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Union Update: Game Update 4.1

Release Notes for Game Update 4.1

After some reports we received after we deployed Game Update 4.0 and released “Sunken Treasures”, we will apply a hotfix to Anno 1800 today, July 31. at 10pm CEST. Game Update 4.1 (4.0.88) is an update to fix the following issues:

  • Fixed a situation where a blueprint of a building that costs influence would break the influence count of player’s save file upon reload.
  • Fixed an unintended behaviour where an Enemy AI’s Trading Post could drop upon destruction a lot of scrap resource which could’ve been sold for huge amount of money.
  • Fixed a graphical issue that occurs with the maximum zoom level which affected the visibility of buildings in the distance.


  1. bluegolds bluegolds

    I can no longer see ship cannon fire, invisible ammunition! not just me with this bug! please sort

  2. BlueBreath BlueBreath

    I do not know how much help it is for you, but overall for me the dlc experience was ok.
    One note though a certain journal could be left on the warehouse instead of being transferred on the closest ship constantly.
    Also as bugs:
    1.I destroyed a harbor and the items that were dropped in the water were invisible with no tooltip but they were occupying a slot in my ship. I noticed that when trying to buy stuff. You can’t get the item out, you can just sell the ship.
    2. the blue “hull” item left its properties on my flagship even when removed,
    I wouldn’t mind it :D, but the upgraded epic hull item that I got after, didn’t apply his properties because of the bug.
    – I don’t use any mods.

  3. Sensithy Sensithy

    how long do i have to waste this game for coopmode

  4. mistik191 mistik191

    That season pass is just money grab, It should have been in base game, but they just release beta version with basic gameplay as full game and now trying sell to us full version for extra 20$. After i saw what state was game on release i decided that i won’t pay any extra money to such kind of developers. I hope they would see 10% season pass owners from owners of basic version and will think b4 trying to do something like that next time.
    If you think im lying or something just go to youtube/magazines reviews and watch what kind of features was in older games on release, than you understand real crime.

  5. andrewfitzj2012 andrewfitzj2012

    i have just purchased the first DLC but i cannot get it to come up. i cant find anything about activation keys and i am now lost Help!!!

  6. jrfreeman2 jrfreeman2

    Today while playing a multiplayer game with my brother against two computers, the Sunken Treasures Quest unlocked for me at 700 artisans. Which was cool and exactly what I wanted. I haven’t hit the requirements in my new single player game to see it yet, and it was amazing.
    However, it never unlocked for my brother, even though he hit 700 artisans yesterday, and tried downgrading and then re-upgrading artisans to trigger the quest today after I unlocked it.
    I’m assuming there’s a bug involved, either with me getting the quest or him not. I’ve been reading every official bit of press release for the DLC I can find and have not been able to find something stating specifically whether or not the DLC is intended for multiplayer. I would hope it is, since more sessions increase the complexity, and thus my interest in the game. And once co-op finally comes around, the third session would be perfect for that.
    However, with him not being able to enter the session there’s clearly a problem. The CPUs followed me in, and if we were playing competitively, then he would not be able to attack me in the third session. Please address. And hopefully in a manner that preserves Cape Trelawney in multiplayer, because it just makes the game better.

  7. deep.6 deep.6

    Same here, now crashes immediately at launch.

  8. anno607 anno607

    Just update to this version. And now only CASHES. the game is unplayable now. thanks boys!

  9. RPGf0rYOU RPGf0rYOU

    Can this bug be fixed?

    When you have a popup that has the icon ‘go to location’ for a ship that got destroyed or an Ally asking if the island can be hers/his. When you are in for example the old world and this happened in the New world the ‘go to location’ button does not work cause you are in a different world? You have to quickly move to the new world then click on the ‘go to location’ button to see where this happened.

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