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DevBlog – “New World Rising” DLC

Hello Anno Community,

Throughout Season 4, your New World empire has reached new heights. You started from the ground, by revolutionising the agricultural sector thanks to the Hacienda, and then took off to the sky and new horizons with Paloma and her airships. Now, it’s time for Season’s 4 grand finale: “New World Rising” opens a sea of possibilities for your Anno cities and their residents, who will experience first-hand an industrial and economic boom.

With December approaching, it means that the release of the third and last DLC of Season 4 is upon us – and what better way to set the mood than a deep dive into its content?

A new Generation: Artistas

Raw talent is both a blessing and a curse. It leads to sleepless nights, excessive ice cream consumption and truly exceptional results. The Artista has the heart of a poet and the hands of a musician, always coming up with new and exciting ways to change the world. Pursuing his endeavours with genteel manners and childlike enthusiasm, it is easy to think him a simple man at heart – but there’s a shrewd mind hiding underneath all that glitter.

At the centre of the New World revolution, a new generation is blooming: the Artistas. With refined taste and an ambitious desire to strive towards their dreams, Artistas will change the New World from the inside out, with your help. They are the new Resident Tier in the New World, coming right after the beloved Jornaleros and Obreros. Once reached 1000 Obreros in your cities, you will need to upgrade one Obrera house in order attract the first Artistas to your island. This new residence houses up to 40 Artistas, and could potentially go up to 85 with fulfilled Lifestyle Needs. Furthermore, once you have attracted the first Artistas to your island, a new building will be available to house them in the Hacienda quarters, that brings a sparkling pop of colour amid the warm tones of the New World. The Artistas Hacienda Quarters can house up to 80 Artistas, double the residents of the standard counterpart – but with Lifestyle Needs activated and fulfilled, it can get up to 165.

Of course, to attract more Artistas, you need to fulfil their needs – which can sometimes be quite out of the ordinary. As a result, new needs mean new production chains, which will require a mix of existing products and new ones.

A bright new start

The future of the New World has never been brighter! And we mean this literally, because Electricity will now be available in the New World with “New World Rising”. You know the drill when it comes to electricity: just like in the Old World or Cape Trelawney, you will need Oil Refineries, Power Plants and Oil Harbours to bring Electricity on your New World Islands. Once supplied with electricity, each factory and production building will receive a boost in productivity. But that’s not all – when it comes to New World farms, on top of the boost, something else happens: farms’ pastures will produce bonus goods. This is the case of cattle pastures, that will produce milk, whilst alpaca pastures produce saltpetre as bonus goods.

However, you should also know that oil refineries and power plants might not the only way to supply electricity in the New World. There is the special case of Manola, a large island that has been recently discovered in the northern part of the New World. We hope we got your attention with this, because you will have to wait another week to know more about Manola and its secrets. Stay tuned!

From Mezcal and Jalea…

One of the first recipe you will notice once you unlock Aristas, is a brand-new product: footballs! Quite the hint for the Monument you will build in the near future… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. A new farm will be available for you to produce the leather required for the balls, the Nandu Farm. The leather will then be tooled and assembled into balls in the Ball Manufactory.

Traditions are important for Artistas, even when it comes to food. Mezcal is a traditional beverage served by the Mezcal Bar and loved by Artistas; it will require Orchards for Citrus trees, Sugar cane plantations, and Herbs from the colourful Herb Gardens. Once you reach 900 Artistas, a new recipe will be unlocked, Jalea, a gourmet dish made with Calamari, which are now produced by the Calamari Fishery. Upon reaching 1800 Artistas, a refreshing product will be available: Ice Cream! Perfect for those torrid afternoons in the New World. As a dairy product, ice cream needs milk, which is now produced by cattle farms’ pastures as a plus good, if supplied with electricity.

After all this food talk, it is time to focus on a different type of products. As we have mentioned before, Artistas have quite an exquisite taste when it comes to their needs. Among these, we can find Perfumes, produced by the Perfume Mixer: in order to get the perfect fragrance to please the Artistas’ refined taste, you will need Orchids, Coconut oil, and Ethanol.

Artistas will also demand ventilators to fight against the warmth of the New World. This is where things start to get complicated, Annoholics. This new product will see the introduction of two new factories: the Cable Factory and the Motor Assembly Plant.

Towards the beginning of the 1900s, the first motorised scooters started appearing around the world. Of course, Artistas cannot resist this marvellous piece of technology, which makes their life a lot easier. Together with the Ventilators, Electric Scooters represent the most complex product needed by Artistas: from the mechanical parts like cables and motors, to the pigments needed to create the wonderful different varnishes for the scooters.

… To the world of entertainment!

Yes, Entertainment is a huge part of the Artistas’ life: amongst their hobbies, they enjoy spending their time at the Cinema, when they are not practicing dancing in the Samba School. Obviously, for the Cinema to work, you will need to produce roll films, the recipe of which will be available in the Chemical Plant (NW), a multi-factory that you may already be familiar with if you own “Tourist Season”. For the Samba School, instead, you will need to craft colourful Costumes with cotton, pigment and nandu feathers, produced in the nandu farms, if the farm is supplied with electricity.

With the presence of Artistas in the New World, entertainment has now become a new lifestyle need for all your New World resident tiers.

With “Empire of the Skies” we introduced Lifestyle Needs, additional goods and resources that you can provide to your residents. They act like normal needs but are completely optional. If fulfilled, Lifestyle Needs will grant bonuses and extra residents. Furthermore, they are purely beneficial and do not increase the consumption of your residents’ base needs. Once unlocked, Lifestyle Needs are deactivated by default: therefore, you will need to manually activate them in the designated Lifestyle Needs Tab in the Residence menu.

For DLC 12, we’re not only adding some additional ones but are also rebalancing them slightly. More on this in the Release Notes.

Emergency Services upgrades

With higher tier residents and bigger islands, comes even greater responsibility. With “New World Rising”, you will be able to upgrade the emergency services on your island, to assure greater safety for your residents than before. By reaching the required number of Artistas, you will unlock a new button in the menu of the Police Station, Fire Station, and Hospital, which will allow you to upgrade the selected service. Once upgraded, those services will require input goods, but will become fully automated: this means that once an incident occurs, they send out all available units. Furthermore, they strongly reduce the chance on incidents and have a larger street range than the regular ones.

For example, the upgraded Fire Station will need to be supplied with fire extinguishers, produced by a new Multi-factory: the Laboratory. This building will also produce Medicine for the upgraded Hospital, and pigment, used for Costumes and Electric Scooters. Finally, the upgraded Police Station will need to be supplied with Police Equipment, now produced in the Arsenal. However, if any of these input goods are missing, the emergency services will respond to incidents like a traditional city institution – requiring your input to recruit volunteer units instead of instantly sending them out.

If necessary, you can downgrade the emergency service at any time with just one click, from the service’s menu.

By the sea

There is nothing more relaxing than chilling on the beach after a long day, enjoying the sun setting on the horizon. Well, New World residents love spending their free time on the fresh shores of their islands, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. By building the Beach House, you will provide an additional public service for your residents, whilst making your island look even more beautiful and welcoming. Just like other public services, the Beach works within a specific radius, which can be increased thanks to the beach ornaments: a parasol picnic for your residents to enjoy some food in the shadow, an ice cream parlour for a refreshing snack under the sun, a life-guard tower to keep your residents safe, and more! Each ornament you place provides attractiveness to the beach building, proportionally increasing its range.

Time to get the ball rolling: a new Monument

Back in September, during Ubisoft Forward, we let you take a small glimpse at the Monument for “New World Rising” in our CGI teaser. Many of you shared with us your guesses on the Monument, however, none of you got the answer perfectly right. Well, it is finally time to reveal what your most ambitious project will be with “New World Rising”: the Grand Stadium! Just like any monument, the Stadium will be built in phases, three in total. Be aware that, as usual, it will require a great number of materials and workforce, so be prepared! Once built, everything will be ready to host football games. To launch your first event, simply access the Championship panel in the Stadium menu. Based on your population you will unlock three different levels of events: Local, Regional and World, and they all provide additional Influence as a reward at the end. An event lasts 20 minutes, and during its preparation you have the chance to deliver goods to the Stadium to increase the quality of the reward.

“The new Stadium was by far the most challenging but also the most interesting building. Monuments are always a big effort, because the assets are much bigger than anything else. We never had that many feedback units in such a small space, so we had to make sure we could do this without having a performance drop. The soccer game was another challenge for us, because we needed some completely new animations to make this happen.”

-Raphael, Art Team Lead

We hope you enjoyed today’s DevBlog and are thrilled as we are for the release of “New World Rising” on December 8th at 3 PM CET / 9 AM ET. Keep an eye on the Anno Union, because more DLC 12 DevBlogs are coming your way – one dedicated to the New World expansion and one dedicated to our third Scenario, Pride and Peddlers. In the meantime, if you have any question on the new content or would like to know more on a specific feature, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook and our official Forums.

Happy city-building!

Development of Anno 1800 – Season 4 is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action within the framework of computer games funding.




  1. O ORCUN_53 November 24, 2022

    Please add Turkish language support to the game as soon as possible.
    Our knowledge of the English language is poor
    I’m waiting for your feedback, good work

  2. d domis_cze November 24, 2022

    Are you planning rework the beach sand? The transition between theme and island sand is seems to be too much sharp

  3. L Lunathic22 November 21, 2022

    Wow, everything looks great and awesome. I look forward.

    Any plans to add natural disasters in an incoming DLC, like tsunami, tornade, storms, tide, earthquake, etc. It would be amazing and scary.

    • o ozgur-06 March 18, 2023

      Umarım söylemiş olduğun doğal afetleri eklerler. Ayrıca ANNO 1404’te salgın hastalıklar ve casusluk vardı. Ek olarak bunlar da eklenebilir. Ayrıca limanları korumak için hava araçlarını vuran silah sistemi sadece deniz üzerine inşa edilebiliyor. Onların ayrıca ada karası üzerine de inşa edilmesi özelliği de getirilsin. Böylece evler, fabrikalar, oteller vs. gibi şehir binaları üzerine hava saldırısı yapılabilir ve bunları korumak için bu silah sistemleri ada karası üzerindeki belirli alanlara inşa edilebilir. Buna benzer özellik ANNO 2070’de vardı.

    • o ozgur-06 March 18, 2023

      I hope they add the natural disasters you mentioned. There were also epidemics and espionage in ANNO 1404. Additionally, they can be added. In addition, the weapon system that shoots aircraft to protect the ports can only be built on the sea. They should also be built on the island land. Thus, houses, factories, hotels, etc. Airstrikes can be made on city buildings, such as city buildings, and these weapon systems can be built in specific areas on the island land to protect them. A similar feature existed in ANNO 2070.

  4. O OrderGear November 20, 2022

    Upgraded Emergency Services? THANK YOU
    Regarding this idea of upgraded services, i have a proposal for the Devs.

    Upgraded late-game factories, which substitute workforce for a higher-residence tier while producing more

    Example 1 – Schnapps distillery upgrade = substitutes farmers for workers, produces more, and looks a bit more “industrial” to better fit in with more developed cities, you know, instead of the dirt pathways, fully paved and a bit bigger.
    Example 2 – Beer Brewery upgrade substitutes the workers for artisans, makes the beer brewery more attractive, making it look fancier since fancy artisans are making some fancy craft beer or something.

    Another Idea is making new higher tier Factories with a mix of citizen tiers.
    A higher tier of steel factories supervised by engineers, reducing the needed amount of workers, and increasing productivity. Same could apply to sand extractors, clay pits, brick factories, and many more.

    The Intention of this is:
    1 – Incentive to further upgrade residences and have more uses for excess high-tier population while increasing productivity
    2 – Better progression looks for the city, giving a more advanced look to better fit in with advanced cities ( no more low-tier factories with dirt paths in the middle of concrete industrial zones

    I even have some sketches ready, i`d like to know who i can send them to, if its remotely considered

  5. A Asterix201252 November 18, 2022

    Is there a plan to add new Trade Union items for both the new production chains and some of the existing ones (I’m thinking specifically of New World Chemical Factories) to support the new production chains for the Artistas.

  6. P PandoraKurczaky November 17, 2022

    I am so so excited for this! I just hope that Manola is not the only new island that will appear in the New World. This DLC finally inspires me to start a new save. My current seed was generated before Land of Lions was released.

  7. M MaxaryKo November 16, 2022

    I hope the arctic gas power plant will also be available in NW.

    • F FHackner November 16, 2022

      Only through modding, i would bet.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof November 18, 2022

      This Power Plant will remain exclusive to the Old World. The New World powerplants are using oil.
      However, the big new island has a special mechanic – which we’ll talk about in our next DevBlog 🙂

    • H Humility925 November 18, 2022

      Maybe Dam gave power, it’s might be no Arctic gas power plant in new world, but Dam, I see in video on that new big main land (similar crown Fall) had a dam to gave power, but of course I guess it’s only for that main land in new world only.

  8. H HaoFantastic November 16, 2022

    Would you please fix the bug with the unachievable quest chain “A Trifling Matter” after adding Empire of the Skies DLC?
    Thank you!
    My Iron Tower dream still awaits ??

    • M MaxaryKo November 16, 2022

      It would be great. I have many Tourists and some Enbesa achievements stuck.

  9. M Misiek_1991 November 16, 2022

    I hope we can see some scooters on the roads! 🙂

  10. M Misiek_1991 November 16, 2022

    Is there any bonus from Artistas? Like influence from Investors?

    • H Humility925 November 16, 2022

      Oh, I hope so, I need lot of influence!

    • M MaxaryKo November 16, 2022

      Stadium events will get influence points as a reward.

    • F FHackner November 16, 2022

      The main reward of the DLC is influence via the stadium events, which require artisans, to unlock at least…

  11. S SgtHydra November 16, 2022

    “Electric scooter” is way too big a reference to modern trends. I know it existed back around that time, but this is really like having someone call the telegraph ‘social media’ or something. A simple rename to ‘Autoped’ would be better for flavor, and keep the ‘electric scooter’ part to the good’s description.

  12. B Barracuda_90 November 16, 2022

    NW needs dockland!!

    It doesn’t make sense that NW has tier 3 pop with so many complex new production chains but still can’t withstand alone without trade-routes from the OW.

    without Dockland, NW is still just one of the supportive colony sessions for the OW.

    • F FHackner November 16, 2022

      Your only choice is modding, and voila the mod exists already for that.

  13. S SerikaG November 16, 2022

    Will there be some interesting mechanism or massive workforce needed like tourists/investors/scholars?As we known tourists bring new workforce needed and residents buff,investors give influences and economics,scholars provide research points, and it seems that artistas doesnt bring something like that. Which means After unlock all artistas’ buildings there will be no reason to build more since most building only require jornaleros & obreros workforces.
    Since there is no new item being introduced so far, could i expect something like swap origin workforces to new artista items and force require electricity?
    Can we expect the new world edition docklands (with no captain coming) or new world local department?
    Have to say NWR is fascinating and i still hoping it will rise more higher.After 3 years finally some evolution in the new world.Waiting next devblog!
    (and i still crying loud for season 5 or an major expansion!)

    • H Humility925 November 17, 2022

      It’s odd for tourists/investors/scholars to be in workforce, because basic all those type do not work at all, one just pleasant visitor, one is just invest money and making money without work, one is just study for personal gain, but may or may not aid to whole population/tech, ect. 2 of them just paid a big income, and one is simple gave reseach tech point, more or less, they don’t work like common labor/workforce. Farmer, Worker, artisans, engineers make sense to be part of workforce. but not tourist/investor/scholars as due different role.

      • H Humility925 November 17, 2022

        I forgot, Investor proved influence as well, so they had own used and different class.

        • S SerikaG November 17, 2022

          yeah, but investors is a crucial part of the anno economic cycle, which is the final consumer of all buffs/products/target.Mean while artistas only serve a small role in their own cycle.Which means you wouldnt get benefit from building more artistas.While jornaleros & obreros provides more goods to consume which means more investors, tourists provide more tower/resteraunts and scholars produce more card.
          Im pretty happy to see new world evolution. However, if there is no workforce swap item or special mechanism, the major part of NW will still be jornaleros & obreros.Which i definitely wont like that.

  14. F FHackner November 16, 2022

    The concept art of the artista residences is far superior to the 3D end result, as they were wall-to-wall buildings like the engineers and investors. It looked so much better, and also would make more sense, since the artista residence supposedly houses, through basic needs alone, up to 40 residences, double that of obreros.

  15. d daber996 November 16, 2022

    Wow, I am in love with the cultural concept of the new class, I’m so happy it isn’t just some NW investor replacement! The flavor sounds sooo cool – never was I expected this much, nice job taking this game out with a ‘Bang’ and I can’t wait to hear about the next project eventually.

  16. H Hannover8 November 16, 2022

    This is so exciting!! Thanking all the Anno1800 team for coming up with the best DLC for the game!
    The new Artistas buildings look awesome! And so does the beach, new productions, the rest!

    Can’t wait!! ^^

  17. H Humility925 November 16, 2022

    Awesome, Thank you Anno Team.

  18. s screg95 November 15, 2022

    Scooter ? en 1800……. n’importe quoi

  19. S Sethy9 November 15, 2022

    Cow + Electricity = Milk ?
    Isn’t that animal cruelty?

    • c chetkowa November 16, 2022

      Let us hope it is for pasteurizing or/and milking machines and not some nasty cow tortur. 😉

      • d daber996 November 16, 2022

        yeah, I was thinking refrigeration or something.

  20. D DogenKigen November 15, 2022

    Love the new population tier, Artistas. Very cool vibe!

  21. J JediiPL November 15, 2022

    Hello, looks great but I have a few questions.
    1. Will this expansion make you have to restart the game or not.
    2. Is this area a change to the existing (New World) or do we get a new area on the world map as was the case with (Old World).
    3. If the old area is also left, or what was shown at the end of the movie with islands, it is true that the rivers have been liquidated and new trading posts are appearing.
    4. I have a request to improve the roads built on the beaches so that I can change their appearance myself, I mean that the road goes next to the cobbled buildings, overlaps the beaches and changes, then when we return to land, it returns cobbled.

    Witam zapowiada się super ale ma kilka pytań.
    1. Czy to rozszerzenie sprawi że trzeba będzie zaczynać grę na nowo czy nie.
    2. Czy ten obszar jest zmianą istniejącego (Nowego Świata) czy otrzymujemy na mapie świata nowy obszar tak jak to było w przypadku (Starego Świata).
    3. Jeśli stary obszar też zostaje to czy to co było w filmie pod koniec pokazane z wyspami to prawda że rzeki zostały zlikwidowane i pojawiają się nowe placówki handlowe.
    4. Mam prośbę o poprawieniu drug budowanych na plażach by samemu móc zmieniać ich wygląd chodzi mi oto że droga idzie koło budynków brukowana nachodzi na plaże i zmienia się po czym jak znów odbijamy na ląd wraca brukowana.

    • J JediiPL November 15, 2022


      My point is that, for example, in such a case (photo) the road could have one type (set by us) and not imposed, which spoils the appearance a bit of aesthetics.

      Chodzi mi o to aby na przykład w takim przypadku (zdjęcie) droga mogła mieć jeden typ (ustawiony przez nas) a nie narzucony co trochę estetyki psuje z wyglądu.

    •   Ubi-Thorlof November 18, 2022

      Hey JediiPL,

      1. You will not need to start a new game. The map expansion can be integrated into existing savegames
      2. Your existing New World region will get bigger, more on this in our DevBlog next week
      3. The new islands we created have less rivers than the “normal” islands. Additionally, we will also add variants without any rivers to the game.
      4. I get what you mean, but I’m afraid, we’re currently not planning to do any changes to the harbour roads – sorry.

  22. L Louka___ November 15, 2022

    will the beach be available in the old world, make it available !!! plz

    •   Ubi-Thorlof November 18, 2022

      The beach ornaments will also be available in the Old World, yes 🙂

      • H Humility925 November 18, 2022

        Awsome! Thank Ubi-Thorlof!

  23. N Nox.Obscura November 15, 2022

    Can’t wait for the new DLC! So Hyped! Thank you so much Ubi! ❤️

  24. S Sword16Sword November 15, 2022

    Will be patch with the new DLC ?

    • M MaxaryKo November 16, 2022

      How else do you expect to get the update?

      • S Sword16Sword November 17, 2022

        I mean the fix patch to continue quest quest chain “A Trifling Matter”

        •   Ubi-Thorlof November 18, 2022

          This issue should get fixed with the upcoming update, yes.

        • M MaxaryKo November 21, 2022

          Sorry, looks like I misunderstood your comment


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