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DevBlog: Multiplayer

Whether it is teaming up with friends to end Alonso Graves’ reign of terror or taking on three other players to see who will be the last man building- playing Anno 1800 alongside and against your fellow human players can make for tense adventures.

So today, we want to talk about Anno 1800’s multiplayer mode, what options it gives players and also give you some interesting insights into how we make it possible to run an enormous simulation with more than one player.

Multiplayer – conquering the world with friends(?)
In Anno 1800’s multiplayer mode, up to four players can join a match to settle and conquer islands in an alliance or in a race against each other to reach the victory conditions first. Players can freely trade among each other, and with the possibility of trading any goods, they can decide if they want to start a trading conglomerate with specialized production on each side. And should you find yourself short of a full set of human players to stage a naval battle to rival Tsushima Strait, you can always fill any open slots with an AI character of your choice. This choice of how to approach the multiplayer is very important to us, no matter if you want to go for an ultra-competitive race to be the first to construct a battlecruiser squadron, or if you want to play a relaxed Sunday afternoon match with some old friends.

And since this is a question that came up many times in the past: Yes, the multiplayer mode supports the full range of gameplay options in Anno 1800, including the second session in the New World! So will be the first to settle a tropical island?

Starting and victory conditions
There are several game modifier which allows you to set the stage for the game experience.
Alliance with shared victory conditions – You can start the match with an active alliance pact between all players and shared victory conditions. This allows for a truly collaborative effort for players who want to work together as a team.
Alliance without shared victory conditions – This game mode enforces peaceful matches between players while encouraging economic competition thanks to the personal victory conditions.
Free-for-all – A free-for-all, with no shared victory conditions and no active trading or alliance treaties. In this mode, it is solely up to you how the world (and your fellow players) will remember you.

And while it can be fun to build and expand for hours on end, we know that some players prefer a more defined game experienced with a clear goal. That is why we have the same set of victory conditions as in the Sandbox mode, such as being the first to construct a monument, reaching X amount of investors of generating a positive revenue of X. You will also be able to select whether players have to reach one or all of these goals to emerge victorious from your online match.

Custom sessions and the new quick match mode
Anno 1800 will offer two game modes to set up games, either allowing you to invite friends into your custom sessions, or to be paired up with random players via matchmaking.

You can either create or join a custom made multiplayer match, where the creator of the session can take full advantage of all custom settings of the classic sandbox experience. Once you set your various parameters and decided which AI should populate your island space, you can invite up to three players from your friend list to your match. And if there is this one friend of a friend who wants to join you, players who join also have the rights to invite players from their friend list. The game mode supports a maximum amount of 4 players in total, which also includes AI opponents who can fill the ranks of missing players.

Our new Quick Match mode will match you with random players around the world in preset multiplayer sessions. The presets allow you to look either for a match with two, three or four players or alternatively just look with “Random” where a slot is available in any of the three presets. Unlike in custom matches, you won’t have any non-player characters in Quick Match other than NPC traders and every game mode comes with preset victory conditions.

Under the hood – large scale multiplayer simulation
Simulating a vast and complex strategy game like Anno 1800 in a multiplayer match is quite a challenging task. To make it possible, we make use of a “lock-step” mechanism, a system which allows simulating the whole game state on every single PC and as a result of that minimizes the amount of data traffic between the players.

In case the game states of the players will differ at some point in time, the game will detect it (we call it a desync) and immediately provide a simple one-click solution to repair the game state with automatic synchronization of all parties participating in a match.

You will be able to save the state of the game to continue the match with your friends at another time or to switch hosts if the initial creator of the session is not available. This also means that when you are creating a session from a previous multiplayer savegame, players in the lobby can decide which island to control during the game. And if you cannot remember the party of friends from your last session anymore, we will display the players which played with you before.

This large-scale simulation and synchronization process is also the reason why fast-forward is not available in multiplayer sessions. Speeding up the simulation would have a big performance impact on the CPU of each player. However, you will be able to pause a multiplayer game to allow everyone to take a break or get a refill of your favorite beverage.

Build an empire together
While the Anno multiplayer experience always had its vocal fans across the years, we hope that with Anno 1800, more players will team up to experience the game together. We received a lot of valuable feedback during the technical test and Closed beta, giving us ample data we currently use to improve the multiplayer experience for the launch of the game.

And as your feedback is always important to us: While there won’t be a classic Co-Op mode in the game at launch, we will add it as part of our post-launch plans for Anno 1800.




  1. S SpartanC12 April 22, 2019

    Really enjoying the game! Would be really cool if an option was added to link private multiplayer sessions together (i.e two Old Worlds) so that you could play with more than 4 players -Some of my friends are holding off on their purchase because they’re worried there won’t be room in the multiplayer session. Perhaps Co-op will allow for 4+ players?

  2. T TheDemorte April 13, 2019

    Me and My Wife are very excited to hear finally! That Co Op will be coming as apart of the game. we only play the Anno’s with Co Op mode we like to work together on an Empire. Games where we are put agaisnt each other dont work well for us.

    We been loving everything we see about Anno 1800 and been asking since it was announced about Co Op every place can. So glad the Devs heard us. 🙂

    Anno!! You did it!! Whooo!! Co Op Mode!!!

  3. T TheIvoryKitty March 3, 2019

    My husband and I are so excited about the new Anno. We skipped the last one because of the lack of co-op, since we like Anno specifically to play with one another, but we still play the older games all the time. As I read this article, I was really bummed out that it seemed like the classic co-op experience was not coming, so we were super happy to read the last sentence – #coopiscoming! We will be anxiously awaiting this update, and look forward to hearing when you guys have a solid estimate for when that will be coming out!

  4. S Saskiel March 2, 2019

    I am so so so happy about #coopiscoming ! I was one of the players who also asked for it during the closed beta and you confirming it makes me super grateful. I’ve enjoyed Anno 1800 a lot, but I was questioning whether to buy it or not because I want to play it mostly with my friends in coop. Conquering the world solo is very enjoyable in Anno 1800, but I just feel like there are not enough coop games.

    So, thank you, looking forward to the launch and the post-launch update!

  5. s straalpijpje March 2, 2019

    I’m a solo player, and waiting for the game and interresting for the scenarios

  6. F FerudaFarstaria March 2, 2019

    I have a really good question to ask concerning the Multiplayer Mode. When we add friends from our friends list. Does this include friends lists from Steam, and Uplay? Or do you have to find your friends in the game, and add them to your friends list? I hope the Anno Team can clarify this for us. I’d really like to know if this does link to friends lists in Steam, and Uplay. I have a feeling that it does, but I rather ask the team to be 100% sure if this is true or false.

    As for the multiplayer mode. I think this is a fantastic idea! This will add a MMO feel to the game. And more players can now play and enjoy Anno together, rather than alone. Or Locally on a LAN network. The possibilities from this add a whole new level to the game, and now people around the world will be able to play together. Be it a fun peaceful trading tycoon afternoon match, or a battle tournament to see who will be the last one left standing. Or to team up against tough AI opponents. It adds a lot of fun to the game.

    Very well done Anno Team. I really like this idea. This is brilliant for people who have friends around the world. And would love to share the Anno experience with them as well. I would very much love to see this kind of multiplayer feature in future Anno titles as well. This is long overdue for the Anno series!

    Please keep up the great work! I look forwards to seeing the game at launch!

  7. A AmpeImann March 1, 2019

    Thank you for confirming coop! So exciting!

  8. M Mattly March 1, 2019

    Hi all,

    Firstly thank you developers for creating a true ANNO experience. I played with others in the beta and it went almost flawlessly. We did find that once we had expanded into the new world we had to give up due to constant desync’s. As we are all on fibre and all in the same country (New Zealand) could this have been caused by the need to communicate with the host server where ever that is located or was it a known issue that has been worked out in these final weeks?

  9. L Langland February 28, 2019

    Hi, I have already got the game as it sounds very fun. Is there going to be a voting option outside the maps? Like in 2070? I really miss it…

  10. t tcuvillier2 February 28, 2019

    I’m more of a solo player myself, Anno games are a bit too long for multiplayer over the internet imo. But all the better for those that like it.

  11. g globus5000 February 28, 2019

    Let them get the game ready and then it is comming proberly in first dlc

  12. Z Zmarti February 28, 2019

    Nothing about co-op? You can’t just ignore it forever, you’ll have to answer it sometime.


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