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The Passage, Holiday Pack and GU 6 are here!

It’s a busy day, as we have a ton of new content and features for Anno 1800, so let’s dive right in to give you all the details you need! All of the below will go live today, December 10, at 6pm CET/ 5PM UTC/ 12pm EST/ 9AM PST.


The Passage DLC (part of the Anno 1800 Season Pass or 14.99€/$ stand-alone purchase)


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Construct arctic outposts in an all-new arctic session and bring them to life with the new Explorer and Technician residential tiers.

Conquer the skies

Construct a fleet of airships to speed up the trade across all sessions of your empire.

New Arctic goods

Master new production chains and arctic trade goods such as Pemmican, parkas and husky sleds.

Crucial warmth

Use the new heating system to ensure your residents survive the brutal cold of the Passage.

More industrial adventure

Take your Anno 1800 experience to the next level with over 60 new quests and over 80 new items.


Holiday Pack DLC (3.99€/$ stand-alone purchase)

Short description:

Bring the spirit of the holidays to Anno 1800 with this new cosmetic DLC pack, which includes 23 new ornaments that allow you to decorate your cities in festive style.


  • A festive carousel, including fan favorite vehicles from the game.
  • Two Christmas trees, to fit the occasion.
  • Santa’s Grotto, giving your citizens a chance to share their wish lists with him.
  • Three different markets stalls for your very own Christmas market.
  • A jolly hoard of Christmas presents
  • Two festively ornamented street lanterns.
  • An appropriately wintery snowman ornament.
  • A decorated hedge system with six tiles.
  • A decorated fence system with six tiles.



Game Update 6 (4.8GB download)

This free Game Update includes several much requested features, including the co-op multiplayer mode, in-depth statistics and a multi-copy tool for buildings.

You can find the full release notes here.





  1. Y Yuri6392 January 14, 2020

    Since update 6, a bug occurs with the shipyards! there is no longer a scroll bar. For shipbuilding this poses a small problem. Is this normal or not? I hope it can be restored in a future update

  2. b be11h December 13, 2019

    no se puede comprar ni por steam ni por uplay a q se debe esto ;v

  3. K Katje-Katrien December 12, 2019


    I can’t find my Holiday Pack in my game or in my Uplay.



    • K Katje-Katrien December 12, 2019


      A little update.

      I contacted the support team.
      They are working on it.
      So I hope they can fix it.



        • K Katje-Katrien December 13, 2019


          An update.

          I just got the confirmation from the support team that they already solved this issue.
          Awesome, isn’t it? 😀
          I couldn’t be happier.
          Have a nice week-end.



  4. T The-Noober December 11, 2019

    Ubisoft Store In-game is not working (it keeps loading) can’t buy Holiday Pack 🙁

      •   Bastian Thun December 11, 2019

        Does the issue still persist? We had some problems with the activation of the package yesterday but it should have been solved by now. If you still having problems, try to maybe re-install the Uplay client and make sure it’s not blocked by any protection software or VPN gates.

  5. A AemaethNorrhart December 10, 2019

    (ok but quite not the size I expected… Oo… but the gesture is fine)

    The hype is real !!!!
    Hurry hup little bytes, i need the full game to play and make the most marvelous Christmas Park !

    Have a nice week and thank you again for your work.

    •   Bastian Thun December 11, 2019

      Psssht…….wait just a tiny bit longer as we are preparing something for you guys regards the artwork….but I never told you that 😀

    • F FerudaFarstaria December 12, 2019

      Where can you find the artwork? I can’t seem to locate it. Where is the new artwork at?

        • F FerudaFarstaria December 12, 2019

          I was asking AemaethNorrhat. But I suspect he is referring to the Christmas scene art above in this Union Post at this point. Since Basti mentioned that there is something coming soon.

          I can wait. I have patience. I am just curious what Aemaeth was referring to.

          But I am looking forwards to the artwork. Throughout the series I have always enjoyed the art. ANNO is truly a beautiful game. And I am happy to the see the Developers still going at it after all these years.

          Please keep up the amazing work. I love to see more of ANNO 1800 going into the new year. I am very happy to see the developers and ANNO is still going strong.


  6. C Cooppeeer December 10, 2019

    Holiday Pack DLC
    Where to find in Steam ?? It’s not fair!

  7. A Anymn December 10, 2019

    Good to see that another Anno 1800 DLC is here! Thank you for the good job.

    I would love to see another expansion: trams. These came up in the 19th century (horse, steam, and electrical) and could introduce a nice challenges in city planning. For example by increasing the radius of effect for different building types, at the costs of expenses && production chains. Furthermore, they would be great in beautifying my city 😉

    • D Dionne87 December 11, 2019

      I like the tram idea!

      Would also like to see upgrades for trains.


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