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Fatherlorris and the Arctic

All of the Anno games are inspired by history and our team spent a significant amount of time researching the era of Anno 1800. History buffs across all departments of the team spent countless hours going through hundreds of photographs and pictures as a reference for the design of ships and houses, researching on the societal changes and struggles of the time and discussing how to implement those as a gameplay feature. So while we are not and don’t want to be historically accurate, plenty of references can be found in the game.

The 1800s have also been an era of technology and innovations. Take “The Great Exhibition” that took place in London in 1851 as an example, which inspired the World’s Fairs in the game. Ground breaking innovations of the time found their way into Anno 1800, like railroads, electricity or steam ships, while Old Nate and his inventions are of course a small venture into early science fiction.

When we’re talking about expeditions, many of you were also curious about the inspirations for The Passage and we already had a Union Talk with our Game Writer África about the background of the DLC. So to give you a few more insights into the (ant)arctic expeditions of the time, for example the Franklin Expedition, we enlisted popular artist Fatherlorris of The Chapel and asked him to create some comics for us.

Who is this Fatherlorris and The Chapel, you ask? Well, we let him introduce himself:

Hi, my name is Ryan AKA Fatherlorris. And the Chapel is a little webcomic about strategy games.

How did you get into making comics – and even more so comics about strategy games?

I first started making comics as a hobby in high school, I am very dyslexic and wasn’t particularly literate so comics were a great way to make my friends laugh without needing to use too many words. But more importantly a great way of giving friends birthday and Christmas presents without spending any money. Then a few years ago I decided to sign up to reddit and post a comic there, it was a surprise success and I have been making comics ever since

Most of the games you’re creating comics about have a historical setting. A hobby of yours?

Yes, absolutely. Always been a huge fan of history. I am from South Wales, not too far from the Blaenavon Ironworks, one of the birthplaces of the industrial revolution. The landscape all around is shaped by the coal and steel industry and I think it’s almost impossible not to take an interest in it.

Obvious follow-up question: How did you get involved with Anno then?

I was actually a bit of a latecomer to anno, I only started playing with the release of ANNO: 1404 Venice. At the time it was one of the only multiplayer city builders on the market, and that really appealed to me.

With these latest comics focusing on the (Ant-)Artic: Do you have personal connections to those regions or their history?

I don’t have any personal connection beyond my great granddad sinking the coal mine that dug the coal that fuelled the ships that sailed to the arctic. I actually got interested in the Arctic by accident, I picked up a copy of The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Garrard and it was one of the most gripping books I have ever read. Ever since I have been reading every diary about arctic expeditions I could get my hands on. If you are looking for crazy Tolkienesque tales about real people then I would definitely recommend a book written by or about an arctic explorer.

Thank you very much, Ryan!

So, without further ado: here is the first The Chapel comic about the events of the Franklin expedition. There will be 4 more about similar icy adventures which will be shared in future Union Updates – so keep an eye out 😉

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Twitch Drop Event: Seat of Power

To prepare you for all architectural challenges of our upcoming Season 2 Pass DLC “Seat of Power” as well as Game Update 7, we will run another Twitch Drop Event beginning this Friday.

The whole event takes place from Friday March 20th and – to give you some time to pick your favourite streamer – will last until March 29th.

During the Event, you will be able to watch how a variety of selected Twitch Streamers construct their first palace to not only beautify their cities but also boost culture, production and more.

Anyone watching them struggle during their attempts can grab two brand new ornaments, the Seat of Power Flag and the Seat of Power Billboard. The only thing you need to do is link your Uplay to your Twitch account and watch the streamers during the event for up to 3 hours to receive your loot. You don’t have to watch these hours consecutively to receive your drop; watching them accumulated on participating streamers will also grant you the ornaments.

If you haven’t already done so in the past, to link your Ubisoft- and Twitch-account, just follow the steps outlined on this website.

You can find the full list of all participating Streamer here:

Mathia (Dutch)
Scok (French)
Kenny (French)
Azriette (French)
Jeel (French)
Sir Thomas (French)
ZeratoR (French)
Valle (German)
Writing Bull (German)
Radlerauge (German)
Zazuno (German)
Fetter Zocker (German)
monstersandexplosions (German)
FragNart (German)
fishc0p (German)
Sissorstream (German)
Syrenia (German)
Lomadiah (English)
Caaaaate (English)
UrQueeen (Polish)


Union Update – Season 2 & City Sightseeing

What an exciting week! In our big announcement livestream on Monday we unveiled the future of Anno 1800 and our plans for 2020. If you missed the stream or want to watch it again, we got you covered:

Since you’re already on the Anno Union you probably noticed, but… we also summarized the upcoming DLC in a dedicated blog post and a new trailer.

As a big thank you for your support and by now over a million players, we also prepared a special ornament for you which you can now find in the game.

Fittingly, this week’s Anno Afternoon is all about YOUR cities! Ubi-Thorlof and Ubi-Hanabi will take a look at several Anno 1800 cities created by community members. Time to take a stroll along beautiful boulevards, check out fleet sizes, city layouts and production centres – and maybe cause a bit of mayhem along the way.

Tune in on Friday, March 13th, at 4PM UTC over on
A big thank you again to everyone who sent in their savegame!


Union Update: Into the new year with GU6.2

During our winter break, we had some time to reminisce over an exciting launch and a season full of content. The whole team is now back in the studio and in high spirit to improve and grow Anno 1800 even further in 2020.

The Passage expanded the world of Anno 1800 significantly and to take the time to ensure quality and the support from the Anno Union payed of greatly. Furthermore, we have now a full season of content to look back and with that, a lot of valuable feedback to utilize for all future improvements and upcoming content. But while you must wait a bit longer until we can share the first news about what’s to come, we are not spending our time idly: our first update, Game Update 6.2, will land next Thursday, January 23, already.

Anno 1800 nominated for the DICE award “Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year”

Before we dive into the update notes, we have more news to share. Anno 1800 received great reception not only from players and from the gaming press, our game was also the big winner at the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis Awards and received several other nominations.We are happy to announce that Anno 1800 got now nominated for one of gaming’s most well-respected awards: The DICE Award for Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year. Let’s cross our fingers together but one thing is for sure, the nomination alone is a big honor and an achievement for the game and for all Anno players out there.

Bringing Anno 1800 to laptop gamers around the world

The 21 year old Anno series is a great testimonial of how much technology changed and improved in over two decades. With Anno 1800, our studio and Intel collaborated to bring our complex and detailed simulation game to laptop users around the world, even without a dedicated GPU. Tech savvy Union members can now read up on our journey in an article on Intel’s Developer Zone, including a lot of details and interesting development insights.

Game Update 6.2 includes several improvements and fixes and will release next Thursday, January 23 at 2pm CET. The total size of the update will be around 3.8 gigabyte.

Improved the visualization of the graphs in the statistics menu.

Improved the chance of obtaining the “Relics of the expedition” item, by adding it to the Inuit trader. This will allow you to complete the Icebound set if you missed the item during the expedition to the arctic.

General Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where destroying enemy harbor defense buildings granted temporary influence points.

Fixed an issue where players without “The Sunken Treasure” DLC were not able to transmute arctic scrap to items.

Fixed an issue where influence points where not correctly calculated on loading a save while ships were constructed in the shipyard.

Fixed an issue where some treasure maps for the arctic would not show an island. Happy arctic treasure hunting!

Fixed a crash that could occur after the benchmark has finished.

Fixed a random crash that could occur when the AI upgrades a warehouse.

Fixed a random crash that could occur under specific conditions in first-person mode when looking at a feedback unit.

Fixed a random crash that could occur with feedback units.

Fixed a crash that could occur after leaving the prologue session in the campaign.

Graphical and UI Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the infotip for the influence costs of all owned airships was displaying a wrong value.

Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in multiplayer when more than six players where using the same channel.

Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in the loading screen for a multiplayer match with 16 players.

Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in multiplayer for Russian and Spanish text language.

Fixed an issue with the voice chat UI in multiplayer where the button to collapse and expand the UI was not clearly visible.

Quest Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the gas provided by Old Nate could not be spawned if the space behind the Trading Post was occupied with a building.

Fixed an issue where the “A Sudden Spike” quest was triggered before the player has built the airship hangar.

Text Fixes

Fixed an issue where the warning notification for missing resources for heaters did not mention the correct resource.

Fixed an issue where the fluff texts for the abandoned camps were not displayed.

Fixed an issue where the location clue text for the quest “Unwanted Espionage” was not fitting the quest.


Union Update: Let’s celebrate 2019!

It was an eventful year and we reach the final week of the Anno Union coverage until head into our traditional winter break in order to recharge our batteries, most likely during Co-op matches with our friends and family. And to end this exciting and eventful year on a high note, as we have two more live-streams to come, an early Christmas gift for all of you and not to forget, we had our big win at this year’s German Entwicklerpreis game awards show! 

Game Update 6.1 lands tomorrow, Tuesday December 17. at 2pm CET

The start of the week is marked by Game Update 6.1, which will land Tuesday December 13. at 2pm CET (tentatively). The update will address issues reported by our communities about instances of stability and performance issues as well as getting rid of the pesky fog haunting your islands. You can check out the full release notes here. Smooth sailing! 

Anno 1800 wins in four categories at the German Game Awards 

The Anno Union accompanied the development of the game since the early days and your influence on the quality of the game is something which we are very proud of. And so should you be, given the fact that Anno 1800 had been nominated for four awards at this year’s Germen Developer Awards: Best Graphics, Best Sound, Best Game Design and overall Best Game. 

As you can imagine, we were incredibly excited to win not one, not two, not three, but four of these awards for our game! Thank you all for your support and encouragement during development of the game.  

Lights and camera on – Two more live-streams to come this Wednesday and Friday! 

What better way to end the year for us than to celebrate 2019 and the upcoming holiday season with all of you.  
This Wednesday, we will host another episode of our AnnoCast livestream directly from the Anno 1800 studio in Mainz. As has become a tradition in the last years, we invite you to our get together where we reminisce about 2019’s big milestones, from launch to the many updates which followed, while playing Anno 1800, eating cookies and raffling out a few early Christmas gifts to our loyal viewers. 
AnnoCast: Holiday Special this Wednesday, December 18 at 4pm CET until 6pm CET 
But our Anno 1800 community team does not plan to end the year quietly either, as they will once more journey into the frozen north on their search for the lost Christmas presents. To find out whether they will succeed (plus a chance to grab some Anno goodies yourself), tune in this Friday to support them morally on their adventure.  
AnnoAfternoon: The lost Presents, December 20 at 5pm CET until 7pm CET  
And to watch, the only thing you have to do is to grab a tea or hot chocolate (we hear there may be some coffee shortages…) and to tune in to our official Ubisoft Blue Byte channel: 

  And to ensure that you don’t miss any future shows, feel free to follow our channel and the Anno 1800 category on twitch!

Anno 1800 Wallpaper Pack

Last but not least, we have a little gift for all of you to get you in the right mood for the holidays. In response to the high demand from our communities, we re-sized a bunch of the Anno 1800 season pass and holiday key-arts and wrapped them in a nice Wallpaper package. Don’t forget to let us know your favorite one and we are curious if you created your own Anno wallpapers in the past.

You can just download the package here:

Happy Holidays and we see you Wednesday!


Union Update: Twitch Drop

We are just one more week away from embarking on our big arctic adventure, making it the perfect time to give you some more updates on The Passage and Game Update 6, and what content you can expect for the rest of this week.

While last week’s Devblog and live streams already gave you a good overview of what to expect from the new update, we know that many of you are looking forward to seeing the full release notes for Game Update 6. You will soon be able to do so, as we will release them here on the Anno Union on Friday, December 6.

Originally, we had also planned to publish a dedicated statistics and co-op DevBlog, but after showing of many of the features in the last AnnoCast, we realized that, given the nature of the statistics feature, showing it in action is worth more than a thousand words of DevBlogs.

So, if you want to pass the time until you ca get your own hands on all the new statistics, you can relive last week’s AnnoCast live stream, where a group of developers spent almost two hours showing off a lot of the new content and features, right here.

The Passage Twitch Drops beginning this Friday

Once again, we will send a group of brave explorers on their way into the frozen north to broadcast their adventures on Twitch. During this Event, you will be able to watch how a variety of selected Twitch Streamers try to open the Northwest Passage. Doing so can reward you with two brand new ornaments: the Anno Union flag and the Passage billboard.

The only thing you need to do is link your Uplay to your Twitch account and watch the streamers during the event for up to 3 hours to receive your loot. But wait, there is one change to the last events: you won’t have to watch consecutive hours anymore to receive your drop; watching the hours accumulated on participating streamers will grant you the ornaments.

You can find the full list of all participating Streamer here:
Amyzzin (English)
Belannaer (English)
Caaaaate (English)
Cringer (English)
helpinghans (English)
Mathia (Dutch)
Achterklap (Dutch)
urqueeen (Polish)
soushibo (Polish)
Koinsky (French)
ValleGaming (German)
PietSmiet (German)
writing_bull (German)
Zazuno (German)
Radlerauge (German)
Syrenia (German)
Anni the Duck (German)

The Annoverse Roundtable Recordings

Last but not least, our friends from the Annoverse Fan Discord made the recordings of our AMA session from November 25. available for everyone. If you missed the event or want to listen to the lengthy AMAs again, you can do so now here:
To the English Roundtable Recording
To the German Roundtable Recording

And if you like the idea to get in touch with like-minded Annoholics, even though it could mean that you loose one or more evenings in lengthy chat discussions about your favorite title of the series, consider joining the Annoverse community.


Union Update: Winter is coming

End of October, we invited the Anno Union to go with us on an expedition to test the waters of the upcoming DLC The Passage as well as Game Update 6. Over the last couple of weeks, hundreds of Union members tested the upcoming content inside out and provided a huge amount of valuable feedback and reports.
After weeks of analyzing your feedback and working on improvements and polishing, it’s now time to break the silence and open the doors of our testing vault, sharing the next steps for the Union and the upcoming content for Anno 1800.

AnnoAfternoon: The Sunken Dragon – Friday 22.11 at 5PM CET
After barely escaping a burning city with their settlers, Community Manager Oli and Anno veteran Wolfgang are looking for a new home in Anno 1701. And wasn’t there also something about a mysterious artefact…?

AnnoCast: The Passage – Wednesday 27.11 at 5pm – 7pm CET
Don’t forget to pack your parka as it is about to get cold. We thought “Show don’t tell” is the best approach and therefore, we will bring you the next AnnoCast already next week!
Join us on an adventure to our arctic outpost to see the Passage and Game Update 6 (this includes a lot of sweet statistics) in action while we answer your most burning questions. You really don’t want to miss this one, as we plan to have a bunch of developers on camera in this almost two-hour long episode.

AnnoAfternoon: “In den kalten Norden” – German Episode – Friday 29.11 at 5pm CET
And right after our developer stream, our community team will follow up with a new stream, this time with a special German episode in the frozen wasteland.
So not only a good chance to take a look at the Passage after our developer stream, the team is eager to answer your questions or pass your feedback on to the developers.

As always, you can watch the livestream on our twitch channel

And as we love that outside window from our studio into the outside window, we are always eager for feedback about our content. Give the channel a follow if you don’t want to miss any future episodes.

Union Talk Episode 4
With the Anno Union, we invited you all to help us developing the next big Anno game. And in that spirit, we love to share as many development insights as possible.
In the now fourth episode of our developer podcast, we talk about the postlaunch journey of Anno 1800, conceptions and misconceptions about developing content after the big release and how we continue to work with your input and feedback.

And as this is a passion project from the development team for the Union, let us know if you would love to see more Union Talks in future and feel free to share your opinion on the topic matter of the latest podcast.

We will also drop new DevBlog’s in the upcoming weeks, where we talk about the development and show gameplay elements of the Passage as well as Game Update 6. Keep a keen eye on the Union for upcoming blogs and of course, we will soon share when The Passage and GU6 lands on your PC.

Annoverse Discord Roundtable Monday 25.11 at 7pm CET
And because feedback and communication matters, our Community Developer Basti and Community Manager Oli join another round of the Annoverse Discord Roundtable. The Roundtable is an AMA session in our Anno Fandiscord, where everyone can join asking us anything while the team answers your questions in Voice Chat, if it is development or community related.

So join us next Monday 25. November at 7pm for the German and a follow up English session at 8.30pm.

The Annoverse Discord is an great meetup place for great Annoholics new and old and we want to say thank you for the continues community support and for the hosting of the Roundtables. In that vein, we strongly encourage you to jump in the Discord yourself, as you will find hundreds of like minded Annoholics there to chat about anything Anno (and more)!

And that was it for this weeks Update but as you can see, it was mere the beginning. You can look forward to a lot of new and insightful content in the upcoming weeks to get you all prepared for journey into the frozen north – Winter is coming, after all!


Union Update: Ongoing playtest & retro stream

Once again we want to share a community update with you, showcase some great Anno 1800 impressions from our community and let you know about our streaming plans. Let’s go!

Anno Afternoon Stream – Retro Edition

This Friday, we’re changing things up with the Anno Afternoon. After noticing that Ubi-Thorlof has never played Ubi-Trenchcoat’s favourite game of the series – Anno 1701 –  they spontaneously decided to do a retro stream! Tune in on the 8th at 4PM UTC (5PM CET) when they’ll be diving into the The Sunken Dragon campaign.

Playtest und Game Update 6.0

The Game Update 6.0 playtest has started last week and is going very well. A big thank you to everyone who already provided their feedback in the dedicated forums. If you haven’t already – let us know your thoughts!

And if you have signed up for the playtest but haven’t received an invite yet: Do not worry. We will send another wave of invites in the coming week.

Parallel to the test our team continues their work on the Update including the third DLC, coming out in December. We will share more information regarding all the features and a precise date closer to release.

Community Spotlight

Let’s again round things up by featuring some the cities you built and the experiences you shared.

ClassicReddltor is extremely happy about finally getting the Extravaganza Steamer, posing in front of his massive city. How many of you already managed to get hold of this proud ship?

For friends of grapes and champagne, a visit to Conschbourg – the Green City – might be a good idea. Spacer176 also provides you with a tourist guide and a history lesson of this town.

If you’re more of a fan cities, you should probably plan a trip to DerGrindelwutz’s and RegalSeagull’s versions of Crown Falls. With plenty of parks, promenades along the river islands and bridges in front of the waterfall panorama, these cities simply invite you to take a long walk.

As a stark contrast to these peaceful views, cjnewson88 seems to have a few issues with his rioting populace.

But he later explains his city setup and the strategy behind his success – well worth a read.

That’s already it for this week’s Union Update!

Feel free to share your adventures and achievements with us on social or reddit and don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow’s stream.


Union Update: Stream and Community Update

We’re back once more with a community update and some info on what to expect from us in the near future.

Anno Afternoon Stream

This Friday, Seraxia and Thorlof will put their creative hats on (most likely not literally) in another Anno Afternoon and try something completely different. You want to know more? Then don’t miss out this special livestream episode and tune on the 25th at 4PM UTC+1 (5PM CEST).

And if you got any cool or funny ideas for future streams, what better opportunity to share them with us than this Friday?

Playtest beginning next week!

As you all know the next playtest is just around the corner and as we work together with the community to get a jam-packed Game Update 6 ready for December, we will take a short break from Union blogs in the upcoming week. But worry not, we will be back soon with community news and new game information.

And we already got some exciting news this week! Keep an eye on your inbox, cause for a first wave of players the the playtest will already start next week – more invite-waves will follow.

We’re very much looking forward to your feedback. So, when we’re already talking about GU6 and The Passage, why not hop over to Reddit. Some of you already started a discussion about the content of the DLC there. We might have some theories ourselves but it’s far more exciting to read your predictions. Which features and production chains do YOU think will be added with The Passage?

Community Content

Something that impressed all of us quite a bit was jasperwillem not only managing to get this settlement to house Engineers without ever visiting the New World but shortly after also luring Investors into ‘Golden City’.

How many of us spent long nights outsourcing production chains and setting up new trade routes. Or planting hedge rows for hours for that perfect inner-city park or the world’s best botanical garden. We bet there are some quirky challenges or legendary achievements you set yourself in the past or future. So, share them with us in the comments below!

Fitting to last week’s blog about the Day & Night Cycle, we also want to use this blog to share some impressions from the community.
Apparently some of you have a weird fascination with exploding factories…but admittedly, fires look very cool at night:

by cjnewson88
by oksharkchef

WolArn, however, proves, that calm images also have their charm – sunsets usually have:

And bergveld shares a video of his whole city at night with us.

And then, when the sun rises and everyone has to go to work, you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Not much has changed to today.

by Takarazuka012

That’s it for this Community Update. Did you already share your favourite moments with us? Be it day or night, dusk or dawn, we always love to see what fantastic scenes you manage to capture.


Union Update: Game Update 4.2

Once again, Europe’s biggest video game expo will open its doors on August 20. in Cologne, Germany. And to keep the tradition, we will bring Anno 1800 back to our Ubisoft UplayLounge, where we show you the newest Anno content and invite you to community QnA sessions. And while we won’t have stations to play Anno 1800 this year, we will also hold daily stage presentations on the big Ubisoft stage and rest assured, we will also have some Anno news to share.
We will share the exact times for the daily UplayLounge and stage presentations next week.

But before we can focus on gamescom 2019, we have another small Game Update for you, which will tackle some of the bugs which came with the latest DLC “Sunken Treasures”

Fixed an issue where some piers and trading posts were not correctly registered by trading ships. Ships will now check all available options to unload their cargo when stopping at an island.

All participants of a multiplayer match with the Sunken Treasures content will now receive the discovery expedition when loading a savegame in which the unlock conditions are fulfilled. Previously, it could happen that only the host of a match received the discovery quests when loading a multiplayer match with an existing savegame.

Fixed a minor issue where the Sunken Treasures discovery expedition would still get triggered even after the player declined to start it.

Removed a blocker in the Sunken Treasures “Build Harbor” Quest that occurred when the player built and upgraded the harbor directly before solving the first quest given by the queen.

Fixed a bug that deleted all blueprints in the session when destroying a trading post on a player-controlled island.

Fixed an issue where scrap was selling was sometimes for an unintended high amount of money.

Game Update 4.2 will became available for all players at 6pm CEST.

Streamin’ and divin’

We’ll also have a very special AnnoAfternoon this Friday, where our Settlers Community Representative Oliver joins Guddy in an (hopefully) epic diving adventure. But beware: It will be in German this time.

Tune in this Friday, August 9th at 3pm UTC on: