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Ferris Wheels and Twitch Drops

Over the coming weekend we will give you the opportunity to already take a closer look at the contents of upcoming Season 2 Pass DLC “Bright Harvest” as well as Game Update 8 by watching some of your favourite streamers during another Twitch Drops Event.

The whole event takes place from Friday May 29 until June 8.

During the event, you will be able to watch how a variety of selected Twitch streamers attempt to integrate the new tractor modules into their farming islands and maybe also use some of the new ornaments to beatify their cities further.

Anyone watching them build a new farming paradise can grab two brand new ornaments, the Bright Harvest Flag and the Bright Harvest Billboard. The only thing you need to do is link your Uplay to your Twitch account and watch the streamers during the event for up to 3 hours to receive your loot. You don’t have to watch these hours consecutively to receive your drop; watching them accumulated on participating streamers will also grant you the ornaments.

If you haven’t already done so in the past, to link your Ubisoft- and Twitch-account, just follow the steps outlined on this website [https://drops-register.ubi.com/]

You can find the full list of all participating Streamer here:

A Day at the Amusements – Update

Our art team jumped on the challenge of creating 15 new ornaments as soon as the voting for our next Cosmetic DLC Pack ended. Today, we asked our Lead Artist Tim Witprächtiger to give you all a first update on where we are at:

Lately, we started working on the 3D object for the Ferris Wheel based on the concept our 2D Artists created. At the moment, we are trying to get the right scale and adding all the small details to the model before we start texturing and animating the asset.

We cannot wait to see how you make use of the exciting amusement park ornaments later this summer. While the Ferris Wheel is surely a highlight, we can tell that much that it won`t be the only stunning centrepiece for your funfair. We are eager to listen to your feedback and we hope that you are as excited as we are about the ornamental set, because we surely would love to bring even more variety to your metropolis in the future!




  1. 7 76561198051009134 June 7, 2020

    It is boring to have to search for translations by alternative means and the biggest problem of them that can break the game, I know that these translation mods are not recommended but without official subtitles, it is difficult!

  2. 7 76561198051009134 June 7, 2020

    it would be possible someday, the game would receive subtitles in Portuguese?

  3. H Humility925 June 5, 2020

    I rather they just simple add to patch, not some 3 party like Twitch Drops, too much trouble to do that for fan of 1800 anno.

  4. S SaiIor_Moon June 2, 2020

    Not again 🙁
    It has worked for me one time but since then i cant connect my ubisoft account to twitch for rewards i love this game to death and wanna make use of every little item they give us but i am always missing out on the twitch rewards
    I cant find any post about the error i am having and ubisoft isnt helping out now they have no more support line (at least i cant find any)
    And twitch says its something that is going wrong on ubisofts side
    I just wanna have a flag and a bench >-<

  5. 7 76561198021571148 May 30, 2020

    I received the rewards in my Twitch inventory after seeing ValleGaming for 12 hours but for some reason they are not in the game.
    I had the same problem with the previous event “Seat of Power Billboard” and “Seat of Power Flag”.
    Start a case in Ubisoft but so far they have not given me a solution. I have the game on Steam.

    • C Coouge May 31, 2020

      Same thing happened to me, even for Seat of Power.
      I have the game on Uplay.

      What I did was unlinked and linked the accounts account (Ubisoft and Twitch) and for some reason, the drops didn’t show up under my Ubisoft Drops account, under inventory. However, it DID show up in the game, but only the Bright Harvest drop though. The Seat of Power, the case I have is still “In Progress” – hope we find a solution soon.

  6. d donderfeniks May 27, 2020

    I want the bright harvest billboard, but I’m going to pass for the twitch. It was a negative experience for me the last time.

    I enjoyed the news about the Ferris Wheel, but I’m still dreaming about a roller coaster that you can build piece by piece (this probably won’t happen.) A carousel would be a nice addition, I hope it is included.

  7. Z Zahiro23 May 26, 2020

    I hope they add the’re others cosmetic dlc later 😀

  8. Z Zahiro23 May 26, 2020

    You should also consider streamers in Spanish 😀

    • a a2eb1fd6f5af4737a6838703e09d5aea July 14, 2020

      yes, i’m Agree with Him

  9. S Stratusantus May 26, 2020

    Votes were very close with busting city life. Please consider to add in the future a pack of busting we will really appreciate it!

  10. 7 76561198015590601 May 26, 2020

    I am very fond of Kiosk and vendors, that’s why I voted for Bustling City Life. I hope that DLC also comes out eventually.

  11. c c575a936a06b41b7bf43ac6eaec8c500 May 25, 2020

    Not a channel in Spanish, how sad. Although I am a small youtuber, my channel is dedicated to Anno. I offer to be the Spanish representative to broadcast Anno

  12. k kuzenqures May 25, 2020

    Please add the Bustling City Life DLC to your schedule too.
    I didn’t vote for it but it was only decided by a slight margin and it deserves to be in the game.

    • 7 76561198271430023 June 1, 2020

      Yeah we definitely need more everyday buildings & ornaments.


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