The secrets behind Cosmetic DLC 14

Greetings, fellow Annoholic!

I see you have deciphered my message and found your way to this secret corner of the Anno Union.

But please, this is still very much a secret and no one else has these information yet, so, I have to be careful with what I’m saying. But I got juicy information on the theme for the next Cosmetic DLC. Had to hide it a bit, however, so that they don’t catch on to me.

So, watch the few video clips I managed to capture, that should help you!

Have you figured it out? I’m sorry I can’t be more specific just yet and also have to keep my identity secret – they’re keeping an eye on me.

I’ll be back next year with more, when things have quieted down!

Want more? There is more!

I’ve got something fer you to fiddle with, arguable my greatest invention to date.

Just give me another day or two and I’ll show ye.


We hammered something out.

There you go! I told you I’d give you special treatment.

Isn’t always easy to get things past the Queen’s censors but I think you can see what it’s all about.

Ignore that blue thing on the right, it’s another project I’m working on. Might be ready in 2070 or something…


Would you look at that!

Hah, I know I said I’ trying to keep a low profile but I suppose you figured it out by now: It’s me, Old Nate!

Anyway, I’m rambling… let me show you my newest inventions in the last stages of testing. She used to be a wreck (that was part of the testing, of course!), but you’d never guess. Hopefully the water won’t gush in like the only other time I tested it…

Being a prototype, I will ask you to sign a waiver for yer life before you use it. If anything’s happened, I’m not liable.

(Ah, and those new Investor residences… exquisite!)