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AnnoCast 07 – Naval Combat 4.30pm CET

The livestream starts today at 10:30 EST on our Twitch-page.
You can also let Twitch remind you of the Stream start, by clicking “Remind me” on the Event-site.

Alternatively, you can also follow the Stream here on our blog. After the Stream, we will replace the Stream with the VOD.


  1. Petronilo20 Petronilo20

    ¿Cuándo podremos ver todo esto en Español? Somos más de 400 millones de hispanoparlantes a los que también nos entusiasman tan buenos juegos. Espero que organicen un foro en Español para los jugadores Hispanoparlantes. Muchas gracias.

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  2. PabloXXVI PabloXXVI

    Is there any way to purchase the Anno 1800 Pioneers Edition? Is this version (game) also in Polish? Will the standard version be on DVD? I have all the series on CDs or DVDs and I can not imagine not having 1800 as well.

    3. DECEMBER 2018

  3. ANN0nymity ANN0nymity

    Hey very nice stream! I am sooo hiped now.
    But i was wondering if the AI also will use items, maybe only depending on their difficulty level or totally not at all?

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