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Union Update: Let’s start the “Tourist Season”

Hey Anno Community,


today is the day, hordes of Tourists are just waiting to explore your cities, try our expensive dishes and visit all the monuments and wonders you have built in your cities.

For a more detailed look at “Tourist Season”, make sure to check out our DevBlog highlighting all the new features and explaining the DLC’s mechanics. The Bus System even received its very own DevBlog with some additional development insights, considering it’s the feature tying together all other mechanics.


As usual, we’re releasing a big free Game Update alongside the DLC. Game Update 11 adds a reforestation tool, a new slow-mode game speed option and plenty of other quality of life improvements. On top of that, we got rid of various bigger and smaller bugs – the full Release Notes can be found here.

We also want to point out that from today on, you can purchase the “Tourist Season” DLC as well as the “Vehicle Liveries Pack” Cosmetic DLC separately via the Ubisoft Store.


That said: Let’s start the Tourist Season!

We’re excited to hear and see your reactions and hope you’ll have a great time with the new challenges the Tourists as well as the recipe system provide.


The Anno Team




  1. v vicbeto June 1, 2021

    Guys, you put the same skin on 3 different buildings… I mean is a nice DLC, but we can see that you didn’t put the same effort as before. Hope you will change this, and next DLC will be done with more effort/ambition. AnywayThank you for the great work!, just a friendly advice 😉

  2. A Alister-MIV May 28, 2021

    Huge thanks to the guys for this DLC. The implementation of the idea is very good and interesting. The only thing that is a little confusing is the appearance of fruit orchards, some of them are unformed/unfinished-trees on a vacant lot, even without grass, look a little unorganized. Once again, a big thank you to your team for your work. We are waiting for new additions to Anno 1800. Hopefully, we’ll see colonies in China soon. )))

  3. m mate.kertai May 27, 2021

    You introduced very good game mechanics in the new DLC. I really like it, thank you. However, I have not seen 2 identical hotels in real life so I was really expecting to have several types of hotel buildings. Please either add 1-2 other smaller scale hotels in the next game update or with the Vibrant Cities Pack DLC. The current monumental hotels don’t look good everywhere in the city.

  4. E Emperohorus May 27, 2021

    ok bei meinem kommentar wurden paar wörter nicht übernommen, aber ich denke man kann es auch so verstehen.

  5. E Emperohorus May 27, 2021

    ein wirklich gelungenes dlc. hut ab! allerdings habe ich kleine probleme mit dem theater für die touristen. es ist in der nähe von den haltestellen, aber das bedürfnis wird nicht zu 100% erfüllt. ich habe mittlerweile über 760 stunden die kampagne gespielt. dort sind die inseln leider etwas sehr klein. deswegen wäre es sehr gut wenn man die baumschulen durch items buffen könnte. z.b. mit den gleichen für die köhlerei oder für den holzfäller.

  6. S Sycend May 26, 2021

    Just found a bug:

    Got 3 Gardens in the City, 2 for just decoration purposes with only a few moduls and one gigant one with all collection Item in it.
    If i connect all 3 to the Bus station i only get a medium Garden rating. When i connect only the gigant one i get a 100% Garden Rating.

    My expection would be that 3 Gardens, even if there where 2 small ones, would be better than one.

    • M Misiek_1991 May 26, 2021

      Now it is the average of all same buildings. It should count the best one 😉

      • S Sycend May 27, 2021

        or better the sum, if you make a park for each category

    • S Sycend May 26, 2021

      another issue is that the 2nd skin of the iron tower has a default logo on the flags not the chosen player logo

  7. M MCR_1998 May 26, 2021

    Very good and interesting dlc, this DLC is very special, however I feel that we need more space, maybe a wider map with more land, especially as in the future comes the dlc with Empire Building and many other special things and probably production factories. Imagine a vast field with tall buildings that look beautiful in the distance from the port. It’s just a opinion!

  8. M Misiek_1991 May 26, 2021

    here are my 3 reactions ;>
    1st – Anno 1800 is the best modern strategy game. I love the style, mechanics, UI. Anno Team – you are GREAT.
    2nd – I am disappointed with new buildings. Guys – I LOVE your designs. Why you gave us 3 THE SAME buildings as Restaurant, Cafe and Bar? I also dont like recipes in the chemical plant and orchards. I expected different buildings.
    3rd – I am sure you have got many ideas how to improve the game. I really hope to see SEASON 4 (with new region – far east or wild west, new specialists, items and ships pack and I would love to see 2 new tiers in the New World)
    Thanks again and take care!
    Best Regards

  9. H HansWilhelm2018 May 25, 2021

    Vielen lieben Dank für das erneute wunderschöne DLC. Bin vollauf Begeistert. Weiter so, ANNO FOREVER !!

  10. V VaIhaIla_Rising May 25, 2021

    Absolutely amazing game, and DLC’s, each one adds more juicy content, abilities to decorate your city, and new challenges to face with. Anno team, you’re the best. Keep it up 😉

    • V VaIhaIla_Rising May 25, 2021

      Dear Anno Developers, it was a small disappointment to find out that bars, cafes and restaurants have almost identical skins. I hope you’ll change those skins with next Game Updates)

  11. B BenDefo May 25, 2021

    Dream team, You are the best of the best, ANNO 1800 my only favorite game song for the rest of my life, genius team (translation)


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