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Game Update 7.2

Game Update 7.2 is now available, with a download size of roughly 1GB.

Further improved game stability by fixing several potential crashes and desyncs.

Improved reporting on desync errors.

While Game Update 7.2 fixes several issues that could cause crashes and desyncs, we cannot, in the interest of transparency, promise that it will fix these issues for all affected players. We are still in the process of investigating recent error reports, and are not always able to reproduce the issues during our own tests. To help with this, the Game Update also includes further improvements to crash and desync reporting so we can narrow down the potential causes for these issues. 


  1. PiercePhoto PiercePhoto

    Where is the link to download Update 7.2?

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  2. Xavi-Yt Xavi-Yt

    Why can’t I download update 7.2.
    Is she already here or not yet?

  3. Viruscannibal91 Viruscannibal91

    I have a giant bag in the campaign
    The rain never stop in bright sends.
    I have finish the campaign

  4. 10220129324917043 10220129324917043

    is this really a bug fix or a bug?
    Mine is now crashing as I’m trying to start the game.

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  5. RodLosAngeles RodLosAngeles

    When will you fix the music bug affecting ALL players that causes many of the soundtrack songs to never get played in-game? The songs for different citizen levels (artisans, engineers, investors) are completely broken and the unique music tracks for NPC characters don’t work correctly either.

    This dynamic soundtrack was teased before release in dev streams, but it has never worked since release for us paying customers.

    How can such a blatant bug go unfixed for an entire year???

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  6. RodLosAngeles RodLosAngeles

    How about an update that fixes the soundtrack so that all the tracks get played in-game as originally intended as was advertised before launch?

  7. Barracuda1955 Barracuda1955

    Thank You, finally can play the game again. 🙂

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