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Union Update: City Lights release & Community Spotlight

Today marks the release of the “City Lights Pack” Cosmetic DLC which adds plenty of smaller ornaments as well as the eponymous city lights to your game, allowing you to further customize parks, build markets, and more. If you missed our dedicated blog last week about the development and the contents of the DLC, you can find it right here.

Beautify your city with the new Steelwork Fences with lanterns or the grand Clearwater Pool with swan paddle boats and provide your hard-working residents with fish sandwiches and even delicious pizza!

The DLC will release later today at 6 PM CET for the price of 4,99€.

We’re looking forward to seeing pictures of your redesigned city parks!

A concept drawing for the Clearwater Pool

Game Update 9.1

Alongside the “City Lights Pack”, we’re also releasing Game Update 9.1, which addresses various issues you have reported to us since the release of Game Update 9.

As always, you can find the full release notes on the Anno Union in the “Updates” section.


Since we’re still seeing reports from players missing some of their Ubisoft Club (now Ubisoft Connect) rewards since the switch in late October: We’re aware of this problem and are currently in contact with the Ubisoft Connect team to find a solution. As soon as we have news on the topic, we will let you know.

“Gamings Sounds” concert live stream

Originally planned as a live concert, the WDR (a German public-broadcasting institution) is holding a live stream concert on November 20th, 7 PM CET, playing parts of the soundtrack from various video games! This includes for example “Grandiose Magnificence” from Anno 1404 or “Next to the Throne” from Anno 1701 – both composed by our friends at Dynamedion.

Links to the stream will be provided by WDR at a later date and we will share them as soon as possible 🙂

December Livestreams

With the end of 2020 drawing near, we think it’s a good time for another livestream or two and having a nice chat before the holidays.

Since we had a lot of fun visiting some of your cities earlier this year, we’d love to do so once more and see what you have been building over the year.

If you want to send us your savegame for us to check out live on stream, please send it to anno-community@ubisoft.com

Community Spotlight

As we like to do it, let’s end this Union Update with another Community Spotlight, featuring some of the cool screenshots, art or community projects our great community is working on.

For example, there’s this awesome chess field Tonton_lp built – the statue variety might create some confusion while playing, though…

Over on Reddit, Nanmab shared some impressions from their Enbesan capital, using the canals in a creative, decorative way.

Dulcamarra returns with a new Anno 1800 comic strip about her experiences in the world of Anno:

Finally, we want to highlight a great fan project by schwubbe, which was recently completely translated into English (other languages are also available for most parts of the website) and also includes all goods and resident tiers of “Land of Lions”. On his website, you not only find details to all buildings and their production chains but also a handy calculator (which now uses houses instead of population numbers, we’ve been told) to figure out exactly how much your residents consume and how many production buildings you will need to construct.

You can check out the calculator yourself here – maybe the “modding” section is also interesting for some of you.

If you want to share screenshots with us or are working on a project of your own, tag us on Twitter or post it over on Reddit or the official forums where we’re regularly reading through the stories, screenshots and discussions you share.




  1. J Janneman_2020 January 20, 2021

    Those ornaments, love it!
    I do hope those Mods that people are downloading will be for the main public as well!
    I’ve seen the police station and fire station Mod, wow!! amazing!

  2. m mfuegar2018 November 19, 2020

    I have not been able to access the Anno 1800 REWARDS items for a long time and before I could.
    In the technical support the incident cannot be sent.
    How do i do it?
    They appear as if they were unlocked. But in the game icon they are all with the padlock (locked).
    I click on any of them (lion statue, duck pond, etc, etc) to place it on my island and the Ubisoft page opens where all the rewards are.
    When are they going to fix it?
    I think that after having purchased all the content from anno 1800, it would deserve an answer about the UPLAY rewards problem.
    They say they are solving it but they have been doing it for a long time and nothing at all. ?
    As they do DLC, they pay, they could do to us who have taken the REWARDS of Ubisoft CLub, a DLC with the content of the articles we had.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof November 19, 2020

      Hey mfuegar2018,
      we put a small update on that topic in the last Union Update:
      We’re aware of this problem and are currently in contact with the Ubisoft Connect team to find a solution. As soon as we have news on the topic, we will let you know.

  3. F FerudaFarstaria November 13, 2020

    I absolutely love the comic strip and I totally agree with it and Dulcamarra. I have exactly the same feelings. But that is a ironic fact that in ANNO 1800. If you’re not careful you can wind up from a small outbreak of sickness to a epidemic, which can then eventually become a pandemic, spreading across sessions even. Impressive how the Devs made this so realistic in ANNO 1800. But players obviously don’t want a reminder of whats currently going on in the real world. Nor do they want to deal with the exact same scenario in their ANNO Empire. I totally get that and feel for all of you there folks!

    But then again you can never build too many hospitals in your cities⚕️. To combat it.

    I would like to add that I am glad to see that not only I am starting to share non-human ANNO themed characters. I maybe a dragon, but I am delighted to see fellow Furrys as well. I strongly encourage others out there to create/share their own ANNO Fan artworks as well! Thanks for sharing Dulcamarra and please stay safe and healthy in both the real world and the ANNO world (and no puns intended on that statement). Also my ANNO Empire Riverllon offers an alliance to yours if you’d like.

    Also for those wondering about my artwork I mentioned that was posted, you can find it in this community spotlight awhile ago from the summer https://anno-union.com/anno-news-community-spotlight/ I would like to see more fellow non-human characters share their fan arts here in the ANNO UNION too! Let there be dragons and furs in ANNO!


    Best Regards,

  4. R RadicalZeal November 12, 2020

    How long those it takes to appear in the Store?
    It is not appearing for me yet.


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