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DevBlog: The “Dragon Garden” Pack

As part of our “What’s next for Anno 1800” blog from December last year, we also talked about our Cosmetic DLC plans – and teased the first of this year’s topics: The “Dragon Garden” Pack!

Today, let’s take a look at what you can soon add to your cities to celebrate the new Lunar Year.

Light up your city and create the right mood with a variety of lanterns: Both Lantern Gates as well as individual ones are highlights especially at night. The Wishing Tree, the perfect place to hang your New Year wishes, is also decorated with a set of bamboo lanterns.

And, of course, let’s not forget the (literal) highlight of the DLC: The Great Dragon itself, easily outshining the rest and making a great centre for the overall celebrations.

Nothing stands in the way of having the best start into the new Lunar Year (the year of the rabbit, by the way, not to be confused with the Rabbids).

Additionally, there are also some ornaments that don’t have as much of a festive character but can be used to create a (dragon-) garden or dedicated district. Starting with the Forbidden City Wall and Gate to frame such an area, you can place mighty stone Lions to protect the entrances. The Garden of Serenity or the Pagoda, on the other hand, are wonderful places to relax or to meet good friends.

With these new ornaments in your bag, you’ll be able to celebrate Lunar New Year in style – and can probably make Princess Qing very happy. We can’t wait to see your creations and designs!

The “Dragon Garden” Pack will release next week, on January 19th, for the usual price of 4,99€. You can find a list of all its ornaments below.

List of all ornaments

  • Lantern gate (2 variants)
  • Lamp Post
  • Lucky Bamboo Lanterns
  • New Year’s Lantern
  • Fortune Coin Stand
  • Wishing Tree (3 colour variants)
  • Bronze Bell (with and without roof)
  • Gong (with and without roof)
  • Wishing Gate
  • New Year Stall
  • Peaceful Pagoda
  • Forbidden City Wall (modular)
  • Forbidden City Gate
  • Garden of Serenity
  • Stone Lion
  • Great Dragon




  1. t thekingkupo February 3, 2023

    An asian new session would be a really nice gift to let us part ways with this masterpiece. Being able to trade stuff from asia(Japan or China.) will be a sight to be hold. I hope you reconsider for a 5th season with 10 cosmetic DLC! haha. man I’d pay 10 dollars for each cosmetic DLC!

  2. J Janneman_2020 January 24, 2023

    Love it, and got it 🙂

    Keep it 19th Century Ubi

    ANNO 1800 forever!

  3. c catafalca January 20, 2023

    donde puedo encontrar el pack para comprarlo

  4. c chetkowa January 18, 2023

    There are three things I desire more than anything.

    A small warehouse to use for the department stores and tourist buildings. It would be perfect if it was underground with a park or the like on top.

    Bridges for the cultural buildings, so we can bind the exhibition together over canals and roads.

    More skins for the airships, also to make them more visual since I sometimes is unable to see them when they are over harbors.

    Minor things that would be nice.

    Since there even is a mod, so it is possible, open dockland for the new world.
    Like the palace, have the hacienda area be influenced by worlds total population so they are more usefull on pure production islands.

    A season 5 would be amazing, however, the small things mention above would be great.

    • B Bogoethe January 19, 2023

      Yes! It would be great to have a new warehouse with 3×3 or 6×6.

      It’s quite difficult to create a ‘beautiful composition’ with the current warehouse because of its non-standard dimensions.

  5. m mfuegar2018 January 18, 2023

    They can still change their mind and do an Asia DLC. It would be a huge hit with Annoholics.

  6. R Raven14gl January 16, 2023

    A quoi bon de sortir un Pack cosmétique asiatique, sans DLC Saison 5 avec un continent asiatique

  7. m mfuegar2018 January 13, 2023

    Too bad they don’t make a DLC for the Asian continent (China/Japan/Nepal…), together with Enbesa, Cape Trelawney and the New World, the game would be the ultimate.

    • m mfuegar2018 January 13, 2023

      … I forgot about the Arctic.

    • t thekingkupo January 15, 2023

      I am still hoping season 5 is where we get those.

  8. H Humility925 January 13, 2023

    Would Princess Qing use all this building in the game?

  9. C Coouge January 13, 2023

    It’s so sad that we won’t have Season 5 and any new DLCs for Anno 1800. ??

    • t thekingkupo January 15, 2023

      I am still hoping for season 5. There is still so much potential.

  10. S SerikaG January 13, 2023

    Wishing Tree looks great, colorful trees are always welcome in my city. ?
    Which theme will the next CDLC about? Will there be a cdlc road map this year?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof January 16, 2023

      We don’t have a roadmap yet, but will of course keep you updated on the CDLC themes as soon as we got news 🙂

      • S SerikaG January 17, 2023

        Thanks Ubi-Thorlof! My crown falls are hungry for any ornaments we can get :3

      • B Bogoethe January 18, 2023

        how about a set of parks? A modular system is great, but I would like to have more detailed spaces, such as ready-made parks.

        It seems to me that every player would like it.

  11. f frasoucos January 13, 2023


    The aesthetic of this bundle is pleasant and appealing. If there were two or more Chinese or Japanese traditional-style buildings nearby, these ornaments would make sense in the game.


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