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Union Talk: Looking back to the Beta

In October we had our first Union Talk, a video where we talked a bit about the development of Anno 1800. Today, we’ll have a new one ready for you, where Dirk Riegert, Marcel Hatam and Bastian Thun discuss their Closed Beta impressions. Additionally, we’ll give you a look at the things to come this week.

Union Talk – Closed Beta

As usual: Let us know what you think of the Union Talk format and which topics you want to see covered.

Anno 1800 Vinyl Soundtrack
Ubisoft Blue Byte and Black Screen Records are excited to announce the official Soundtrack to Anno 1800™ on audiophile 180g double vinyl in April.
The symphonic soundtrack was composed by an experienced team around Tilman Sillescu (Dynamedion), recorded by a 70-member-ensemble of the Brandenburg State Orchestra and will come in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with original artwork by Karakter Design Studio.

Get a first taste of the soundtrack here.
And if we got your attention, audiophile Anno 1800 fans can pre-order the soundtrack here:

Fire and Sickness – City Incidents
The promised City Incidents Blog will come this week. You’ll get to see, what can happen in your city, when you don’t pay attention. And more importantly: What to do when the fire breaks out and how to prepare for some of them.

Community Corner with Bastian
On Thursday, we invite you to our first Community Corner, a livestream with Community Developer Bastian Thun, where you can ask questions regarding the development of Anno 1800, while he tries to build a city in Anno 1800.

When: Thursday, 14. February, 3:00PM GMT


  1. FerudaFarstaria FerudaFarstaria

    No need to thank us! I very much enjoyed the closed beta! I also submitted plenty of feedback in the comments of a previous union post. Glad to hear that the closed beta was very successful for the Anno Team. I feel that this will be the Anno game of the century for sure! It was a great idea to create the Union. It has proven to be a very helpful resource for the developer team to work with. Now the game will be more polished than ever, and I expect a epic Anno experience when the game lunches. I am very happy to see the success of my favorite game series. It is great to see fellow Annonians butting heads together after all these years! ^.^

    Also I left a question on a previous blog post in the Anno Union for Marcel. Which has not yet been replied to. If Basti can please ensure that Marcel does receive this question bellow, it would help answer a lot of questions for people like me in Canada.

    My question from that previous blog post is written below:

    “I also have a very good question for Marcel. I been curious to know if there is any chance of ANNO 1800 merchandise making it’s way to Canada and the USA. Such as all the pins, shirts, and items for example. I know that some stores like GameStop and EB Games sell merchandise from big game titles. But I never seen any ANNO merchandise. And I been dieing to get my hands on the pins all of them, and shirts. I have a hat that I like to put all the ANNO pins on, and I definitely want the shirts too! I love the Anno Union, the ANNO game series, and I am happy to be a proud member of it! Anno has been a part of my life since my early childhood, and I grew up with the entire series. I been playing the series since it started 20 years ago. And I would love to get my hands on the pins, and shirts. It’s a great treasure, and memory to have after all these years. I even called EB Games today and asked them if they expect any shipments of ANNO 1800 merchandise. But they couldn’t give me any answers yet. So I think this is a very good question to ask Marcel about. To see if there is any chance of this happening. It would for sure sell. There are a lot of ANNO players in Canada that would love to get their hands on the stuff. As well as in the USA. I myself am from Canada. I would love to see ANNO merchandise in stores here. I would definitely go for it. I hope Marcel can give us a definite answer on this, or even consider this. Thank you!”

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  2. y018 y018

    great to hear your feedback… now work work work 🙂

  3. creek1958 creek1958

    from what i was able to play of the closed beta ,( i was ill at the time and then my computer decided to have a hissy fit) i thoroughly enjoyed it . It certainly didnt take long for the addiction to return so i cant wait for it to be on sale.loved the old style updated, great that the way the buildings rise and the interaction between all and so pleased that the land is all open to begin with. Cheers

  4. Rastfarian Rastfarian

    I too played the closed beta and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and gave my thoughts in the forums – Grand Hotel Please 🙂
    It is going to be the greatest Anno ever! – (I love 1404!)
    I am so happy to hear about the lack of micro transactions. I am so tired of games companies milking their player base for ever cent. I have stopped playing WoW for exactly this reason and I played for 14 years! – I have played Anno and own all Annos and so love them because you buy the game and that’s it. Well done Ubisoft!
    I also want to praise the Anno community team for the great variety of streams and updates on the title. I am so hyped (and of course bought the Collector’s Edition). I can’t wait till April, but know that you will keep me entertained until then!

  5. aban298 aban298

    Thanks for the update guys, great news re micro transactions, and thank you for all your hard work over the last three years in developing Anno 1800. During the closed beta I was so relieved to see a return to a more authentic combat experience (more like 2070 and earlier). But a little disappointed with the A.i/npc’s; on the hardest game/a.i difficulty settings the npc’s/pirates provide very little challenge. E.g. when they are in a state of war with you, they just don’t attack, or they engage in bizarre/dumb ways. The a.i in general seems too soft/easy. The npc’s/a.i system I think needs some tweaks to make it more active, and actually challenge and engage the player. Looking forward to April 16

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  6. mickeykool01 mickeykool01

    Is there a YouTube link to this video? I might be a minority here but I want subtitles since I”m deaf.

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  7. Suppe_86 Suppe_86

    i bought the game after the beta, beta was super cool, was have not played anno for so long, but after the beta i want more xD

    add a trail version in uplay 😉 let players play for 10-20 hours for free, a lot of them will buy the game after it….

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  8. MMateos19 MMateos19

    That is what I want to hear. I will pay every DLCs that the game may have, but please, do not go for micro-transactions. I prefer to spend 30 euros on DLCs rather than micro-transactions.

  9. luckymichu luckymichu

    please add clock to the game

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  10. banan1996.1996 banan1996.1996

    Thank you for this video, I especially liked this little teaser about new gameplay elements coming with Anarchist DLC. I thought it would be a very little DLC just with a new NPC. By the way, I am a little confused and I want to be sure: will the Anarchist be a neutral NPC like Archibald Blake or an AI opponent like Gasparov? I thought he was supposed to be an expanding and building cities opponent but the video confused me a bit.

    I think that Union Talk format is good for updates about current state of the game development, announcements and such things. I don’t think it would be good for regular Union Updates or DevBlogs.

    I can’t wait for the DevBlog about city incidents, I hope they will be explained well, during beta some incidents seemed a bit random.

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  11. palemale53 palemale53

    I played for about 40 hours. I cannot wait for the next two months to pass.

  12. palemale53 palemale53

    I really enjoyed the closed beta test. This is an excellent game. I cannot wait. I really have only one complaint about the experience: after spending a fortune taking over a competitor’s island to have all the buildings taken away. I really think that the amount spent and the risk taken needs a better reward.

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