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Anno Union Ship Vote

“If I may say, an excellent day to visit. A lot of new stuff came in only last night… by moonlight. We have all sorts, something for every taste. I can’t just give them away – I have a family to look after! – but we can’t afford to hold on to this stock too long either!”
The Imperial Pride
“Stunning to look at and surprisingly well-armored, this steamer is a showpiece of Imperial power”

We had to pull quite a stunt to snatch it from the empire’s greedy hands. You can tell they have spared neither expense nor effort, from that swanky design to the absurdly powerful steam engine, all wrapped up in enough armor and firepower to make the enemy think twice. As if its teeth weren’t enough, it also has a capacious hold for storage.
The Iron Dragon
“Some like it hot!”

Armed with weapons that spit fire straight from the pits of hell, this beast comes with a monstrous engine and such thick steel plating; you’d wonder how it ever swims. But it swims fine; as we learned the hard way. I’m surprised we managed to get hold of one! Don’t worry though, I’ll get you a discount for all those strange symbols scratched everywhere.
The Black Pearl
“Sailing under the black flag is a commitment to an alternative lifestyle.”

She looks a bit worn, but I’ll get you those sails stitched and decks scrubbed of blood stains. I’ll be honest, this here is one of my favorites: reliable, fast and easy to repair; I often take her for personal use. Doesn’t have the most guns, but she’s quick and deadly. Leaves our enemy regretting they bet their lives on some new-fangled steamer.

Tourist Boat
“A real dandy. For those leading a life of leisure.”

Talking of new-fangled, here is a fashionable paddle steamer. Longing to leave the promenade for a tour around the bay? Here’s your chance. And if for some reason you want a ship with no chance of defending itself, you get a whole host of accessories as compensation. Deck chairs, parasols, and colorful pennants. It’s a proper showboat.
Tug Boat
“I have no idea how it ended up here.”

Ah, the crown jewel of the collection… Okay forget it, we woke up aboard this tug one morning, don’t ask how. She may be small, but she’s mighty, and you should never write off an underdog; especially one with a steam engine, storage enough for a good bit of contraband, and maybe even a nasty surprise or two.

The Anno Union ship vote

Presented here are five ships that are normally reserved for use by various NPC factions in the game. While you won’t be able to construct these AI ships in your shipyard, there will be a chance to acquire some of them during gameplay, such as buying stolen ships from pirates.

Today, we want to know which of these ships is your favorite, before we enter the second stage of our contest.
The second phase will challenge your creativity, as we want you to design a ship variant of the first stage’s winner. Similar to the island contest, you will be able to go all in with ideas, drawings and descriptions of the model variant. Whether you envision a mix of speed and transport space or an interesting combination of weapons of special features, we will gather all your submissions at the end to put the best design ideas up for the second stage of the vote. The winner of that contest will make it as a true community ship into Anno 1800!

The first stage of the vote will be up until July 2nd. After the end of the first phase, we will provide further details about the upcoming ship design contest!

After you hit that vote button, let us know what your favorite of the five concepts is, and why you would like to get your own hands on it in Anno 1800.




  1. H Heimatschultzer April 19, 2019

    I vote for the imperial pride for it is the most realistic-ish looking warship among all the choices.

    Honestly I would rather have an armoured cruiser that everyone can build. I’m not talking about the battle cruiser, they are entirely different things. In real life these armoured cruisers usually have main gun turrents on the front and back (some doesnt, and they looks just as awesome as the ones that have), and some auxiliary broadsides. They can function like a cheaper,weaker, and squishier battle cruiser in game.

    Although we already have a monitor in the game, but it looks too stunty too me and only have 1 turrents with 2 guns. An armoured cruiser can bring more firepower (2 main batteries with a few auxiliary guns or just many auxiliary guns without a main turrents) than the monitor while having a slightly more late-1800/ early 1900 flavor with many smoke stacks.

  2. b banan1996.1996 June 20, 2018

    I was considering The Imperial Pride and The Iron Dragon. Finally I decided and voted on The Iron Dragon. Because we didn’t have such a type of ship in any Anno game and I am also curious what ideas our community will have for this ship.
    I wish we could vote for more than one ship – it’s a really tough decision.

  3. B BlueBreath June 13, 2018

    Depends how they implement the wind factor,
    if seas are always windy you can’t be caught while in Black Pearl,
    if the wind dies at some point, you might be in trouble.
    P.S. Go Team Pirates

    Also did the devs hint to a Chinese Opponent? ( Iron Dragon anyone)

  4. S Soulridder June 12, 2018

    I’ve choosen The Black Pearl because it’s an old classic with it’s sails but also because I prefer speed over armor. The reason for this is: With superior speed you can attack fast and deadly while disappearing as fast as you came before any reinforcements can arrive.
    Such ships are also quite usefull in warfare when you have to defense yourself as those ships will most likely arrive sooner than those heavy armored and slow ships with maximum fire power and from my experience in older Anno Games:
    When some pirate attacks your ship and their is no escort, the fastest military ship will be the best ship for aid no matter the armor as it will arrive before your goods and the trading ship itself lay on the ground of the ocean.

    Those types of ships just allow for a variety of different use cases, be it for very important goods which need to be transportet fast and secure as this ship can outrun other ships or attack and retreat missions. It’s also easy and thus cheap to repair which means it can take one or two scratches and won’t cause a big hole in your moneybag.
    It seems also to be the ship with the best balance between speed, armor and firepower.

    Thought in direct combat or with bad wind conditions, The Iron Dragon will most likely outrun and destroy The Black Pearl for it’s superior armor and steam machines, so it would have been my second choice if I could choose two ships. ^^

    I’m also wondering about Mod support and what ship would have been the choice from the developers themself (maybe for a future devblog after the voting ended).

  5. M MyLittlePiglet June 12, 2018

    I prefer something like the Black Pearl (or any other sailship). For me, flagships in Anno were always sailships and even though this ship vote may not end up being our flagship, I still like the idea of having a community sailship.

    Will there also be a special ship in the game which you can unlock by completing various achievements? Similar to the Gold Ship in Anno 1404. I loved to all the things in order to get that achievement!

  6. K Katje-Katrien June 12, 2018

    With the information that we have so far, I want to go for economic domination, a beautiful city and a huge harbor with a collection of every ship available in the game.
    With this thougth in my mind and looking at these five ships I vote for the Imperial Pride.
    Because it gives me a special feeling about the 19th century. “The progress of change.”
    So I hope to see it in my collection. I will defend my harbor well against those pirates.
    I love this game already.

  7. M MinneIceCube June 12, 2018

    At the time of writing, this looks like a VERY close vote. Cant wait!

    On another completly unrealted topic, i posted this to the fourms (https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1759699-Your-questions-for-the-Anno-Team-about-Anno-1800/page4) about 2 months ago, and still haven’t gotten a reply. If you don’t want this here, feel free to halt me in my tracks. I will understand if either question is somthing you don’t wish to answer at this point, but it would be nice to see what the devs thoughts are.

    “My first question is if there is any chance at somthing similar to the Ark system from 2070? I LOVED that system, as you could start anew with high-tech goods for early naval rushes or fast building.

    Secondly, Any consideration for Mod support? i know Ubisoft’s stance on this has been no, but i feel mods always extend the life of a game for me. And you could take a page from XCOM 2, let players use mods in the singleplayer, but bar them from any sort of multiplayer or World events (Neo skulls crisis, Nordmark boarder conflict, etc from 2070)

    auf Wiedersehen, MinneIceCube. “

    • B BB_CR June 12, 2018

      We welcome all kinds of constructive feedback, which of course also includes questions! As you said, we sometimes sadly can’t answer them right away- in some cases because we want to keep our cards closer to our chest for later reveals. In other instances, we quite frankly don’t know the answer ourselves yet as we work on things to see if we can do them in a meaningful and fun way. So if we don’t reply to questions, it doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate them, or you for asking 🙂

      In this case, I have to be the bearer of bad news and tell you that we do not have plans for a system like the Ark in Anno 1800.


      • M MinneIceCube June 13, 2018

        You have no idea how much that crushed my soul. Thanks for the answer though.

        • B BB_CR June 13, 2018

          I understand that, but I still think it is much better to disappoint you now, rather than for you to find out something you wanted is missing once you start playing 🙂

  8. C Caritas77 June 11, 2018

    Feeling a bit tacky for choosing the Black Pearl. I would love the Imperial Prise and my wife would second pick the Iron Dragon, but the pirate ship with all the feelings of freedom and excitment that comes with it is our top pick.


  9. R Ristonhawk June 11, 2018

    I have to vote for the tug boat even though part of me doesn’t want to. That’s because it’s too easy to vote for either the black pearl or the iron dragon. I want those NPC ships in my fleet.

    But with the option of a tug boat and the prospect of it’s special abilities leaves me wondering what they will be? The implementation of the other flagships seems too predictable. This option in my mind leaves the most room open for creativity.

    Or maybe I just want to justify voting for the underdog, I admit I’ll be very surprised if the tug boat wins the vote.

  10. A AussieTheLegend June 11, 2018

    I’d have to go for the Black Pearl, I like me some balance and a good balance between speed, armor and having enough firepower to scare would-be pursuers off means you got the best of both (thrice?) worlds

  11. N Nox_29 June 11, 2018

    I’m hoping we will have big HMS Victory-like sail warships as well, apart from steam warships.

    • B BB_CR June 12, 2018

      Yes, there are definitely some big sailing ships in the game as well. If you check out the Anno union Community Island video, you can catch a glimpse at one.


  12. B BlueBreath June 11, 2018

    Just fyi when I am not logged in I can see the ships to the right, but when I log in the old island vote appears for me.

    • H HarroLP June 11, 2018

      BB is working on the problem. You can vote on the homepage.


      • B BlueBreath June 11, 2018

        it is fixed now , you can delete this string of messages if you want .

  13. B BlueBreath June 11, 2018

    Black Pearl for me and as a special abilities off course “spare pirate flag” and “morally flexible crews” with a long cooldown.

    The risque would be that you can only use your flagship for boarding.


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