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That was Gamescom 2017!

On Tuesday 21st of August, we raised the curtain to reveal Anno 1800 on the first day of the world’s biggest gaming convention. Moreover, we kicked off the new Anno Union community initiative with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. We would like to provide some details about the big reveal and the Anno 1800 talks in the Gamescom Ubisoft lounge.

First things first: a big thanks to all of you from our whole Ubisoft Blue Byte!

When we pushed the button to announce the game on Tuesday morning, we could not grasp the amount of positive reactions from Anno players around the world. From all the fans registering and commenting on the Anno Union, to all the players out there on Social Media and other channels.

From Tuesday to Saturday, fans had the chance to visit us at the Ubisoft Lounge for exclusive first hand presentations of Anno 1800. During the presentations, our Community Developer Bastian Thun gave detailed insights about Anno 1800, especially our concept, the game itself and plans for the future. We explained where we are coming from, what we have learned from previous titles and presented our vision for Anno 1800 as well as the Anno Union. For anyone who was not able to attend, we will share these details with you all on the Union pretty soon.

With our surprise announcement of the new game, we were uncertain how many reactions we would get and how many people would attend. It is safe to say that it was a blasting success: Over 600 Anno players visited the presentations, got their first look on Anno 1800 and after that, had the chance to ask many questions during the QnA panel. We got incredibly positive feedback and expert question about game and the Union. While we were able to answer many of them, we hope that it is understandable that with over one year away from launch, some answers had to be vague with the game being in such an early stage of development.

While presenting Anno 1800 and talking to so many long time and new Anno fans, the Anno Union website left the harbor for its maiden voyage. With thousands of people registering, commenting and voting, we even had to close down the comment section for a brief period. Rest assured that we are not done with the website yet as we are already setting up a list for improvements based on your comments and our observations.

So what is next? We know that you guys are hungry for more details. To give you a short teaser for upcoming content: There will be more details about the game and plans for the Union coming as early as this week, so keep a close eye on the Anno Union. While we are preparing the new content, our team is also busy going through the crazy amount of comments and we can tell that we will address some of your feedback as soon as possible! This will not just happen in the form of new blogs, we can tell that we are currently also busy tinkering on our new streaming setup to provide the Union with interactive streams, videos and hangouts.

In the meantime, happy commenting on Anno Union and before we forget, had anyone of you the chance to attend to Gamescom 2017? Say hello and feel free to share your thoughts about the Anno 1800 presentation!




  1. r ruuti0 February 5, 2018

    Too bad I didn’t have chance to be there!

    It is very good that you go to events like that!

  2. U Underp4ntz August 30, 2017

    Yeah I think seasons add up more immersion, snow and other weather effects are great in games, and not many has it.

    What I loved in 2070 was the pollution, smog and for ECO’s you can see get your island more greener and greener while TYCO’s had more smog. I can see SMOG disasters already in 1800 since it was a smoggy age since all those factories.

    What I’d love to see with those 4 seasons thing is that it stays longer like 3~4+ days in-game time and fades overtime. maybe they can add cooler weather disasters with this too.

    Winter time (cold affects the farmer / cattle productivity, more coal for heating the houses but stoking fire causes more household fires)
    Summer time (high risk of fire, thunder strikes and other summer-time disasters like tornadoes, tsunami’s)
    Autumn time (mostly just visual but a lot more rain. can cause flooding).
    Spring time (also visual)

  3. O OrhunTheHun August 29, 2017

    As part of the Multiplayer (Turkey), I was able to attend the Gamescom 2017 and Anno 1800 caught me by surprise and it was a great surprise tbh. Meeting with the Ubi Staff, responisble for Anno series, is a memory I will always remember.

    That being said, I’m really excited about the Anno 1800 and Anno Union.

    While leaving the presentation, only bad thing I was feeling, was the craving for more information about the game!

    Looking forward to this.

    PS. I always try to say what’s on my mind directly, so here it goes. I don’t think there’s a lot of people interested in Anno Union project (eventhough they might be interested in game itself). But please don’t abandon the Anno Union prematurely and continue to support after the game’s release to an understandable level. Thanks.

  4. U Underp4ntz August 28, 2017

    Was really cool! Thanks for the 1 hour show. Glad to see anno coming back to its roots!

    I also hope to see more weather conditions. like rain, hail and snow.

    A 4 seasons weather cycle would be amazing. like snow, autumn etc.

    • B BelannaerTV August 30, 2017

      Ow, I would love this as well and I think it hasn’t really been done yet in Anno.


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