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Vote for the next cosmetic DLC

Hey Anno Community,

it has been a while since we ran our last Anno Union vote— high time to do so again! This time we want your input on the topic of our next Cosmetic DLC Pack, giving you the choice between three themes. Once the voting ends, we will begin development on the new content, which we plan to cover with blogs on the Anno Union to show you how the Union’s chosen topic comes to live.

So, what exactly is a “Cosmetic Pack”? As you know, we released the Holiday Pack last December, giving you the option to turn your cities festive with an assortment of Christmas-themed ornaments such as Christmas Market stalls. While many of you loved the Pack, we also received a lot of feedback that if we were to do another such pack, you would prefer to have something a bit more general that you can proudly display in your empire all-year-round. You also provided us with many suggestions about potential themes, which inspired us to turn the decision about the next pack’s theme over to you, the faithful Anno Union members.

More precisely, we plan to release the pack this Summer, at a price of 4,99€/$, which will include between 15-20 ornaments, with the exact number depending on the theme and scope (with the Ferris wheel, for example, being a lot more work than two smaller ornaments). This pack will be a standalone purchase, and not part of the Season 2 Pass. While ornaments and beauty building are super important for parts of our community, we also know that others don’t care for them as much, so we think that having these packs as à la carte purchase outside the Season Passes is the best way to give our players maximum flexibility over their Anno 1800 experience. Enough on that— here are your options! Please note that all content below is cosmetic and will not change Anno 1800’s gameplay.

“Bustling City Life”: Build playgrounds, coffee and ice cream kiosks, and similar novelties.

Trip to the Big Top”: Have the Circus come to town whenever you feel like it!

“A Day at the Amusements”: Open an astounding amusement park for your citizens to revel in.

Of course, all of us on the Anno 1800 Team have our own favorites that we are crossing fingers for, and we can’t wait to see which theme will emerge as the community’s favorite! Voting will run for two weeks and end on Thursday, May 14th at 11:59pm CET. Happy voting, and stay safe!


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  1. Y Yatto_redwings March 9, 2021

    i mean it make sense that you have to keep your city clean because as it becomes buslting metropolis player would have to worry about sanitation and stuff like that also make the hospital more fun and make education for your citzen to improve technology in your city

  2. Y Yatto_redwings March 8, 2021

    Maybe you can also focus a bit on the combat make it interesting

  3. Y Yatto_redwings March 8, 2021

    can you please focus on the mechanics of hospital like maybe in order for you to cure a disease you maybe need to reaserch it first and once you dicovered the cure you have to set up a production for it and mabye you can add pandemics and epidemics in this game and the player would have to make tough choices during these times like close trade in order for the pandemic not to spread and maybe if your citizens are well educated you can unlock factories and it will also make you handle the pandemic better and as your city becomes bigger you’ll need efficent ways to keep it clean like sanitations to prevent your citizens from getting sick and also it would be better if employed citizen are richer than unemployed.

    Also I voted for bustling city.

  4. G GiantMountain101 May 16, 2020

    I think it would be more correct to give each of the cosmetic packages in the next dlc version, whichever is given, the rating will be more correct. or it would be better if you give it all

  5. 7 76561198338319457 May 14, 2020

    Good morning all !
    I also agree with many comments here. I think it would be a good idea to have all of the cosmetic DLCs in the game. This would be a good addition for our cities and a variety of additional construction, and even more gameplay.

    Thank you very much and be careful!

  6. b borisar5116 May 13, 2020

    I voted for Bustling City Life, albeit I wouldn’t mind all of them.
    It is my dream to one day recreate perhaps just a glimmer of Viennese beauty, of Josephian and Victorian jewel of Central Europe. Even if the whole aesthetics of Anno 1800 leans towards British Victorian gothic style, I still can to some extent recreate Vienna by using correct decorations and positioning. I would love to get Coffe and Tea houses as decorations. Vienna was the site of first coffee house and these places of socialising and modernity were paramount to development of Victorian Austrian culture, culture that defines us till this day. We must be able to make our cities bustling, live and true epitomes of Victorian beauty first and foremost, before we add any amusement parks and circuses.

  7. 7 76561198058181557 May 13, 2020

    A cosmetic thing I would truly love is a Marketplace update option. What can be more suited in Anno 1800 than a Royal Exchange building to be updated from the farmers country market?
    Something that would fit perfectly in a “Bustling City Life” DLC.

  8. 7 76561197995961551 May 13, 2020

    Would love to have a Boardwalk amusement park that can build out into the Unused harbour space. Ferris wheel out on the pier and not just as a cosmetic for the old world session.
    Loving all of your work. Thank you!!

  9. f fscosta2014 May 11, 2020

    Hello Everyone!

    I just want to say that I do agree with many comments here. I do think it would be a nice idea to have all of the cosmetic DLC on the game. Why not? I will definitely buy them all and I think many gamers will do so. I think it will be a great addition to the game because I do sometimes have the feeling that the of lack of building variety in the game makes it a bit monotonous at times.
    Since City Live and Amusement Parks DLCs are neck to neck in this contest I don’t think the developers should let people from one or another group down. However, if you decide to go with all of them (I’m crossing my fingers!) please, please, don’t put animals in cages or in chains in the Circus DLC. I will really appreciate it!
    Finally I also agree with one commentator regarding the possibility of making a larger variety of nature items available in the game such as different trees, flowers, bushes… etc.
    Another thing that I think would be nice on the game would be extending the variety of existing buildings in terms of colors and/or textures or maybe the creation of different options like a nice library, a cathedral, post office and perhaps stores that could integrate the engineers/investor residential building blocks making the overall look of these blocks a bit less homogeneous.

    Well, that all folks! Thank you for the great job so far!

    • l leeliah May 11, 2020

      I agree on every single thing you wrote

    • 7 76561198442502573 May 12, 2020

      Absolutely agree with every word. Please do make more cosmetic DLC’s. And it would be great if all 3 of this would be released. Although for me on the first place are “A day at the Amusements” and “Bustling City Life”. And it was hard to decide between them.

    • 7 76561197995961551 May 13, 2020

      This would be my vote too.

  10. 1 10207744719096348 May 8, 2020

    Ready to buy as much additions as you can to offer.

    I love to make each city unique in its layout. And what I need for it is more and more regular city objects!

    When I build city I experiment with not effectivenes of city cervices but with more natural and interesting layouts. 2×6 blocks is a rare thing in my cities.

    Also I dreaming of “natural” cosmetic pack – with beautiful trees and flowers, simple bench on a grass and so on, coz my rural parts of city lucks decor.

    Love this game and all of you – the developers and gamers that shares this love with me!

  11. 7 76561198230590416 May 8, 2020

    In later game all residential houses look the same. It would be great to customize buildings (or just colors at least). THAT will be cosmetic DLC ^^ Im sure everyone bored of similar clone-houses. Please, may be 2-3 types to choose? It’s unreal for city to consist of 500 similar buildings. If it’s not soviet union 🙂

    All the options doesn’t look quite attractive to me. Voted for Bustling City Life.

  12. P Pajaro_Muerto May 7, 2020

    I chose Bustling City Life because it’s little shops, big shops, playgroungs and such are more versatile to incorporate in every of our cities. A kiosk may fit in a park as well as in between investor houses 🙂 They could probably be mixed and matched in squares with other fountains and statues and such, or maybe made into a small commercial market, along with the newspaper kiosk and some Christmas marker stalls.

    The Circus and Amusement park ornaments are more likely to just be used all close to each other only in a set rectangular area, like Botanical Gardens and Zoos.

    Please make them in both grass-surround and tile-surround versions!

    • 1 10207744719096348 May 8, 2020

      +1 for grass and tile versions!

  13. H Humility925 May 7, 2020

    I do not understand, why not all? Why limited to one of them when you could work on all 3 and then people might bought all of it as long as it’s good, and not cause any bug, that is.

    I do understand voting might useful if there is total difference themes, but this is not difference themes, but it’s seem all similar that should be part together, rather.

  14. F FabLau May 6, 2020

    That was a tough one ! Every single one of them looks wonderful and could be a very great addition to this awesome game.
    Developpers are doing some amazing work to keep this game more and more beautiful. I must say : Guys ! You’re doing it really well ! Keep going and thank you so much for your hard work.

    I have only one question : will it be possible to have more pictures of the dlc packs as loading screens ?

  15. 7 76561198033174447 May 6, 2020

    I want ot buy all of three in one pack . Maybe 12 dollars for all of them or 5 dollars for each, Who wants, will buy the complete pack. Who not, will buy only one of them.

    So, hard to decide. I vote for circus, It will be good for my city.

  16. 7 76561198051009134 May 5, 2020

    will the game ever be able to support Portuguese subtitles?

    • B BB_CR May 6, 2020

      Hey, we do not have any plans to have additional languages added to the game. Desculpa!

  17. K Katje-Katrien May 5, 2020

    Hello everyone,

    This is a difficult one. Like many others I would like to see them all in the game. 🙂
    But we can only vote for one.

    The Holiday Pack has not much variation for Christmas Market stall. But I enjoyed it a lot. So I think that “Bustling City Life” will be a nice combination.
    I love to see the coffee and ice cream kiosks in my game.
    But “A Day at the Amusements” will also be a nice addition to my city.
    A circus comes and goes like my city grows.
    So yes it is a difficult choice to make.

    So I vote for the “Bustling City Life”



  18. H Humblef0x May 4, 2020

    Bustling City Life is difinitely my favourite followed by the circus.
    The first one can be integrated into your entire city/cities and the circus comes and goes. It adds a part of life to your island which I now somewhat miss e.g. the may tree in 1404.

    The circus should not be build on tiles, but on grass, making it perfect for gipsies and animal trailers on the side. A perfect fit for farmers and worker class towns and cities.

  19. A Aceman_1984 May 4, 2020

    I agree that all should be released eventually.

  20. k kuzenqures May 3, 2020

    I think 1st and 3rd should be bundled into one and add +5$ to it

  21. 7 76561198048694199 May 3, 2020

    All three sound great of course! I prefer Bustling City Life for it would fit more easily in most of the cities as small ornaments here and there. The two others would more likely require a single, wider place to create a significant park/circus. But any of those DLC would be wonderful. (and why not all of them on the long run?)

    Other cosmetics ideas I would love to see:
    – some ornaments to put in docks (especially a lighthouse), since we have currently limited options to arrange the seashores
    – more country-side ornaments, as I often run short of idea to decorate my peasant villages and their surroundings (I remember being jealous of Tilda Jorgensen’s horse paddocks in Anno 2070). Can’t wait to see what Bright Harvest DLC will bring though.

    Talking about other DLC, will those ornaments be compatible with any map? (they seem somewhat inappropriate for The Passage’s map for instance) Will there be in a (distant) future new map-specific ornaments?

    Anyway, best regards and thank you very much for all your work.

  22. R Rasfer6 May 3, 2020

    They all look/sound wonderful. I would pay for all three. Can you please make that an option? 🙂
    Keep up the great work team!

  23. r rejoice2012 May 3, 2020

    Wouldn’t mind to have all three of them~Just joking! But what I do wanna say is that Anno 1800 is a great game and I absolutely love it. Please keep up the good work!!!

  24. l leeliah May 1, 2020

    If two packs get equally voted would you consider making them both available? 😉

  25. s sniperNZSAS May 1, 2020

    Would love CIty Life, but would also love Amusement Park. Can we have both?

  26. 7 7e634f3cb20e4049a2a37b720599606a April 30, 2020

    I love 3 of them. I hope you could add at least the 2 most voted in the game… It would give life in the city.

  27. M MyLittlePiglet April 30, 2020

    I would easily pay for all of them. Please take my moneyy!!

  28. m mrmajkl April 30, 2020

    What a fantastic surprise and I cannot praise developers of Anno 1800 enough 🙂 You are definitely best game developers on the market nowadays! You proved it since the start of Anno Union in 2017 and you keep going in 2020 I feel even more! I am thankful for so much high quality content you are putting into this game based on players wishlist. This title deserves it so much, this time you got it right and you have it guys completely under control and I hope you will keep continuing like this for long future as well because I think it would be pity to head out for the next Anno tittle if the community will be still eager enjoying more of Anno 1800!
    And now…haha.. I think you are putting yourself into trouble here 🙂 because I really want them all – as many others commented here as well 🙂
    It was hard to vote to be honest but I had to close both eyes and go for Bustling City Life just for one reason – I think it gives us more “universal” option to spread ornaments across towns, cities in all sessions while with Circus or Amusement is more about “local” placement…. but..
    …All of them are unique and all would be fantastic addition to the game!

    Thank you sooooo much and be safe!

  29. T Thorgias April 30, 2020

    These are all nice concepts. More beautification is always nice! As said previously, I didn’t buy the christmas bundle because it was too temporarly to place them.

    But what I really would like are optional reskins for ships so you can have some different looking ships ingame. So you can even use this to sort/group your ships.

    What also would be nice is more character customisation options. Like some non existing player characters just too choose for your playing character.
    Maybe even add a secondary colour to choose from so your emblem and ships, sails, coat of arms stand more out.

    But anyway, keep up the great work!

    Kindest regards,

  30. F FerudaFarstaria April 29, 2020

    I really like the idea and concept potentials for all of them. But if I am to chose one. It will have to be the Amusement Park. I have fond memories of going to festivals and amusement parks as a child. One still happens in our city each year here in Canada. It is called the Rotery Rib Festival. Which I gladly attend each year. It starts in the early summer in our town and then it tours across the Province of Ontario all summer long. Featuring Ribbers from Canada and the USA as they compete for awards and trophies. While there is a carnival/amusement that also travels with it. I really like it and the amusement theme. So my vote goes to the Amusement Park.

    Unfortunately due to Covid19 it has been canceled this year. So there will be no rib fest this year. However should the Carnival Pack win the vote, I might organize my own Rib Festival in my city Crown Riverfalls. That would be nice.

    Great concepts. Thank you again ANNO Developers for a great game and content! Keep up the great work and stay healthy! 🙂


  31. D Divreus April 29, 2020

    Oh, well, that’s a no-brainer. Hopefully we can build a boardwalk as well.

  32. G GlossyGem April 29, 2020

    I would love to see all 3 of them!

  33. I Iro_LeRokh April 29, 2020

    I want all of them ! I really wish to see my citizen living and thriving

  34. U UnsealedBrute76 April 29, 2020

    I think all of them would be great but I do love a good cup of coffee so let’s start with that.

  35. 1 109726779744149447092 April 29, 2020

    what about develop all of them cause all of them are unique

  36. j jimbom14 April 29, 2020

    Great stuff – was hoping for more standalone cosmetic packs!

    I would greedily want all of these in game so I am hoping there might be another pack released during season 2 but realise there is plenty of content already on the horizon!

    Is there any more detail you could provide on each pack so we can better imagine what they would include?

    Enjoying all the new content so far in 2020!!


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