Union-Update – New Forums, Skyscrapers & Community Spotlight

Hey Anno Community,

Today we would like to give you more information about the new Anno forums, what to do in case you experience performance issues while playing in 1440p resolutions and have a first look at the skyscrapers from “The High Life” for you  – stay tuned!

The new forums are live

Today is the day we finally change to Ubisoft’s brand-new forum page. The new forums offer a variety of features, including the all-time favorite option to switch to Dark Mode! Moreover, it offers the function of a private live chat between players. Lastly, you will welcome a faster and improved performance and a revamped mobile experience!

In case you prefer increased visibility of new posts, simply change to list view by clicking on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner and change to “List View” in the viewing options menu. Simply click here to start posting with others who are as passionate about the Anno franchise as you are! In case you want to voice your feedback and opinion about the new forums, there is a specific thread for that, simply follow this link

These features will not only offer all players and fans an improved experience overall, but offer a safe space to share thoughts, opinions, feedback, fanart, lists of tips and tricks as well as answers to any kind of questions either from the Ubisoft team directly, or together with the community. Of course, previously written posts can still be accessed in the old forums, which have been turned into a read-only mode.

Improving resolution and performance

Over the past weeks, Customer Support as well as our Quality Assurance Team have received several reports regarding performance issues and determined that in many cases those are caused by playing in a higher resolution (1440p) than would be recommended going by the hardware used. If you are playing with 1440p resolutions, that means your hardware has to deal with roughly 80% more pixels compared to the standard 1080p resolutions, which can impact the performance quite heavily.

You can either try lowering your resolution or using the AMD FSR solution in order to improve your performance.

At the same time, we are of course also monitoring Anno 1800’s performance to add optimizations where possible.

DevBlog about our QA teams

Just in case you missed it, this week we published a DevBlog talking about the role of Quality Assurance, their daily tasks, areas of work, and responsibility, and how they interact with other teams within Ubisoft. 

The Blog goes in-depth about what they do exactly, why they are important, and gives you an insight into how the team works on Anno specifically and what tools they use. If you are interested, click here.

The High Life

Before we’re fully switching onto the road to release, we would like to share with you that the Technical Test for “The High Life” has now ended, and our teams are working hard on improving the last little bits and pieces in order to present to you the best possible result.


We received lots of amazing feedback that will help our process along, and we would like to thank all the amazing participants who took the time to play “The High Life” and give their thoughts and opinions of the last DLC of the third Season Pass, and – of course – meticulously report any bug they could find. Well done and thank you!


And now – have a first look at one of the new phenomenal Skyscraper! More to come over the next weeks 😉

Would you want to move in? – Write it below in the comments!

Community Spotlight

This time, we not only have an exquisite selection of screenshots for you, but we also want to feature a lovely fan creation that the team simply fell in love with!

Have a look at Captain Flameheart’s awesome Lego statue! This user combines creativity with practical skill, and we absolutely dig it. Check out the Annoverse Discord Server for more Fan Creations – and to share your own!

Designated-Survivor shares once again a remarkable level of patience and planning with this extraordinary screenshot!


loubrownx posted two beautiful screenshots of their first World Fair. Notice the aesthetically fitting waterfalls on the left, rounding this screenshot perfectly off, especially in combination with the park close by.

SJ_06 shares some pictures of their flourishing city. Whoever spotted the Iron Tower at first glance – congratulations, you have good eyes!