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Vote your favorite NPC into the game!

It’s about time to kick off our first Anno Union community vote. When creating a game, tons of creative ideas are flying around the studio but during the development process, we have to make hard decisions. That means some ideas have to go on hold, and eventually go out in order to ensure that the best one goes big.

A diverse cast of AI Characters has been an important part of Anno games for a long time. They help to immerse yourself in our game world and are your ally achieving victory or your bitter opponent during a session. With that said, we would like to introduce you to six interesting candidates for our last AI character for our NPC roster, and it is up to you who will make it on the ship when Anno1800 sets sail.

Find a short description below to make your choice easier, or maybe even harder. You will be able to vote for one of the characters (yes, only one) in the big voting highlighted at the right side of the Anno Union page. We will keep the voting up for a while and when it is time to make the decision of which character we will further develop, we will make that choice based on your actions.

Furthermore, we want to give you the chance to become a part of the characters journey. That means that with weeks and month to come, we will give you frequent updates about the development, from final artwork to 3D animation, classic Anno style.

A) Artur Gasparov – The Visionary
Descending from a noble bloodline, Artur studied mathematics, art and architecture to become the single most influential architect of the Empire. Artur strives for perfection. His works are breathtaking, sometimes even provocative. He dreams of creating the perfect utopian metropolis one day. Many call him the greatest visionary of modern times, still some voices question his inability to compromise, and point out Artur’s highly neurotic nature.

B) Hafsa Sultan – The Ambassador
A hookah pipe-smoking princess of the near-east, Hafsa revels in her wealth – loving jewelry and clothes best of all. She is a talented, enigmatic lioness, yet finds her duties as ambassador lack challenge. She only seems to have a vague interest in keeping her family dynasty alive, despite the fact it crumbles at home. Nevertheless, through her charm an ulterior plan appears, a plan she is keeping extremely secret.

C) Jacob “Jake” Turner – The Gambler
Regardless of his razorblade smile and shiny suits Jake is in desperate need of money. Always. He is extremely charming, wasting his talent on being a notorious gambler, con artist and dazzler. His enterprises are as expensive as they are risky, and in the end a lot of people lose a lot of money. Maybe that’s the reason why Jake, as he calls himself nowadays, changes his face like other people change their underwear.

D) Florence Morel – The Occultist
Florence Morel began her fascination with the occult as a morbid little girl, when she claimed to have found a mirror between worlds. Inheriting a vast fortune, her gothic search for truth now unfolds on a grander scale. Her army of acolytes seem bewitched, letting no one and no thing obstruct their leader. They say it is Morel’s destiny to set loose universal mysteries – for good or ill – and in doing so, change humankind forever.

E) Silas Grendel – The Mobster
Grendel is a vicious and ruthless racketeer, commanding his army of rats to get things done. He began running cutthroat carnivals, until his was the only circus in every town. Now his brutal concern only grows, with him king elect of the underworld. With dark nexus behind him, grander schemes are afoot; a man like Grendel wants to tattoo his name into the forearm of history.

F) Dr. Hugo Mercier – The Anarchist
Dr. Mercier did not spend five years reading politics at a great University just to toe the party line. No, his grand vision is anarchy – absolute freedom for everyone! It was a mistake of the Empire then, to think Dr. Mercier might make a suitable ‘governor’. Only in hindsight is it clear he is the definition of rebellion – a man with such conviction in his beliefs, he is willing to die for them.


  1. ruuti0 ruuti0

    First E) Silas Grendel – The Mobster

    Secondly C) Jacob “Jake” Turner – The Gambler

    I would love to get Mobster to game, a true old time style gangster, king of criminals and underworld! Would be so interesting that I have don’t even have words for it! 😀

  2. BelannaerTV BelannaerTV

    The occultist is always the only real option. Always go for a bit of Lovecraft inspiration when you can 😉

  3. Katje-Katrien Katje-Katrien

    I just voted for Artur The Visionary.

  4. Black_Bird_7792 Black_Bird_7792

    I chose Jacob the Gambler. In sandbox mode, I picture him sailing onto the map every now and again (just like Trenchcoat) in a Mississippi River-style paddle steamer, where you can throw some money at him to spin a roulette wheel, with a chance of a lump-sum jackpot, resources, busting out, production boosters, et cetera…

    I’m already hearing Jacob make constant Mark Twain references in an American Southerner accent, which makes a nice contrast against the Victorian-era British accents the rest of the NPCs will have.

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  5. FlauntyQuill FlauntyQuill

    I voted for Hafsa. I want to know what she is hiding. 🙂

  6. Matthis_Zockt Matthis_Zockt

    Well, i voted for Artur because he seemed to be a complicated but not annoying character because everyone else is, in my opinion, really annoying:
    -Hafsa Sultan “The Ambassador”, a woman who tries to kinda betray you and beat you with secret plans -Jacob Turner a man who will often request money from you with sometimes worthy loot but not that often as described
    -Florence Morel “The Occultist” seems a bit interesting because of her army of acolytes who will maybe come to your islands and cause huge problems you always need to take care about
    -Silas Grendel “The Mobster” is like the occultist, an army of followers ready to do the dirty work and creating conflicts on your islands if you dont do what he wants
    -Dr. Hugo Mercier “The Anarchist” could be about revenge or that he was misunderstood and the fact that he is willing to die for his beliefs is not something i want in the next Anno Game.

    The One Character i miss is a Factory Owner, a Tycoon, willing to take on a Challange of Economy wich could lead to an Economic war between the player and him, a race for the best islands and the best ressources.

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  7. MeNotyouxD MeNotyouxD

    All fantastic characters, but I’m really missing a tycoon type person. One that only cares about his wealth and expanding his power/wealth despite humans and nature suffering because of it. That’s why I liked Anno 2070 so much, because you could have a play-style like that. I liked being able to go full out tycoon and just watch as the world turned grey while my income kept rising. I hope you’ll add a character like.

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  8. emxealous emxealous

    Jeeze your artist kinda went all out in basing Silas on Hugh Jackman from Les Miserables… :/

  9. Rowanism Rowanism

    Voted Grendel, seems most interesting as an AI to me.

  10. Arkenophas Arkenophas

    Voted for Hafsa, but it was hard ^^ Maybe his secret will be a part of the campain ? I laughed when I saw Florence Morel, she remind me this disgusting character of ANNO 1404 with a snake for emblem ^^ (I forgot his name :/ ) All the characters seems to be good, maybe put them all in the game :p And Silas Grendel make me think to Hassan Ben Said, or something like that.

  11. rodivlad rodivlad

    I like the Silas Grendel character (E), but his “army of rats” a bit annoying and repels. Would that be the the flock of jackals, for example?

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  13. famirp famirp

    I like all the characters although I voted for the occultist to give something different. I would like the trade to be like old deliveries anno and that the islands have characteristic resources each.

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  15. CorsairUplay CorsairUplay

    If there’s a Jorgensen Character in this game, the twist should be that they AREN’T the easy NPC, like Tilda and Leif are in their games.

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  16. P4rk4f4ce P4rk4f4ce

    This is just the vote for the very last character, so a Jorgensen may already be present

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  18. BertProesmans BertProesmans

    .. Not related to the voting ..
    I would really like Artur Gasparov as the character doing the introduction to the game; He seems to have the right looks to guide players, but sometimes it’s clear that things could/should be done differently than he suggests which makes his personality shine through. It could provide a fun dynamic by trusting/distrusting him.

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  19. Simmitynl Simmitynl

    Perhaps adding a Jorgensen character?

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  20. zogking zogking

    Frankly all these NPCs should make it in, they’re all wonderful!

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