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Announcing Anno 117: Pax Romana!

How often do you think about the Roman Empire? Because we… we’re doing it daily!


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We’re proud and excited to announce a new chapter for the Anno franchise:


Anno 117: Pax Romana!

Take on the role of a Roman governor in the year 117 AD and journey through the uncharted territories of the Roman Empire. Uncover the allure of Latium and Albion, the twin provinces under your stewardship as governor. Seize the opportunity to expand your influence and harness the unique advantages and challenges each province presents.

“We will not only deliver the fantasy millions of strategy players are waiting for: to govern one of the most iconic ancient empires, we will push beyond that, and change how people see the Roman Empire in games. Explore different provinces and embrace the local or Roman way. The cost of peace is yours to decide.” – Manuel Reinher, Creative Director

Your choices as a governor matter to your citizens! Will you encourage economic growth and trade or expand your rule through dominance and force? Lead with rebellion or unite a diverse culture? Choose wisely, your decisions will guide your people through the era of Pax Romana.

Anno 117: Pax Romana features a unique mix of traditional city building, a deep economical simulation and 4X features like diplomacy, military and a solid narrative layer. It follows the series’ tradition by merging the creation of huge metropolises with the setup of complex logistic networks and production chains, as well as the exploration of the world and the interaction with other characters and competitors.

Anno 117: Pax Romana is planned to release in 2025 on both PC as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. You can wishlist it right here!

With that, we welcome Anno fans old and new to our journey! Follow along when we – over the coming months until release – will show and tell you more about Anno 117: Pax Romana: its world, its features and your role as a governor!

Ah, and one more thing: Did you notice all the easter eggs in the trailer?




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