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DevBlog: The “Pride & Peddlers” Scenario

Dear Madame,
Ever since you arrived in the New World, your name has become a synonym for exquisite taste.
It is no secret that you deal in some of our greatest treasures. While this practise is perfectly legal, we regret that our people were unable to place a bid for what is rightfully theirs.
We, the Artista Collective, want to encourage the repatriation of these objects and hope to enlist your help in this matter.
Rather than intrude on your time uninvited, we have an offer to make, one that is well-suited to your talents as a trader.
We await your presence at the Atelier Insólito, graciously hosted by the Yaosca Research Centre.
The Artista Collective

Another challenge awaits you, Annoholics, in Season 4’s third scenario: Pride & Peddlers.

As you may have already deduced from the intro, this time you will be taking on the role of Madame Kahina, a trader dealing in exotic artefacts, spices and more. Hired for just these talents, Pride & Peddlers is all about producing and trading goods and amassing significant sums of money.

The goal: Buy back three valuable artefacts from three Old World traders and exhibit them in your still-to-be-constructed museum.


Check out our video below to get a quick overview:


You’ll be starting off with a small fleet of four ships and are free to settle any island you want. The production chains and needs largely follow the regular ones in the New World, with only a few modifications. Building a first settlement and – importantly – getting your production started to have goods to export should be your first objective.

There is a twist, however: Since all your workers are volunteers in this mission, you will not be able to tax them. Accordingly, your only source of income is trade. We’ve adjusted the balance calculation to show you if you’re making a plus or not in this scenario. For this, you will either have to set up trade routes or approach a trader manually. Possible trading partners are both the already mentioned three traders (Margaret Hunt, Vicente Silva, Carl Leonard von Malching) or some familiar faces from the New World (Yaosca, Isabel Sarmento, Paloma Valente).

The Old World traders also offer goods your residents might be willing to pay you for (Black Market goods), but those are expensive, and you’ll have to think twice if you can afford them.

Some other changes to your regular gameplay sessions include the randomization of the map, meaning mines and fertilities are not consistent on restart. Additionally, mines are finite and cannot be “refilled”, and there’s no military component to the scenario.

You can and will need to settle multiple islands to produce the large variety of goods and stay prepared for all eventualities – but expansion is expensive. Make sure you can compensate the costs via your trading.


Additionally, there are some optional story events around Madame Kahina herself – and you’ll occasionally find valuable goods in the wreckages or less fortunate trading vessels.

The Market

After this general overview over the scenario, let’s dive into one of the core features: The Market.

Similar to the “Seasons of Silver” scenario, the market situation changes in irregular intervals (meaning not all events have the same duration), providing you with modifiers to your production, population and trade. The market is rather unregulated – which can be a great way to turn a big profit, if you manage to get ahold of the products affected by the market trends. Events can be positive or negative, see these two examples:

  • “A fishy business”: fish oil can be sold at 250% its normal price.
  • “The fields lie barren” | Negative event: Farmer protests that affect all crop farms, all new world orchards and all animal farms. Farmers everywhere have decided to protest harsh conditions and falling prices –> -50% productivity, +75% chance of riots

You’re provided with a forecast as to what the next market event will be, allowing you prepare. It might not be profitable forever to focus on agricultural goods, but you might want to branch out and also get some more advanced factories going.

The market trends are randomized to a degree, and there are quest-related special events with their own effects. Additionally, the market trends are both influenced by with whom you are trading (Old World traders or New World traders) and how far you have progressed in the scenario.

Victory Conditions

As mentioned previously, your goal is to repatriate the three artefacts in question and then exhibit them in your museum. This grants you the Bronze Medal.

Silver and Gold will additionally challenge you to end the scenario with a certain amount of money for the “heritage fund” and Gold requires you to be a real export master (which actually was our internal name for the scenario) by selling a total of 500.000 tons of goods during your playthrough.

This time around, there is no timer attached to any of the objectives, which means that in theory you have as much time as you want.

Practically, due to the changing market situations described above, you will still want to tackle your goals in a timely manner

The rewards for finishing the scenario are new skins for your museum modules.


As introduced with DLC 11 and Game Update 15, Pride & Peddlers is also coming with its own set of badges. These extra challenges grant you additional Golden Tickets for the Grand Gallery if fulfilled during a playthrough. There are three in total:

  • Win the scenario with 180t of scooters in storage.
  • Win the scenario with 100K coins in stock.
  • Win the game with a population of at least 3.000 after surviving one hour in volatile markets.

An update for the Grand Gallery

Finally, we’re also updating the Grand Gallery with Game Update 16. For your Golden Tickets earned through the scenarios you can unlock several additional items, the selection is a mix of specific feedback you provided us with as well as a general community favourites. For example, you can now find Ermenegilda di Mercante, the Mole Master and Master Craftsman Franke in the Grand Gallery.

Additionally, you unlock the Artista portraits for your profile as well as a variety of cemetery-themed ornaments like graves, a crypt or an angel statue.


And that’s all for “Pride & Peddlers”, the new scenario coming with the “New World Rising DLC”. How will you fare without taxes as primary income source?

Development of Anno 1800 – Season 4 is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action within the framework of computer games funding.




  1. M MaxaryKo December 6, 2022

    It would be nice to have that Paddle Streamer with 3 cargo slots in sandbox games.

  2. M Mevelios December 3, 2022

    A scenario that reminds 1404’s Elysium principle – no taxes?
    Volatile market prices?
    Influencable events to randomize runs?

    Think I know already what I’ll be doing next week-end. A real treat incoming, thanks team!

    Maybe someday another based on 1404’s Barrens? Make it happen and I’ll finally admit it – I’ll be more of a 1800 guy than a 1404 one. Keep up the excellent work, it’s a real pleasure playing Anno – even moreso with these scenarios to play with different mechanics and watch stories unfold about 1800’s characters!

  3. A AemaethNorrhart December 3, 2022

    Christmas is coming, and as I came back each year in this blog with the same request, I’ll ask again: Could you, please, offer us wonderful artowrks, please, as wallpaper in a nice zip archive please? 😀
    Artists had done a wonderful job this year and I hope to use artoworks for 2023 🙂

    Thank you very much for your attention.
    Best Regards.


    •   Ubi-Thorlof December 6, 2022

      Hey Aemaeth!

      We’ll have those ready in our last blog of the year in (probably) two weeks 🙂

      • A AemaethNorrhart December 6, 2022

        Love you so much….
        See you next year… I have a DLC to prepare !

  4. K KingxOfxVoids December 2, 2022

    Im already short on tickets for portraits skins and decorations

  5. r ruzen_qures December 2, 2022

    The Market feature looks quite clever.
    Not having dynamic prices was really a lackluster thing in anno 1800
    But it was never designed that way so there wasn’t a way to make it dynamic.
    This market thing could be the thing that it needed to world more connected, and reactive.
    Kudos to the devs they really come up with a clever solution to the problem at hand. Hope it has a good amount of variability and more than one event happening at the same time because there are tons of items now.

    • V Via4Uplay December 3, 2022

      I suppose many anno fan would like for the base game to be about static but addictive min-maxing, not economic sim. Because of that, it’s awesome that the dev team tries new mechanics on scenarios.

  6. H Humility925 December 2, 2022

    Thank you Anno Team, Much appreciated for no timer quest.


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