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DevBlog: Naval Combat

We hope that you like our brief look into the new naval combat feature in Anno 1800. Please be aware that the content shown is from the latest development version of the game and as we are still in Alpha state, it does not represent the quality of the final product.
The feature, as demonstrated in the video, was not part of the Technical Test version and was fully captured in-game. We are still working with full force to bring you a great Anno 1800 experience at launch and therefore, there will be more updates and Devblogs to look forward to until February 26th.

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To give you a direct follow up on that matter, we will provide further insides on Anno 1800’s naval combat and answers to some of your questions in the next episode of our AnnoCast livestream, going live next week Thursday, December 13th at 4.30pm CET on twitch.tv/ubisoftbluebyte

We are looking forward to your feedback and questions in the comment section below.




  1. v varunraj417 January 23, 2019

    sir will the game have the day and night mode?
    FOR NAVAL COMBAT I HAVE SUGESSTION :the weather in the seas will not be always calm so i would like you to implement thunderstorms ,heavy rains causing damage to the fleet etc.

  2. S Steeve2PO December 12, 2018

    Was ich mag: Gute Musik, beeindruckender Gefechtssound, schöne Linienschiffe, Mörser.
    Was ich mir wünsche: Bessere Animation von Explosionen, umherfliegende Trümmer, differenzierte Zerstörung und dadurch Manövrieereinschränkung, spezielle Mörserschiffe, mehr historische Realität.

  3. M Mapster8600 December 10, 2018

    So, just for confirmation:
    Your ships are faster, because they have sails and the wind is in your favor, while the battleships are not (or less) affected by wind, because they are motorized ?

  4. K Katje-Katrien December 9, 2018

    I like the animations of the Big Bertha.
    I also like that you can build extra defenses while under attack.
    It’ s a positive improvement.

    What I missed was the morale bar of your own island or the happiness impact on your own population.
    I would like to see that in the upcoming livestream?
    The morale bar is a nice feature. I love the new UI/HUD more and more.

    I choose to take the shares of the Island, so I get the money. And see what’s happens next.
    I like to see this also in the upcoming livestream?

    I am already looking forward to the next stream.

  5. B Barracuda1955 December 9, 2018

    I feel we should have an option to turn battles off. Maybe set it up in the start where you decide how you want to play the game.

  6. S SirDavidFirst December 8, 2018

    And the other thing was using which was used were sunken ships and fire ships.

  7. S SirDavidFirst December 8, 2018

    Re: banan1996.1996, a strategy for, if there mortars and torpedos, there should be air balloons that can be put up in minutes like in world one and two to stop airplanes and can also be used to stop mortars, and if we are talking about torpedos, there are naval mines just under the water to sink ships and torpedos, also there should be anti-steel nets to stop torpedos hitting the harbour they were used in the 1800s?

    • b banan1996.1996 December 8, 2018

      Now you overcomplicate things xd Anno 1800 doesn’t reach the World Wars so no airplanes should be in the game. Also it’s not solely about war so we don’t need a special counter for every weapon like you mention for torpedos.
      Combat isn’t a crucial part of Anno for me, I am all about building. That’s why I am just a bit worried about certain abilities being overpowered.

      • S SirDavidFirst December 8, 2018

        sorry if you think I love wars I don’t, I am just saying they had countermeasures in the 18th century, they had anti-weapons, re anti-steel nets, pull across harbors that would stop torpedos and air balloons which could stop mortars, it just feel unfair that the enemy can have these, when they were not used until 1st world war?

        • b banan1996.1996 December 8, 2018

          Well, mortars and torpedos were available in 19th century, I am not sure about the countermeasures though. But I don’t know much about the history of military equipment so I might be wrong. In my opinion nothing that appeared after 1900 should be in the game as it’s supposed to cover only the 19th century.

          • S SirDavidFirst December 8, 2018

            Torpedo net – Wikipedia
            Torpedo nets were a passive ship defensive device against torpedoes. They were in common use from the 1890s until the Second World War. They were superseded by the anti-torpedo bulge and torpedo belts. … Bullivant developed not only steel torpedo nets but also steel booms to suspend them from ships. In 1888.

            Bomb vessel – Wikipedia
            Bomb vessels attacking Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore. A bomb vessel, bomb ship, bomb ketch, or simply bomb was a type of wooden sailing naval ship. Its primary armament was not cannons (long guns or carronades)—although bomb vessels carried a few cannons for self-defence—but mortars mounted … Five such vessels were used to shell Algiers in 1682 destroying the land.

  8. b banan1996.1996 December 8, 2018

    I like that naval battles can be a bit strategic now, position of some ships can be important. I would like to see relevant information in shipyards about which direction a ship can attack. I still think that combat will be about quantity and quality of ships but it’s nice to see some addition of strategy.

    How much damage do mortars and torpedos do? It wasn’t in the item description and these kinds of stats are important to know.

    I am a bit concerned because of these torpedos. It feels a bit too easy to destroy an oil harbour without getting attacked. And without oil harbour the island has literally no electricity. And is it actually impossible to rebuild it while being under attack? It wasn’t explained at all. Having no time to take care of it? There is no such thing as no time if it might require just clicking a few buttons. It was possible to build new cannons so why not rebuild the oil harbour? Please explain it to me during the stream.

    I think that the range of coastal defences is bigger than the range of all warships? I hope I’m right, that’s how it should be in my opinion.

    Big Bertha turned so quickly to attack this small ship, it should take a few more seconds to change the position of such a huge cannon.

    As MinneIceCube said it would be better if we can conquer an island while leaving all buildings on it. I think that after claiming an island buildings shouldn’t be destroyed, a lot of them could change into ruins and population happiness and taxes could be drastically lowered for a certain time after the war.

    If I choose the shares can I later claim this island for me if I want? Or is this decision permanent?

    If all buildings are to be destroyed I will never claim an island unless I really need its resources. It’s stupid to suddenly get an empty island when it was full of buildings just a second ago.

    • K Kiwigewitter December 11, 2018

      I agree that it is strange that every building is destroyed. But otherwise it is just to strong. If one player out of four equally matched players conquers only ONE island, the game is instantly decided.

      I like your idea, that the buildings change into ruins. I suppose something like
      – 70-90 % of building becoming ruins (The rest is destroyed).
      – The population flees the island and only a handful of farmers stay. (= population buildings get downgraded)
      – The fleeing population takes half of all goods with them.

  9. S SirDavidFirst December 8, 2018

    it looks good, I have a question about the new beginner players, could we have a timer on starting a war with other players or AI’s, it gives new players a chance to build up to be able to build better ships?

    I’m more into building better and nice cities, jumping from one island to another, but if I wanted to fight an AI when ready I can do so.

  10. R Rfeuk December 8, 2018

    I think harbor cannons should be more powerful.

  11. M MMateos19 December 8, 2018

    I’m soy hyped with this new video. On it we can see the feedback that we report during the alpha test. The best thing is that every boat could have an special skill, like the ones shown in the video. Maybe the small ships could be fast for a short period of time or things like that? Of course you have lots of ideas by now.
    Maybe you can negotiate the peace before attacking an island, or maybe there could be special buildings for the defense of the coastal fortification! To my mind, this kind of events (attacking an island) should be very rare, and instead try to reach an agreement before attacking, and that is where the diplomacy should play the biggest part (but also having the right to destroy everything at your way).
    Also, I thought that this kind of actions should have a high impact on the game. It has been this way in all Anno games. You attack someone and you get or loose reputation with the different AI players depending on their values, but it would be awesome if there could be some organization that brings all together, similar to an United Nations organizations, with much more impact on the diplomacy. Imagine the role that it could play in the game. They could ban you from attacking an island, and of course you could not listen to this ban (with bad consequences for you).
    One more thing. The stock market in Anno 2205 is one of the best characteristics in all the Anno saga for me. Will we have news of it again for this game? Or the shares of stock of islands in Anno 2070 that allowed you have an economic war with you neighbors and you could buy their islands.

  12. M MinneIceCube December 8, 2018

    It would be rather nice (And realistic. And Convenient.) if you could conquer the island while keeping all the buildings, with perhaps a temporary penalty to the global island happiness for a decent chunk of time. While i know Anno is all about, in the words of NsN, “Crushing your opponent with pure economic might” A military option to accruing new resources does sound nice, and might be a fun pastime to endless production chains. Because, lets all admit it, it does get tedious at times. Fun, But tedious.

    And yes, i do know some wont like it. So, perhaps make it a toggle-able feature in the game creation?

  13. T Twidlledee December 7, 2018

    Will it be possible to use ships as bait as in other titles. In 1701 you could beat the queen’s fleet by using a small warship as bait and sending it in circles and causing all of her ships to keep spinning around trying to target it. Obviously the steam ships have gun turrets, but the cannon ships are a different matter

  14. B BlueBreath December 7, 2018

    Was just about to ask you why you didn’t post the blog yet :P.
    Nice customizing options for the ships and
    good to see that you can build stuff while under siege. Big Betty shots “look” dodgeable with a good micro. Maybe some torpedoes items can be adapted to use in the harbor buildings also?

    Finally to answer your question from the video, I would take the island if I’d get a full warehouse (that includes items) and at least half the buildings intact. Else probably I would take the shares.

  15. K Kubustion December 7, 2018

    Will the aborters or theft of raw materials be available?
    And will it be possible to steal raw materials from the port after it has been conceived?


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