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Vote: Community Island

Annoholics have discussed the art of island design since the dawn of the Anno series. With our Anno Union island contest, we put your knowledge, design skills and creativity to the test to create a truly community-shaped island for Anno 1800. You impressed us with almost 100 entries to the contest, ranging from well thought gameplay concepts to the craziest playgrounds.

It was far from easy for us to make the final selection. Over the last weeks, our team went through every single entry and finally, we have a list for the five islands competing in the next Anno Union vote.

And the finalists are:

We liked VulcanixFR’s entry especially because of the well thought out mix between bigger and smaller construction spaces. With its opposing beaches, this island offers an iconic vista to build an interesting harbor installation.

The natural form of this island convinced our team. Hills, beaches and rivers are well placed and come together in a harmonious overall concept. The arrangement of the construction site and the fascinating landslide in the south create an interesting hotspot.

This islands got our attention because of its unique shape. The narrow parts of the island offer a great challenge for city builder and the jagged hills surrounding the bay add an adventurous element to it.

The crazy idea to use the hat from the Anno 1602 cover was creative and humorous, while the nice curves and long cliffs offer a great challenge for Annoholics.

We liked this isle for its simple form, providing ample space for huge cities. The high plateau in the north allows you to play around with the new uneven terrain of Anno 1800, which creates a great gameplay twist on a simple concept.

It’s now up to you, the members of the Anno Union, to decide which entry will make it into the game, as the first community created Anno island. We will further provide frequent updates about the state of the community island, including its creation up to all the final details. Keep in mind that we might need to change a few things, though we will be faithful to the general concept, feel and shape of the winning island.

Thanks to every single participating in the contest, putting so much effort and thought into all these glorious creations. If you want to browse through all great community entries again, you can do so here:
Island Contest entries international 
Island Contest entries German




  1. b banan1996.1996 March 21, 2018

    I voted for GmExpresso’s island. I love such big islands of a nice shape and that high plateau will definitely be amazing to build on. It just lacks a small river but maybe it’s actually better without it – more place to build a huge city!

  2. K Katje-Katrien March 18, 2018

    Well done everybody.
    It wasn’t easy to choose between MW.TRIBUN and GmExpresso.
    I’m sorry MW.TRIBUN but I voted for GmExpresso because it is a nice place to start and sit back, relax and enjoy. A huge space to try different layouts for a lovely big city.
    It would be nice to see both islands on the same map. Don’t you think? Maybe the second winner’s island can be in an expansion.

  3. H HominumPrinceps March 13, 2018

    It is possible to gave two or three islands?

  4. S SirDavidFirst March 13, 2018

    Hello, the GMExpresso map to me is a good started map to start your city, all beginners will love this map, and there more room for trains. love it weldone GMExpresso.

    • G GmExpresso March 13, 2018

      Thanks, actually its my dream island. I have always looked for a huge island for my main city. And i see that I’m not alone ^^

  5. j joseAnn2033 March 11, 2018

    and speaking of islands …
    why not make continents

      • j joseAnn2033 March 16, 2018

        yes, this could also encourage some kind of land war

  6. j joseAnn2033 March 11, 2018

    why not curvy roads? In anno 1800
    I think that although it is ok to maintain the tradition of the straight roads, the curves could add much more content when it comes to, for example, making towns and all that

  7. y yohann_449 March 11, 2018

    Hello, how voted? just leave a comment here?

  8. M MW.TRIBUN March 9, 2018

    Hi all Annoholics ! It’s a great pleasure for me to figure into the selected entries. So many good maps have been creat !!!

    If you need just one reason to vote for my island => it’s the only one with a RIVER !!

    Hahaha, no seriously, thx a lot to all people who have vote for this map : that’s the right choice guys !! ;P

    • a ackrockboogie March 9, 2018

      That’s one of the reasons I voted for it bud (the river). Good job!

  9. D Dawnreaver March 8, 2018

    An interesting selection of entries for the poll. Well done to everyone that made it!

    If possible, I would be interested to get some constructive feedback about my entry. Not only as an Anno player, but also out of professional interest.

  10. o olblf March 8, 2018

    This question might have been asked before, but is Anno 1800 going to feature a day/night cycle and in that case, will it be like in Anno 2205 where it went on by itself, or will it be like in Anno 2070 DLC, where you changed the time of the day with the lighthouse?

  11. S Sting_McRay March 8, 2018

    May the best isle win 🙂 Nice islelands

  12. i iruet March 8, 2018

    WHat was wrong with Freeway’s island? I really liked that one (and it has old anno vibes for some 😀 )


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