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Union Update: gamescom, The High Life and a Free Weekend

Hey Anno Community,

August is almost over, and we all know what this means
 Gamescom time! In today’s Union Update we would like to give you more information on the gamescom stream, the upcoming Free Weekend and finally a quick recap of our latest news. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!


Now it’s time to talk about the most exciting part of this Union Update: gamescom 2021! As you might already know, this year’s gamescom will take place from Wednesday 25th August until Friday 27th. For the occasion, we will be holding a DevStream over on our Twitch channel on Thursday, August 26th at 5PM CEST. Tune in if you’re eager to see what awaits you in “The High Life”: We will show live gameplay of the new content and give an overview of our plans for the coming months.

Free Weekend

Are you still debating if Anno 1800 is the game for you? Or do you know people who aren’t convinced Annoholics yet? Then wait no longer since we got the solution for either scenario to celebrate the release of Season 3’s last DLC:

From September 1st till 6th  you can play Anno 1800 for free!

This Free Weekend version contains the full main game (excluding the DLC) and is completely compatible with the regular version of Anno 1800 in multiplayer. The ideal opportunity to start a co-op game and help your friends set up their first industrial metropolis.

Even better: If you decide to purchase the game after testing, you can simply continue your savegame from the test period!

“The High Life” DevBlogs: a quick recap

In case you missed them, in the previous weeks we published two DevBlogs dedicated to our upcoming DLC, which will be released on the 31st of August. The first DevBlog focuses on Skyscrapers, the core element of “The High Life”. The second article gives a general overview of all the content and features of the third DLC: new buildings, new needs, new items – everything you need to know to be fully ready for the new challenges.

Community spotlight

We’re constantly amazed by your creativity, that can clearly be seen in all the screenshots that you share with us. Let’s have a look at our picks for this Union Update!

Augustus_Johnson shared a variety of screenshots on Reddit focusing on this lovely soap factory, together with a little story that revolves around it. It’s a herbal soap factory, run by Perfumier Prunella, and they supply the whole city with vegan soap. Look at those flower and tree fields! We can’t wait to know more about other spots on this island.

Here we have a screenshot posted by skinny_leg3nd on our brand new forums, and – oh my! It looks like this city has been sewed on this island! It fits perfectly with the natural shape of the island and it’s so mesmerising we can’t stop looking at it.

Finally, would you fancy a vacation at one of LeGeektateur hotel complexes? Because we would! We can already see ourselves drinking champagne from one of those hotel balconies, while looking at the breath-taking view, with the fresh breeze coming from the ocean… What a paradise!




  1. A August_Johnson August 25, 2021

    Thank you for the spotlight! Awesome birthday surprise 😀

  2. a albisio August 24, 2021

    The great job. Thanks to excelent work.


  3. L LeGeektateur August 24, 2021

    Thanks for this second DLC.
    It was very interesting to discover the operation of the bus, new industries, bars, restaurants … and hotels. There was a good challenge to arrange my city on Crown Falls to put all the hotels necessary to fill the various successes.

    Thanks you for highlighting my hotel complexes !
    The Herbal soap factory looks so great ! Very nice idea.

    I can’t wait for the next one “High Life”, to make some free place again in my metropolis and set up the new buildings that look too good !

    Thanks for your work on Anno 1800 to keep it alive.


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