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  1. b banan1996.1996 May 22, 2018


    I love the purple colour, it’s one of my favourites and it really suits brilliantly to everything else in the game.
    I especially like the bar at the top showing us the population tier of the island, building materials and workforce. But another bar below the one with building materials with other 5 slots for monitoring the amounts of certain goods would be great. So that we can see how much materials we have but also how much e.g. beer and bread we have. We could change what goods we want to see at the top of the screen in some previous Annos but additional slots for more goods would be great.

    One of the biggest improvements is that fertilities and resources are displayed together with the map, it’s something that isn’t needed to be visible all the time while playing so making it a bit more hidden is awesome. The interface of the attractiveness feature is also great, I like the idea of hovering the mouse onto the specific factor to see the exact numbers and how much one building influences the attractiveness level. I also like seeing the player’s portrait at the top left corner, I hope we’ll get some good-looking portraits to choose from.
    But you still didn’t show us one of the most important parts of the UI which is the building menu (it definitely should be on the right side like in 1404 or 2070, not at the bottom like in 2205). It’s difficult to have a concrete opinion after seeing only so little, we’ve seen only the HUD and the trade routes menu.


    The visitor’s harbor looked way better in this short movie in the devblog about the zoo. It should be more appealing than it seemed to be in the stream.
    The attractiveness feature seems to be working well. But I thought that tourist would arrive less often while providing higher income.
    I like that the zoo doesn’t need any special management, you just build it, build some modules and choose animals. Of course we still don’t know any details about acquiring animals and other items.

    Other topics

    The roofs of engineers’ residences seemed more grey in the devblog while they are actually more blueish. At first I somehow didn’t like how their residences look like but later it has really grown on me xD

    Someone pointed out a very interesting thing during the stream. The marketplace looks always the same. It would be wonderful if its appearance could be based on the population tier which surrounds the marketplace – like it was in Anno 1404. It was a great feeling when it changed with advancing to the next tiers and when it looked differently in peasants part and noblemen part of the city. But in Anno 1404 differences between all marketplaces weren’t big, it would be great if they could be more significant in Anno 1800. I think it wouldn’t take too much time to make it while it would really improve the climate and feeling of the game.

    I hope to see more of Anno 1800 during E3 in June! I hope for more information about multisession (different climate zones!), naval battles, AIs and such.


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