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Union Update: A message to our community

In this week’s Community Update, we want to appreciate the driving force behind the Anno Union: You, our Fans and Union members who give us valuable feedback, support us and – not to forget – share your creative energy with us.

We were blown away by not only the amount of entries, but also by the many different creative takes on the contest such as letters, newspapers, stage plays and many more.
You might imagine that it was not easy for us to pick our three favorites out of so many great entries. And for that reason, we decided to honor five entries for the third and two entries for the second place. Our big “thanks” to everyone who participated and we hope that you enjoyed writing these entries as much as we enjoyed reading them.

Without further ado, congratulation to all the winners:

1st Place – Velerios1 1701 Collector’s Edition signed by the team
2nd Place – Aleera_Gorvan, Sermo2010 – Not exactly a surprise 1701 Goodiebag J
3nd Place– DiruKamachi, alleria.sb, Chris.666, Bellasinya, RayoOyar – A signed copy of a previous Anno game (we let you know between which games you can choose)
As mentioned, we will get in contact with you to sort out all the details.

And there is more to come this week: the next stage of our island contest, plus some mail from a visitor of our world fair exhibition.

Focus Test:
The first group of testers have been invited, so you can expect small updates about the playtests in the weeks to come. If you did not make it into the first test, no worries: we will have several tests throughout the year and will let the Union know when we are about to open new focus groups.

Anno Cast is returning March 15th
Our stream will finally return in 2018 with its first episode airing March 15th 4:30pm. As ongoing construction work in our studio forced us to move the streaming room temporarily, the scenery might look a little bit different. We will share more details about the show next week Monday!




  1. B Barracuda1955 July 19, 2019

    This sounds great. Great work guys. Cannot wait for the future dlc if they have good content as this. 🙂

  2. S Swimming-Paul March 6, 2018

    Congratulations to all the winners! And specially to Sermo2010, I don´t speak deutsch myself but that´s what I call a narrator´s voice, soothing and interesting. I loved every second of the audio track. What a pro! Well deserved to win! And I personally love that you mix english and german in your videos!

    •   Bastian Thun March 6, 2018

      For the future, our best case scenario would be a separate EN and DE version of a video or at least subtitles for everything. We plan to bring more video content throughout the year and that was a crazy idea as well as a first test, if you so will.

      • i iruet March 6, 2018

        The test was preformed really well, those subtitles are just a way to improve the video quality to the community ^^

  3. i iruet March 5, 2018

    I think it is a shame there are no English subtitles provided for the non-German speakers… I myself do have some knowledge of German, but it is not enough to fluently understand what has been said there. I like that you made this into a video format, it’s something else, and it allows us to have less reading (which I think is good). I would love to see more blogs like this, and if there is spoken in German, please provide English subtitles for the non German speakers!

    Keep up the good work!

    •   Bastian Thun March 6, 2018

      I totally agree, since the beginning of the year, our team is working with full force on the game but we wanted to free some time to make the announcement something special. We want to create more videos from now on and ideally plan to have a full DE as well as EN version. Rest assured that subtitles will be a minimum requirement for upcoming videos.

      • i iruet March 6, 2018

        Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate the work you put into this community and I am totally aware that adding subtitles will make it more work for you, but I believe it is an extra bit of professionalism which can make BB outstand the other companies 🙂

        Anyway I really appreciate that you took this feedback into consideration and say you will be adding it for future videos 🙂

  4. R RayoOyar March 5, 2018

    Wow, thank you so much! Super cool that you announced it with a video. I’m already looking forward to the next AnnoCast!

  5. m michelr1972 March 5, 2018

    Congrats to the winners ! Hope to be part of the tests soon … Keep up the good work mates !

  6. V Velerios1 March 5, 2018

    Good Lord, that was one of a wait worthy interview- it would suffice as a satisfying reward on its own!
    Congratulations for all the winners, and big thanks for the Anno Team for providing such an interesting event- can’t wait to see Your favorite islands as well.
    It’s a shame though, that my German language skills are not sufficient to understand much from the spoken story entry- but will definitely try to one day.


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