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DevBlog: Union Exhibition Vote!

With our recent DevBlog about the world fair, we called on the creative force of the Union to provide us with interesting exhibition ideas, which would fit into the 19th century setting. Unsurprisingly, you all more than delivered, contributing to a huge list of ideas ranging from exotic takes, representing the technical advancements of that new era, to the progression and evolution of its society.

We spent the last weeks gathering all of your ideas and discussing them in detail.  We compiled them in a list of nearly 40 different suggested themes and added additional notes such as interesting stories we could tell, ideas for related items and possible gameplay impact. During those discussions, we had a hard time picking our favorites, so we mixed some ideas and story background from Union posts together and checked which of the exhibitions would work best to benefit certain features. In the end, it was not only about picking the best idea but also about considering which exhibition rewards would offer an interesting addition to the gameplay.

This also tells you that exhibitions will have an influence on various aspects of the game so this is something we always have to take into account.

Without further ado, let’s draw back the curtain on the three candidates vying for your attention and support as the third exhibition to make it into Anno 1800:

A: Agricultural Exhibition: The Cream of the Crop!

An exceedingly cultivated affair! Enjoy agricultural diversity, as strange seeds from every compass-point sprout before your very eyes! Join the rural revolution, as shiny new machines shake the tree of tradition, finding new and measurable agronomical efficiencies! Honk the horns of plenty, and let this fecund feast of farming foment

B: Urbanism Exhibition: Progressive City Development!

Do your dreams lack design? Then here is the architect-tonic! The finest draughtspeople gather under one roof, to conceive cities of style and character! Discover blueprints to enrich and beautify your metropoles, yet still provide the conduits of modern convenience – sewerage, electricals and gaslight – with their fair share of logistical love. Truly ornamental!

C: Naval Exhibition: The Pride of the Ponds!

Ships galore! Immerse yourself in oceans of possibility as to what the future harbours! See what pier-led researches have in store for quay areas of interest! Render trade and travel trivial with the latest innovations, and if feeling nautical, discover naval deterrents to really float your boat! Behold an era of sea change!

It is now up to the members of the Union to vote for your preferred exhibition. Once you have made your choice, let us know why and share your ideas on how your favorite exhibition might have an impact on the world of Anno 1800.




  1. r ruuti0 February 5, 2018

    Looks like that Urbanism Exhibition is going to win!

    Can’t wait what kind of innovations you will bring to us! 🙂

  2. x xDJackson November 4, 2017

    I think “Naval Exhibition: The Pride of the Ponds!”, would be nice to see this in the game) and to know what opportunities will appear)

  3. B Boldzmann October 27, 2017

    All exhibitions are interesting and unique for the gameplay.
    It was difficult to choose but I voted for the urbanism
    exhibition. I really like the architecture of Anno, I like to
    build big and beautiful cities. In Anno 2205 there was a
    function of moving buildings and I liked it because it was
    better to plan the city.

    But the buildings have been removed the parameter
    InfluenceRadius (zone of influence) can now be built anywhere.
    I would like the zones of influence to return to Anno 1800
    because I like many hours to plan the city until it becomes
    ideal in my opinion.

    The Anno team informed me if you have plans to return zones
    influence on buildings in the Anno 1800 or not?

  4. K Katje-Katrien October 27, 2017

    It wasn’t easy.
    I wished that I could make that choice each time I start a new game.
    So I voted for the urbanism exhibition.
    For me, my second choice is agriculture and naval as the last one.

  5. H HannesDS October 26, 2017

    Maybe, you can put the other exhibitions in DLC’s.

  6. m mcetnar October 26, 2017

    I would’ve voted for Urbanism, since this is a city building game, isn’t it? But I truly miss the diversity of crops and farms from the previous installments. The futuristic agriculture felt soulsell, like food from a supermarket. That’s why I want to see a wide range of crops, each with its own, unique graphic and animations.
    The only reason I haven’t even mentioned the ships, is because I’m a lover of sails, even though I’m nothing close to a sailor. So while I’m happy, that the ships and islands will return to the series, steamships don’t have that romatic feeling to them, as the tallships.

  7. A Arkenophas October 24, 2017

    Aaah, so hard ^^ I choose Urbanism cause I like the architecture, but the two others was really interesting too :/ (and I see the results are close to each others at the moment ^^ (is that english ? :/ ))

  8. n niekdebom October 23, 2017

    The more buildings or layouts, the more better ^^

    Bad English intended.

  9. P PabloXXVI October 23, 2017

    Urbanistyka! Statki też ciekawe, ale budowa miast to główny cel gry 😉
    Robicie naprawdę super grę i mam nadzieję, że spełni wszystkie oczekiwania.

  10. G GalaXionZer0 October 22, 2017

    I think all of these are great honestly, though I ended up voting for the Agricultural Exhibition. New technology and farming methods were a significant thing at the time, tractors, plows and fertilizers all having a huge impact on agriculture. Such an exhibition can have very clear gameplay benefits, making much of your production more efficient through any of the aforementioned methods. The other exhibitions are far less clear on how they can benefit you. The urban exhibition sounds interesting, but doesn’t have obvious benefits, it could perhaps increase population limits for buildings or make them less likely to burn down? There’s certainly nice things to get from that. The naval exhibition I was not as interested in, but it could once again offer nice boosts to speed, the amount of goods a ship can carry and the quality of armour as well as weapons it can have.

  11. R RotS-Targe October 21, 2017

    Choosing between ships and the buildings is really tough, those are tied for my favorite aspects of this series…

  12. N NoNamedAssassi October 21, 2017

    All 3 are great ideas.. I voted for Urbanism Exhibition for the chance to see what rewards and or advantages you would get from this.
    And to have even more choices how to develop my cities and to make it look even more amazing with lots of ornamentals, buildings etc.

  13. i iruet October 20, 2017

    I went for the ships one though I like all ideas… it’s hard to decide which one you want 🙂

  14. S Swimming-Paul October 20, 2017

    I also voted for Architectural Wonders but they´re all such great ideas!!! I´m very curious to see what other exhibitions you have planned. The art team is making such a beautiful work with the designs for the posters!

    • A Anno Community Team October 21, 2017

      Aw, thanks for the praise!

  15. M Mendahor October 20, 2017

    Obvious for me : architectural Wonders (and its rewards) is THE exhibition I want to have.
    I’m pleasantly surprised it is leading right non, I would bet on farming 🙂 Hope it will keep the advance till the end !

  16. K Karranos October 20, 2017

    I voted for the architectural one, as building is also a big part of Anno 🙂 Watching the cathedrals and the futuristics wonders building step by step, it’s like an accomplishment when it’s finished 😀

  17. D Dawnreaver October 20, 2017

    I voted for the “Naval Innovations” exhibition. Seeing as ships have always been an integral part to the gameplay in the Anno games, this offers some interesting possibilities.

    E.g. you could get the chance to get a higher grade ship earlier in the game. So instead of having to wait until you can build a large trading vessel / war vessel with the appropriate stage of citizens you could get your hands early on a prototype through the exhibition.

    Another thought would be getting different / more exotic ships like you got the Venetian Ship Building through the Anno 1404: Venice Add-On.

    And if we wanted to be really cheeky, we could get famous ship / ship types as a flag ship / command ship. Or one might even dare to dream of one of Jules Verne’s machinations: the Nautilus!

    • b banan1996.1996 October 20, 2017

      But you want be getting any ships earlier. The exhibition is a part of the monument, which I suppose is available in the late game

  18. O Olinater October 20, 2017

    Ah man, this is really hard 🙁
    I wish there would be room for all of them (yes, that is a hint). But I guess I would like to see the possible benefits of urbanism the most, even if it’s just slighty more than the others.

  19. C CorsairUplay October 19, 2017

    Ach i want all. but i guess Urbanism and city design is what i’m most interested in, both in Anno and in real life.

    • A Anno Community Team October 21, 2017

      A cool interest to have, for sure!

  20. D D44n2001 October 19, 2017

    since i liked the ships in the anno a lot i voted for the ships but they are all amazing!!
    I hope more than one of them makes it to the game. Keep up the great work

  21. B BlueBreath October 19, 2017

    Ah, I want them all.
    But if I have to chose…

    • A Anno Community Team October 19, 2017

      What did you go for?

      • B BlueBreath October 20, 2017

        I went for buildings, but ships were a close second.

  22. b banan1996.1996 October 19, 2017

    How do you want me to choose one of them?! All these exhibition ideas are AWESOME! It will be hard to decide, I hope that one day we might see more than just one of those three in the game.

    • M Matrelia October 19, 2017

      I can only agree they are all nice. Have new cool buildings in the end would be very nice for a lofty and modern city (that has to be supplied by good agriculture). But getting new parts for ships (As mentioned my dream in Anno is that it’s possible to compose my own ships) or new ships or ship usage is also a good idea to advance the gameplay.

    • A Anno Community Team October 19, 2017

      No plans for the losers at the moment, but which one did you decide for, if you have decided?

      • b banan1996.1996 October 20, 2017

        I finally decided to go with urbanism exhibition as building cities is the main and best part of Anno. And I am curious about what kind of blueprints you would prepare for us as a reward for the exhibition.


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