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Union Update – Game Update 11.1 & Community Spotlight

Addendum: Balance Changes from Game Update 11

With Game Update 11 we also introduced a few balance changes to item sets from Zoo, Museum, and Botanical Garden. Due to an oversight, these were not included in the original Release Notes.

We added them now and you can find them here.

Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

Game Update 11.1 coming soon!

Talking Game Updates: Game Update 11.1 is planned to release Tuesday next week, June 22nd. We will have the full release notes ready for you on that day.

Green Game Jam

Yesterday we gave you an overview of the Green Game Jam with the goal to create new game modes or other activities in existing games to promote combating climate change. With the game mode that we are currently developing, players will have to focus on sustainability and nonetheless growing their population in the setting of Anno 1800: the age of industrialization. Excessive deforestation, monocultures, and overfishing will ultimately result in a dead piece of land and ocean that is unable to be revived for many years if at all – just like reality.

Sounds tough? Don’t worry, the rogue-like elements will make it possible to replay the mode while keeping your technological improvements and knowledge.


Additionally, our concept is up for a vote alongside the projects of our developers as part of the “Player’s Choice Award”. If you like our concept, vote for us! (we will develop this new mode independent of the outcome)

Elevator Music Download

Let’s assume there’s an elevator in the “Tourist Season” DLC which you can ride – hypothetically. And there was dedicated Anno elevator music.

So, if that was the case, you could then download the full music track here.

Annoverse Contest Reminder

One last reminder that the “What would your next Anno look like?” contest organized by Annoverse Discord is ending on June 20th. So, you got a few more days to write or draw your ideas and post them in the #giveaway-submissions channel – with the chance to win some prizes.

At least we as the Anno Team had a lot of fun reading through the submissions posted so far.

Community Spotlight

Once again have the new buildings inspired many of you to share their creations with us. We know that finding the perfect place for your hotels can be tricky, especially since many cities are already quite crowded. Here we have gathered a couple of screenshots of people who had some lovely ideas on how to incorporate the new “Tourist Season” content, as well as some additional clever ideas integrated into their busy cities.


Laudica starts off strong showing her incredibly symmetrical 5-star resort. Simply the perfect location for a unique and almost ostentatious place to stay for our spoiled tourists.

ObiVanDamme decided to create a fantastic chess board that reminded us of Alice in Wonderland – let’s see if we can find the Queen of hearts in this majestic world.

shane868 posted a variety of screenshots, but this one was our favorite – the sun is just shining through the opening of the aircraft while the Iron Tower stands tall watching over the awakening city.

Mithaldriel shows us a phenomenal screenshot of the opening ceremony of the Iron Tower in midst of a vivid and lively city.

Last but surely not least shows us Poppytat a mesmerizing shot of the new cocoa production, including two graceful waterfalls. Who wouldn’t just want to book their next vacation here?




  1. D Dravidos June 17, 2021

    ¡Muchas gracias por una animada versión de la sintonía de Anno 1800!

    Thank you so much for a lively version of the Anno 1800 tune!

  2. M Misiek_1991 June 17, 2021

    Thank you for my new ringtone 😀


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