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Jump aboard the Anno Union

The Anno Union sets sail and we need you in Anno’s new community initiative.

Join the team at Ubisoft Blue Byte here in picturesque Mainz in the creation of Anno 1800. Get the latest news, development insights, behind the scenes content and help us shape the future of the franchise, as we regularly invite gamers to share their feedback, vote on features, create content and test the game during its development.

You are not only at the right place to get all Anno 1800 information and updates to come, we also will actively look out for your input in order to use the vast knowledge of our Anno Union member to shape and test our game. Our most dedicated and active Anno Union member will get the chance to play the game as early as 2017, one year before our release.

While there is still a vast ocean to cross before the release, we decided to invite you early. We want to create the ultimate Anno experience together, because your passion is what always drove us. With the long history of the Anno franchise, taking the next step side by side with our veteran players and new strategy fans alike was the logical step to create the game both we and our fans want.

Keep in mind that all the material we will share in the upcoming weeks and months are of a game in a very early development state. We are currently in so called Pre-Alpha and with upcoming blogs, we will update you on the current state of the game as well as explaining what the lifecycle of a game in development actually means.

More details will follow soon, so keep a keen and sharp eye on new content on the Anno Union and jump right away in our comment section to share your thoughts, questions and ideas!




  1. j junonorth December 20, 2017

    I think your whole ” ANNO Union “approach to game building is brilliant and I want to complement your people for this approach. It is refreshing that a company actually believes that they don’t know everything and are willing to put it out there and seek input. I also respect that this is a great way to build anticipation and introduce a product, excellent marketing.

    • A Anno Community Team December 21, 2017

      Thanks, Junonorth. We realize that a lot of our fans have tons of great ideas for Anno too, so including them only felt natural.

  2. m me-hoo August 30, 2017

    Im super excited to hear you’re going back to the 1800’s.

    • G God_of_Undead September 13, 2017

      Я большой фанат игр ANNO! Надеюсь новая ваша игра будет как всегда на высоте!!!

  3. t teasercat August 30, 2017

    I have been a fan since 1602 and have played all games, with the exception of the last one. I really enjoy campaigns/scenarios. Overcoming challenges is a lot of fun. While setting my own challenges in Dawn of Discovery was great for long term play time, shorter goal centered challenges are very interesting. The Anno series has been my all-time favourite game! Thank you.

  4. e eroark79 August 26, 2017

    I am the owner of ALL the Ubisoft Anno games starting with 1602. These games are AWESOME!!!!!! I would love to be in the Alpha and Beta testing phases of the game. I cannot wait til this one is released

  5. m meebeebee August 26, 2017

    Just another note in praise of Anno 1404 – the score was amazing, probably my favourite from any videogame, because it was both symphonic and lyrical. Whoever wrote that score, please bring him back for Anno 1800 🙂

  6. B BTU_Natas August 25, 2017

    Hi There,

    I am a huge day one fan of these games. And i would like to see a few minor changes but that would have great impact for me when playing an anno game.

    As an sandbox game enthusiast, id like to see unlimited storage and unlimited ships.
    When you get past the 100.000 inhabitants in a game like Anno1404 it becomes a hassle and to much of a struggle. Please address these issues.

    Good luke making yet another great game!

  7. W WilsonK170 August 24, 2017

    I played every single anno game there is to play. Combine the multiple Scenarious of 2205, with the gameplay of 2070/1404. Be aware that doing a better game than 1404 is going to be really hard, since it was the best game to date. And please, consider building around a “happy atmosphere” once again. This makes the game not boring. Im really excited, please dont dissapoint me :C

  8. L Lord.Roke August 24, 2017

    I got so excited when reading about the announcement of Anno 1800, it is a pity that it is over a year until the release. The list of features the game will have already reads like my personal wish list for a new Anno, so I am really looking forward to it. I really hope you will be able to combine the best of 1701, 2070 and 2205 in a single game.

    • p philriggin August 27, 2017

      I read on Game Spot that “Winter” means first quarter 2018. So not too far off!

  9. A Anymn August 24, 2017

    Good to see that our opinion’s matter! I’m very curious to a new edition of the Anno series, and looking forward to it.

  10. D D.Verhoef August 24, 2017

    Hello, Blue Byte!

    I have this idea:
    What i would like to see is that you Can customise your ships, even the Tinyest bit, like choose the colour, or select an engine based on the speed And cost. And just Being able to choose colour for anything would be great! And something else. Can you Please combine the would generator of 1404 or 2070 And the multiple worlds of 2205. Those features would be my favourite!

    If someone at Blue Byte reads this, Will you Please reply And let me know What you think?

    Dylan Verhoef:
    13 years old.

  11. i ilusander2112 August 22, 2017

    Hi, I like to play board games, because they are strategic, challenging and different every time. The same feeling I have with Anno. I played anno from 1701 until now anno 2205.
    I am very curious how you can stop the feeling, experience from anno 2205’s in anno 1800. How does the world look like. You can be in different places? Etc.
    I hope I can support you.


  12. p peyoangelov August 22, 2017

    I am a huge fan of Anno. Since i have a pc i have been playing that game , i didn’t realize how difficulte its to create so massive project, but now after I started to learn JAVA EE I really appreciate our awsome work.
    I hope one day to be a part of that great team ! Thank you to all of you 🙂


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