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DevBlog: The “National Park” Pack Cosmetic DLC

Hey Anno Community,

Please grab your walking sticks and the picnic basket, we’re going on a hiking trip!

With the “National Park” Pack we’re leaving the city completely and are looking at the wild side of your islands – you left some space for recreation, right? In the Cosmetic DLC vote in 2021, the “Nature” Pack received many positive comments – and we also loved the idea of doing something different so much that it soon ended up in our plans for this year.

Along the hiking trail you might meet people sitting down to catch their breath or spot some wild animals, curious about who is making all the noise in their forest.

There also are some majestic trees to discover, as well as old ruins and grand rock formations.

And if the terrain just gets a little bit too rugged or swampy: Don’t worry, there are elevated boardwalks to keep your feet dry while providing a slightly better view on your surroundings.

Sometimes, however, you just want to sit down and grab a snack or simply rest for a moment. For that, you have multiple different options: A picnic in the forest, maybe even with pizza? Or do you rather want to sit down at the Hiker’s Hut and enjoy the reassuring feeling of having a roof over your head?

These more spontaneous rests aside, you certainly should not miss a visit to the “Eagle’s Nest” Café. Not only do they serve the probably the best coffee and cake in the whole national park, but the eponymous tower also offers a fantastic view over the area.

And what if it starts getting dark? Don’t worry, find a nice place to set up your tents, start a little fire and enjoy the sounds of nature. And if you made some friends along the way, why not set up a proper large campfire to share both food as well as spooky stories with them?

The lake system

Walking through the forest all day may of course become a bit tiring – you will want a refresher! And is it even a proper hiking trip if you’re not getting attacked by mosquitoes while camping? So, let us visit the lake now:

The “National Park” Pack comes with a modular lake system that lets you create both small rivers as well as larger bodies of water. Leave small islands in the lake – and maybe connect them with bridges for any adventurous hiker to reach. You can pick between 3 different bridge sizes, crossing 1, 2 or 3 tiles of water.

A lake with such a mountain panorama makes for a great view, don’t you think? Simply plop down a few tents for the full camping experience. Just beware of bears…

“How long is the hike going to last? Are we there yet?” we hear you asking. Well, the “National Park” Pack is planned to release on Tuesday, August 22nd. It’s going to be available for the usual price of 5€ – or regional equivalent – on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, the Ubisoft Store, Steam and Epic.

And as usual, we encourage you to check the descriptions of the individual ornaments by selecting them – only this way you learn about the great lightning storm of 1602!

We’re looking forward to what you’re going to create with these new ornaments. Maybe the “National Park” works well with elements of the “Old Town” Pack?

List of all ornaments

Below you can find a list of all ornaments of the “National Park” Pack Cosmetic DLC.

  • Trail Brunch – a picnic with friends and family
  • Pizza Picnic – What else would you bring on a hiking trip?
  • Campsite – Two tents and a little campfire
  • Tent
  • Campfire
  • Majestic Rock
  • Eroded Rock
  • “Eagle’s Nest” Café – Large forest café with watchtower
  • Ruined Tower
  • Feeding Station
  • Hiker’s Hut
  • Observation Point
  • Wanderer’s Rest
  • Gnarly Oak
  • Ash
  • Willow
  • Trail Sign
  • Small Wooden Bridge – crosses 1 tile of lake/canal
  • Wooden Bridge – crosses 2 tiles of lake/canal
  • Long Wooden Bridge – crosses 3 tiles of lake/canal
  • Hiking Trail
  • Boardwalk – a hiking path on stilts
  • Lake – with dark or light grass
  • Grass tile – light and dark




  1. P PawelMalecki August 30, 2023

    Easily the most interesting ornamental addition in the Anno series so far. I just hope there is nicely looking support for roads and rails crossing the water because it is very much needed to let the river flow through a town.
    It would be amazing if we could connect the Pedestrian Zone CDLC canals to the river seamlessly but I assume there is a significant water height difference making it impossible.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 31, 2023

      The water height levels might become a visual problem, yes, but more importantly is the technical side: rivers (and oceans) are not built to interact in such a way, there’s no terrain deformation in the game that would allow these two entirely different systems to intersect. Therefore, this will, unfortunately, not be something we can consider for Anno 1800.

  2. m mfuegar2018 August 19, 2023

    I have everything related to Anno 1800. I keep asking for the cosmetic DLC ·Circus· (“Big Top Pack”: Have the circus come to town whenever you feel like it!). Please!!!

    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 21, 2023

      Hey, hate to be the bringer of bad news, but it’s very unlikely that we’re going to work on this topic. The community’s reception in the past hasn’t been too positive and we also think there are more interesting topics to explore.

  3. l lordferas August 3, 2023

    hello everyone
    I’m too late to write this, but I just discovered that you are voting for what comes next !!! really, and I don’t know about that and I’ve been playing since the beta, omg.

    Anyway, if the developers can see this
    I really wish you could work in first person view
    To be precise, please create clear and nice faces for the people inside the game in first person view before you leave the game, and I don’t mind buying it

    because the people look like bigs. They just look ugly with this kind of face. (the graphics of farmers, workers, etc.)

    And lastly, the games are just amazing work. Thank you all for this masterpiece

    Thank you for reading my comment.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 3, 2023

      Hey lordferas,
      just to clarify: We had no voting or poll on the future of Anno 1800 or Anno overall. What we did have recently was a survey on the functionality and usability of our website here, as well as on our communication style and channels used over the last years.

      Always great to hear that not only the game itself, but also our first-person-mode easter egg is being received so positively, thank you!
      However, we are not planning to create more detailed character models for the “feedback units” in 1800. In the end, the mode is an easter egg and our priority remains on the game being played from the normal camera position. – and we need to keep performance in mind. Additionally, the efforts required to add higher quality skins to all feedback units are rather large and not something we would want to invest that much time into anymore at this point.

  4. S S4t4n0y August 2, 2023

    Very nice, but you should make the islands bigger, the museum modules smaller, also the bus stops, redesign Manola, where a lot of usable space is lost. islands usually run out of space for the volume of things needed.
    beaches in old world is also good idea… and turist system in new world… there is plenty of good ideas in mod comunity.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 3, 2023

      We’re happy to see our modding community creating new and different ways to customize their Anno 1800 experience and can’t wait to see what else they might be creating in the future.

      Space limitations are a key part of the Anno experience and we think we have a good balance between challenge and convenience, with plenty of options to optimize further and get most of the space available. We are not planning any major updates or redesigns of the game anymore.

  5. S SerikaG August 1, 2023

    incredible work! investors will be pleased to see a new park at crowns fall (and manola for artists :s)
    plssssssssssssssssss let it buildable at enbesa, grass land and lakes would be perfect match.Not to mention the waterwheels and water ways

    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 2, 2023

      I’m afraid the new ornaments, as before, will only be available in the Old World and new World.

  6. A ADRIEN_agentadw July 30, 2023

    ahoy !

    great pack ! will buy it as always for sure !

    victorian gothic pack when ? its the main missing element of the victorian era in game !!!!!!

    gothic architecture cosmetics + ghost ship skin + florence morel avatar for profile ?

  7. D Dave301287 July 27, 2023

    this looks the best CDLC by far. The organic feel looks just amazing..but is it exclusive to the old world??

    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 1, 2023

      You’ll also be able to build all these ornaments in the New World.

  8. m mfuegar2018 July 26, 2023

    I love it. And the “Circus” DLC for when?

    •   Ubi-Thorlof August 1, 2023

      We are not planning to create a Cosmetic DLC with circus-themed ornaments.

  9. D Dravidos July 26, 2023

    I love it! I voted for this CDLC in 2021 and it was a shame that I didn’t win, but now I will have a new opportunity to build a place to enjoy nature in my cities.

  10. N Norbee8383 July 26, 2023

    Bestest CDLC idea ever!!! Looking forward to it :).

  11. S SpekterX July 26, 2023

    WOW!!! Just WOW! Amazing, i love it, I can’t wait to build a national park. Thank you so much


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