok – Stadt Propaganda

Once again, Lord Janok died his best in displaying true passion for the series. A great speech combined with stunning city backdrops, well done Lord Janok!

We will soon get in contact with the winners of the contest to send them their Gaming Gear sponsored by our friends at Corsair.

And until we are back with another contest, what kind of competition would you love to see us doing here in the Anno Union?


  1. banan1996.1996 banan1996.1996

    To all people complaining about the black screen:

    Verifying game files should fix the problem. Please always verify files before reporting any issues of that nature, files might not have downloaded properly.

  2. BlueBreath BlueBreath

    I guess the last update was broken off from the main update 4.
    Can we expect a blog today? 😛

  3. Rzone2000 Rzone2000

    in 1 word WTH. i update the game and poof your game is corrupted….. there is now also no verify files in the uplay game page since it happend… how do u fix this. i dont want to lose all my invested time just to de download and instal again… did this update not go to test fases….. sers

  4. wisfull2013 wisfull2013

    What has happened to the game. After the update all I get is a black screen. I can’t even play the game now. Paid good money to play the game and now it doesn’t work after the update. Fix it please.

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  5. DeVeteran DeVeteran

    I wasn’t able to tune in the LIVE english AMA, have watched it on twitch afterwards, but I didn’t saw Basti answering this one, so:

    WIth the new DLC you put some new challenges / achievements and 3 new rewards in the Uplay Club. Fair.

    What is NOT fair is that the rewards cost Uplay club points / units, in addition to you OWNING the DLC Anarchist, but more so, the cost is HIGHER than the points we get from the new challenges.

    Case in point: The new challenges give 5, 5, 5, 15 and 20 units. So that is 50. BUT, the 3 new rewards cost: 40 for the portrait, and 20 for each of the two new ornaments, iirc, so in total 80. There is a BIG difference there. Why?

    At least up the rewards of the challenges to 10, 10, 20, 20 and 20 units. Or decrease the cost of the Uplay rewards of the DLC / grant them free to those owning the DLC and reimburse the players.

    It is wrong to charge twice for something… owning the DLC and then also paying Uplay points. At least make it so you can buy it with points if you don’t own the DLC, but if you have it, they are free.

    So my question is this: Will something about this be done? About the rewards costing more than what the challenges give us? Or you are saying that we shouldn’t be able to unlock everything for this game?

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  6. Sting_McRay Sting_McRay

    Dear Readers,

    As in the Update text is mentioned that you changed the window name to Anno 1800, i can tell you that that is failed :

    I still hope that it will changed *Anno 7* is an odd name 🙂

  7. hjunggeburt hjunggeburt

    After installing the latest update, starting the game wil result in a black screen. Great update!!!!!

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  8. SirWolle1605 SirWolle1605

    Tolles Update

    Das Spiel startet nur noch mit einem schwarzen Bildschirm !

    super Leistung

  9. mspraener mspraener

    Today i install the latest update.After he finished the download i try to play Anno 1800.It´s impossible.I hope that you can help to clear this problem as soon as possible.
    Best regards
    Martin Spräner

  10. mistik191 mistik191

    You made it! You fix gamebreaking bug in my campaign. It took only 2.5 month to do. Great job. But at least now I can finally play.

  11. Jolleknolle Jolleknolle

    hello anno developer,

    you did a great game so far but you still missing the good old coop mode.
    is there any chance to get this mode this year?
    me and my friend bought the game and stoped after playing 20 hours and we want to start it again when coop comes so keep us updated please.

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  12. BixelBG BixelBG

    ideas for competitions:
    best screenshots
    best idea for new item in game
    best concept for a new cosmetic
    best concept for an AI character (simpler and bold characteristics should be prefered)

    Something that will impact the game by players, or simple stuff like news articles for boosts or random ships/island names.

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  13. BeetrootPancake BeetrootPancake

    about Anno Afternoons
    BlueByte do you really think – they are good???
    Can two persons, who are forced to play game, they don’t like, don’t know anything about it, make other people engage with a game? I doubt…
    It’s hard to watch two bored and telling silly tales.
    C’mon BlueByte, I can’t believe – you made game nobody in your team enjoy it.
    That’s major fail

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