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Announcing the Anno History Collection

Hey Anno Community,

today we are very excited to share the announcement of the upcoming Anno History Collection with you all. With this collection, we are updating the first four Anno games (1602, 1503, 1701 and 1404) to take advantage of modern PCs, while keeping the classic gameplay we all know and love. Among the more notable improvements to all four games are:


  • All games being ported to 64-bit to improve performance and stability (say goodbye to Anno 1404 running out of memory)
  • Support for new resolutions all the way up to 4k, making your empires look better than ever before
  • Improved multiplayer, with all games now running through Uplay, with comfort features such as quickmatch and desync recovery (as seen in Anno 1800). And yes… ANNO 1503 MULTIPLAYER IS OFFICIALLY HERE!
  • Full save game compatibility, so we hope you have held on to those beloved saves from years past
  • Of course, all games include their expansions, as well as any other official content that may have been released over the years


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So how and where will you be able to get your hands on these releases?

Anno History Collection – 39,99€/$

Includes the History Editions of Anno 1602, 1503, 1701 and 1404, as well as their respective expansions.  The collection pack will be exclusively available on Uplay, at a special price of 39,99€/$. As a bonus, it will also include an exclusive new ornament celebrating these classic games and five new company logos for Anno 1800 (one for each game, plus one that is exclusive to the collection).


This commemorative Anno 1800 ornament is exclusively available with the History Collection on Uplay

Anno 1602 History Edition – 9,99€/$

Includes the updated version of Anno 1602 and the “New Islands, New Adventures” expansion, as well as a new 1602-themed company logo for use in Anno 1800. Available on Uplay.


See how it all began with Anno 1602

Anno 1503 History Edition – 9,99€/$

Includes the updated version of Anno 1503 and the “Treasures, Monsters and Pirates” expansion, as well as a new 1503-themed company logo for use in Anno 1800. Available on Uplay.


After 18 years, the dream of Anno 1503 multiplayer is finally coming true

Anno 1701 History Edition – 9,99€/$

Includes the updated version of Anno 1701 and the “Sunken Dragon” expansion, as well as a new 1701-themed company logo for use in Anno 1800. Available on the Epic Games Store and Uplay.


With 1701, Anno made the jump into the third dimension

Anno 1404 History Edition – 14,99€/$

Includes the updated version of Anno 1404 and the “Venice” expansion, as well as a new 1404-themed company logo for use in Anno 1800. Available on the Epic Games Store, Steam and Uplay.


The much-beloved 1404 is a true city-building classic

And the best news? You won’t have to wait long at all, as the Anno History Collection and all four stand-alone games will already be out on June 25th, making this a very short wait! In fact, pre-orders for all four games as well as the Collection are already available on Uplay right now (the games will be available from all of the listed platforms at launch). To help you pass the time until then, we will have separate blogs detailing each game and all the enhancements and improvements (yes, there is more!) right here on the Anno Union, so make sure to keep checking back.

As always, stay safe, and talk to you soon!

The Anno Team




  1. 7 76561198437131364 June 14, 2020

    Dear developers!

    Thank you for remastering Anno 1503 and it’s expansion. I have some questions:

    1.) Can you please add “culture selector” to the game? I mean, in Age of empires I-II for example, the player can select what culture want to start with. In anno 1503 we can only play with Europeans,however there are other races such as: red skins, pirates, eskimo, mongols, etc and each of this have their own building styles.

    2.) Another question: will you remaster your game: Dark planet: Battle for natrolis? Or at least release the source code?

    Sorry for bad English.

    I’m looking forward to your positive response.


    • B BB_CR June 15, 2020

      Hey Krisztián,

      1. sorry, but there are no plans to make gameplay changes to any of the History Edition games. We want for them to be played just as you remember from back in the day.
      2. I have to admit that I had to google the game, as it did not ring a bell! You are right that it seemingly was published by Ubisoft, but our studio had nothing to do with it.

      Best regards,

  2. M MotoR12P May 30, 2020

    hello, what language options for the games will be available? There is no information about that on UPlay store page

    • B BB_CR June 1, 2020

      Hey, we will have the full language breakdown for each individual game in the upcoming blog posts, but all of them support English, French, German, Spanish and Italian as a baseline.

      • 7 76561198126849461 June 3, 2020

        Hello from Korea! That means, Can I expect that the game (especially anno 1404, history edition) support Korean?

  3. 1 1125886927435653 May 29, 2020

    Great work, and for people as me who already have the four Annos ( 1602, 1503, 1701, 1404 ), would be there a patch to solve the Ram-crashing issue once and for all, rather than buying the whole stuff again ?

    And would this edition support modern computers of 64 and 86 bits ? that what you guys should consider before releasing this edition these editions of Anno are awesome and many fans already have them, no need to collect them in one edition, rather than that, release a patch that will directly solve the issue for modern gaming computers, and my question is would be there a synchronized updated with the release for the fans who already have the four versions?

    Thank you.

  4. s smn_ May 28, 2020

    Will all Anno 1404 and 1404 Venice achievements be actually achievable and fixed?

  5. W Wasntme_NL May 27, 2020

    This is great news!

    I have a question tough. In anno 1404 there were still a significant number of bugs surrounding the quests characters would give. Will these be fixed as part of this improved version?

  6. 1 100002047057452 May 27, 2020

    A question about Anno 1602.

    Will you include a second official German exclusive addon “Im Namen des Königs”?
    OR will you add ability to install it OR just copy/paste levels from it?

    I think I am not the only true 1602 fan who WANT this addon be present at last in this edition. I payed 60 euros in 2020 year (it was hard to find it) for it and I realy want it compatible with History Edition.

    I do not ask to translate it from German, but at least do the ability to manual add for this addon for those who has it. PLEASE

    If you need the source, I can provide it, just ask.

    • G Geextha May 28, 2020

      As I own most of the games twice or three times (Physical, GOG, Uplay) I’d really appreciate the second addon for Anno 1602 as well. It would be awesome if they can manage it to integrate it!

      (It would be nice too if the will provide the unofficial addon “Handelskrieg” also.)

      So you’re not alone with your demand/wish.

  7. Z ZetaGemini May 27, 2020

    Hello is it available also for UPlay+ subscriptions? Will it be inlcuded?

  8. 7 76561198021087063 May 27, 2020


    Suite à cette bonne nouvelle, plusieurs questions subsistent.

    Les versions sont elles complètement traduites, voix et textes ( pour anno 1701 et son extension notamment)? Et de quelle version s’agit-il pour chaque Anno ( Anno 1701 AD ou classique), ( Anno 1602 Gold ou classique) ( etc. ).

    Pour la compatibilité avec les mots IAAM et DEAP avez-vous pu effectuer des tests? Si aucun test n’a été effectué la structure des fichiers a t’elle été modifiée?

    Bon vent

    • 7 76561198021087063 May 27, 2020


      Following this good news, there are still a number of questions.

      Are the versions completely translated ( FR, ES ), voice and text (for anno 1701 and its extension in particular) ? And which version is it for each Anno ( Anno 1701 AD or classic), ( Anno 1602 Gold or classic) ( etc. ) ?

      For the compatibility with the mods IAAM and DEAP have you been able to perform tests? If no test was performed, has the file structure been modified?

      Fair winds and thks

  9. P PabloAM50 May 27, 2020

    Awesome news!

    Please, Release phisical special edition in DVD. I would pay whatever !

    That would be a dream come true!

  10. 7 76561198290529656 May 27, 2020

    This is excellent news 🙂
    Only one question is whether we can hope for Anno’s 1602, 1503, and 1701 release on Steam lately? Honestly, I don’t understand this Ubisoft politics with different stores, that seems pretty weird for me

    Thanks a lot

  11. F FerudaFarstaria May 27, 2020

    An absolutely brilliant idea! I suggested this awhile back. I am glad that the idea has made it to the developers! I know there is content missing in the previous games. In ANNO 1404 I can’t get the silver ship which is a pre order bonus for 1404 back then. On Uplay today you won’t be able to get it. I still have the original CD, but with most old games they aren’t compatible with Windows 10 and newer operating systems. So it makes it harder to fully relive those games. You can still get ANNO 1404 gold today on Uplay. But you won’t have the silver ship. There are things you will be missing. Which disappoints me, because that is content that has been worked so hard on by the team back then. And it can’t be fully appreciated by players today anymore.

    However this idea of updating 1602, 1502, 1701, and 1404 along with providing all the content for those games. Is an absolutely brilliant idea! Doing so will allow us to relive the series. But even more.

    Due to the success of ANNO 1800. More people are taking interest into the game and the series. So updating and remastering the previous games is a great idea. Not only will veteran Annoholics like I who’ve been around since ANNO started enjoy it. But it will show and introduce the new players to the older games. So they can experience the games for themselves as well and see how ANNO started and progressed over the years. We Annoholics are the first generation of ANNO players since ANNO 1602. But now it is time to expand that. Let new adventurers come in. So that they can take their first ship and set out to colonize new lands. Go on their adventures. Carry on the tradition that is ANNO. Thus further expanding ANNO and the community.

    I really hope this History Edition is a big success when it launches. I strongly agree with it and fully support it. The developers have done a brilliant move. This is much needed for the older games. Absolutely. Please make it happen ANNO Team! Bring our favorite game series back to life again! Relive ANNO in all it’s glory! =)

    Best Regards,

  12. G Grymaa May 26, 2020

    It will be on Uplay+ ? (yeah, weird question i know)

  13. m mfuegar2018 May 26, 2020

    ¿Hay versión en español?
    O solo alemán e inglés.

    • B BB_CR May 26, 2020

      Los blogs solo están disponibles en inglés, pero los juegos también estarán en español

  14. F FabLau May 26, 2020

    Hey there!
    This is a very best news to end a day! I’m so delighted about the History Edition of those games!
    But at the same time, this is a little frustrating… What about your fellow followers who already own all the 7 Anno games? Will they get the update or are they condemned to use the old version of them?
    I can’t wait to read your response on this subject.
    And thanks again for making these games our childhood!
    You, guys, are really awesome!

  15. M MrWhiteWizard May 26, 2020

    Good Morning Anno Fellows, Will the UI be scaleable? or appropriately scaled for 4k resolution.

    What about the other two titles 2070 (pinnacle of success) and 2250?

    • d donderfeniks May 26, 2020

      Those two still work fine. And they don’t need re-release. (I’m think..)

  16. d donderfeniks May 26, 2020

    I lost count on how many times I paid for the same game, however the “say goodbye to Anno 1404 running out of memory” is something that I’m happy to see. I had always the problem, so I could never got far in the game.

    The thing I love the most is the islands from early anno games, The islands with only coastline can be made full in stone. that looks nice. Now the islands only have a limited amount of coast. So a full stone island isn’t possible anymore.

    If we place the pre-order, do we get the new ornament directly or do we need to wait until the release date?

    Also, for people that bought earlier games, can they get a discount?
    Otherwise I get the same feeling while I played Anno Online, it didn’t made me happy at all. Certainly because I bought Anno 1404 already two times (or three times I lost count.)

    • B BB_CR May 26, 2020

      You will get the ornament at launch. There is no discount for previously owning the games, but I like to think that new versions are very reasonably priced compared to many other re-releases of games (at the same price they currently were without all the new work put into them).

      • d donderfeniks May 26, 2020

        Thanks for the fast response. I consider to buy them. I still want to finish ANNO 1404, and play the other ANNO games again.


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