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DevBlog: The “Fiesta” Pack Cosmetic DLC

Hey Anno Community,


It’s May, the weather is getting sunnier and warmer: This should hopefully put both you and your citizens in the right mood for the upcoming Cosmetic DLC – the “Fiesta” Pack!

Now, we have already included a teaser at the end of our “Anno movies” videos, meaning that it’s no big surprise anymore that the “Fiesta” Pack is adding a bunch of new ornaments for the New World. Considering it’s the second most important region in Anno 1800, we have seen the comments asking for more ornaments and more ways to customize your cities there.

As the name suggests, the “Fiesta” Pack looks on the bright sides (literally) of life with ornaments that add even more colour and prepare your public places for festivities.

The “Fiesta” Pack Cosmetic DLC is now available! You can now add a bunch of festive ornaments to your cities by purchasing it on the Ubisoft Store, Steam Store, PlayStation store or Xbox store for the price of 4,99€ or your regional equivalent.

Let’s have a look at what you can expect:


On the ornament side, our focus was on spicing up your public spaces, like your market place or other plaza-type locations. For this matter, the pack contains bright and colourful festive banners and the purple Jacaranda tree. Combine this with the new groundplates and some vendors like the Fruit Stall or the Mate Stall.

It’s also about providing more space for the local culture and heritage, for example with the Mesoan Memorial or the Sunwell. Round things off with a few cacti and flower beds and your people will thank you – provided they don’t get too close to those cacti.


We did not only include ornaments in the “Fiesta” Pack, however, but also skins for two existing buildings:

The first is the Market Place itself, that now not only features a bright purple paint, but also more colour on its pillars as well as a rounder shape with an open market space in the middle

The second building profiting from a visual make-over is the Chapel. Following the rest of the Cosmetic DLC, the new Chapel skin comes with clean white paint job and multiple coloured spots on its façade and windows.

Of course, that’s not quite all the content of the Cosmetic DLC, and you have probably spotted several more ornaments on the screenshots above – and, we’ll have a list of all its content below.

The “Fiesta” Pack will release in 2 weeks, on May 23rd, for the usual price of 4,99€. We’re looking forward to seeing your reworked New World cities! How do you plan on implementing the new skins and ornaments?

List of full content

  • New model variation for the Chapel (with standard and plaza groundplate)
  • New model variation for the Market Place (with standard and plaza groundplate)
  • Public Bench (3 variants)
  • Organ Cactus
  • Rosy Pincushion
  • Fence Post Cactus
  • Traditional Path (groundplate)
  • Traditional Terracotta (groundplate)
  • Fountain of Inspiration
  • Sunwell
  • Jacaranda Tree (3 variants)
  • Palm Tree (3 variants)
  • Summer Pavillion
  • Mate Stall
  • Tropical Fruit Stall
  • Market Cart
  • Fried Corn Cart
  • Mesoan Memorial
  • Bright Banners (modular system)
  • Exotic Flower Bed (modular system)
  • Traditional Wall (modular system)
  • Brick Arch




  1. T TheDanenator May 23, 2023

    Weiß jemand, um wie viel Uhr der CDLC heute online kommen wird?

  2. t thekingkupo May 15, 2023

    I wish one of the cosmetic DLC would be a train/tram at least.

  3. S SerikaG May 15, 2023

    Well im not so interesting in new DLC since 1800 is big enough. Instead i hope to play a new anno which maintain challenge and provide a much influence gameplay.
    But I still hope cosmetic bundle contains DLC building skins as a bonus to DLC owner or just cost more as a selection. Since DLC are also part of games and they’ve provide many beautiful buildings like doclands/local departments/palace/mall etc.
    And please make cosmetic roads as a real roads.

  4. A Alister-MIV May 13, 2023

    I express my gratitude to the entire team of Anno 1800! I am very happy that the game is getting new content. I spent over 1500 hours in the game – thanks guys for this wonderful gaming experience. Anno 1800 is a masterpiece! I think that I will play all 5000 hours. ))) I’m watching the Anno 1800 community and I can’t understand why you didn’t want to add the Asian region – most players ask for his name. Which I fully support! The game lives on and still draws the players in for many hours. You pleased with the cosmetic addition “Dragon Garden Pack”, but it turned out to be very meager. He is very small!!! ((( If you are not planning a new region, then maybe you can still please us with an add-on in which we can create our own Chinese quarter (like the “Old Town Pack”) – this will be a little costly on your part and we, as your fans, we will get something weighty.It will be a compromise for both parties.In any case – WE LOVE YOU!!!Thank you!!! :-*

  5. m mfuegar2018 May 13, 2023

    Totally agree. With the circus pack and the bullring for the new world.

  6. M MetaForge May 13, 2023

    I’m finding myself visiting Anno Union less and less but still with the hope that there might be one last big surprise announcement for a Season 5, and then being totally disappointed with only cosmetic DLC announcements instead. The game has provided countless hours of enjoyment, and it would be amazing to see the developers continue to flesh out late game content a little more, especially where steam carriages, trains and the missing Asian continent are concerned.

    Season 5 wish list :

    DLC 1 – Trains :

    – A big Grand Central Station could be an epic multi staged project like other DLCs

    – Train stations could supplement or replace warehouses, receiving and distributing goods in a similar fashion

    – Train stations could have a higher/faster loading ramp capacity than warehouses, but at the cost of needing space for rails to connect them to the Grand Central Station or some sort of dock harbour station.

    – Train stations could also have a nice residential variant

    – Residential stations could act as repeaters, making all services within the radius of a station available to all residents within the radius of all other connected stations

    – Train stations would thus help reduce the number of repeated service buildings on an island to a more centralised location but at the cost of requiring more space for rails and stations to balance it out

    DLC 2 – Steam Carriages:

    – So many Steam Carriages get produced in our factories, but they dont really have any interesting gameplay mechanics involving them after being created

    – A Grand Shopping Plaza could be another epic multi staged project, perhaps with modular shops and parking garages, similar to the palace module mechanics, but for the purpose of having somewhere for the Steam Carriages and Scooters to actually drive to

    – Regular cosmetic shops, rides and ornaments could also be utiliszed here when connected to a Grand Shopping Plaza, making cosmetic content a little more useful and giving the plaza more varying details (the more cosmetically varied a plaza is the bigger the boost it could provide?)

    – Steam Carriages could require 2 lane streets (highways), essentially single lane roads built side by side or with a lane of grass/trees in between, where the usual cosmetic foot traffic of single lane roads doesnt get in the way

    – Highways connected to a Grand Shopping Plaza could boost the circular radius of connected trade unions, town halls, emergency services, bus stations and even train stations, requiring less buildings to service more people (and potentially help reduce the amount of painfully slow late game item grinding?)

    – Perhaps a connected highway could even boost scholar item generation speed a little more? (especially helpful on large worlds during coop without access to simulation speed controls)

    – Single or double lane tunnels could also be interesting, especially if they can act as small shortcuts under buildings, which might otherwise block a road range from reaching a destination, opening up some new and interesting layout optimization possibilities

    – Highways could also have a certain max length they can reach from a Grand Shopping Plaza before requiring a connected fuel station to continue reaching further

    – Optional intersections, bypasses or tunnel modules could also be cool to give overlapping highway sections some flair

    DLC 3 – Asian Region :

    – The last big obvious missing region, with lots of new industries and goods

    – Could have an awesome dedicated suspension bridge as an infrastructure project similar to the hydro dam in the new world

    – Could also introduce some magic underwater tunnel wormholes, which could connect an island to its nearest neighbouring island via rail or road and act as another interesting transport means for local goods between islands

    Just some food for thought. I’m sure a new Anno title would be cool too but for now all I really want is more Anno 1800

    • D Dravidos May 13, 2023

      I totally agree with you, but we are going to have to continue dreaming.

    • h halfstepslowly May 13, 2023

      sadly, they already said they are working on a new project. There are no plans to improve the game.

    • L Lalcapone May 13, 2023

      I understand your feelings on this. I’m on console and I’m just hoping for seasons 1 and 2 DLC. There is always hope I guess.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof May 15, 2023

      Hey MetaForge, while it’s great for us to hear how much fun Anno 1800 provided you with and that some of you would like to see even more content for the game, I have to repeat what we stated a few times before already:
      We are done with Anno 1800 in terms of gameplay content, and will, as announced, only release 3 more Cosmetic DLC this year – alongside potentially needed bug fixes.
      Same goes for the Console Edition on PS5 and Xbox.

      We have a new project already, as we communicated at the end of last year, and will at some point in the future be able to talk more about it.


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